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  • Richard L.

    The place to go in Tulsa for Indian buffet...much better than India Palace. If you're looking for deeper Indian flavors then Himalyas is my recommendation. Cumin's Sunday lunch buffets usually have an even better variety on top of what is offered. Everything here has been solid all around. I have ordered here for dinner and the chicken tikka masala is on point. Worth checking out.

  • James W.

    Indian is probably my favorite cuisine. I say probably because that's a strong statement. Cumin is bar none the best Indian restaurant experience I've had in Tulsa. The variety of food offered on their lunch buffet is great as well. The paneer and tiki masala are standouts as are their dessert selections. Why not 5 stars? Well it is a strip mall setting. Quirky thing about this place is its the only Indian restaurant where I've seen beef selections. They were quite good as well.

  • J M.

    We'll first I noticed the size of the restaurant was quite small. Service was fast and got a seat right away. The buffet had an array of items to choose from. I think every restaurant has it great dish and for me it was the chicken curry. The other dishes didn't pack as much flavor as I was used to but still did the trick of my India fix. The server came around often so I never got thirsty while enjoying the my lunch. I ate three plates full so I got my monetizes worth. I think it cost $12 plus some tax. I would definitely return and hope they change buffet menus often.

  • Jazi H.

    Ever since I saw the sign pop up as I drove by on 71st St, I've been waiting patiently for this restaurant to open. The anticipation was killing me and I kept checking their Facebook page for updates on their opening date. I love how homey it feels, this is definitely a family business and one can totally see that reflected in the way the owners and staff interact with their customers, even through social media. Finally their opening was last Sunday, September 7th. I was out of town that day so I couldn't make it but I heard it was packed and that makes me happy. I was able to try it the next day with four of my really good friends from India (yes, I think their comments and opinion add credibility to my review hehe). I've always been a fan of Indian food and Cumin did NOT disappoint. I love everything about it. It is nice enough to enjoy a special dinner but the atmosphere is friendly enough that it's great for a casual meal as well. Service was AMAZING. Our waitress, Daysi was so accommodating and patient with us while we looked through the menu and figured out what to order. On to the food...we had the Papdi Chaat as appetizer (flour crisps with different dipping sauces - tamarind, yogurt and chick peas). Very tasty, it's like the Indian chips and salsa, nothign spicy, just flavorful. I had the mango lassi to drink, a popular yogurt-based drink that is absolutely delicious. For our main dishes we had the chicken tikka masala (tomato cream sauce with spices-my favorite!), Pindi Cholay (chickpeas, tomatoes, onion and amchoor- fruity spice powder-also REALLY good!), Shrimp Masala (onions,tomato gravy and herbs-very yummy) and Daal Tadka (yellow lentils, garlic, cumin and herbs-my least favorite but my vegetarian friend liked it... There are plenty of vegetarian options! The basmati rice was delicious and let me tell you about their Naan Breads! I really think they should just put a Naan Basket on the menu because we tried all the 5 types of naans and they are all delicious. Shefali, the chef, surprised us and came out to ask what we thought of the food. She is such a sweetheart and once again reminded me of why Cumin gives me such a homey feel. I don't know her story on how her restaurant came about but I do know it is very dear to her hear and that it is her passion. I'm really hoping all their hard work pays off because I'm in love with this place. She did give us complimentary Ras Malai (sweet cheese balls with a creamy sweet sauce that is HEAVENLY) so I might be just a tad bit biased. This would go great with coffee btw. Last but not least, there are bowls of fennel seeds by the door. They have a licorice taste, and a candy-coated crunch. A spoonful (or less) cleans your mouth.

  • Desiree K.

    Cumin is fantastic. We've tried several dishes and have yet to be disappointed. I don't really like lamb but the tandoori lamb was incredibly delicious. I would eat it again. My favorite from the dinner menu is the fish curry. Not too spicy. Perfect really. They don't serve from a menu during lunch but instead have a buffet. We go there at least once a week for lunch. Super fresh. Obviously made there from scratch. Plus the selection varies. Last week we had a turnip dish. A few weeks ago they had pumpkin curry. Service is super friendly. Love this place.

  • Bf M.

    I can't improve on "Jazi H"' review. I agree with it completely!! But, I had to get my 5-star vote in as I love this place. It appears to be family run and they take pride in their restaurant. I can't speak to the authenticity of the dishes, but they taste great. I can have a very tasty, fully vegetarian meal and leave fully satisfied. Healthy options that taste great! If you're not familiar with authentic Indian food, I think this is probably a great place to start (at least in Tulsa). And of course, give it more than 1 chance. (None of the food tastes like Chicken Fried Steak, so give your taste buds a chance :) )

  • Julie H.

    My husband & I met 2 other couples at Cumin tonight and so glad we did. The meals are served family style and really enjoyed it, we all had different entrees and shared. Tyler was our waiter, very good service and knowledgeable about the menu. The Taj Mahal beer is a lager and is pretty good. We had the crispy lentil crackers and the naan bread before dinner - different but really good. Our favorite entree was the Butter Chicken with the Basamatic rice - excellent flavor. Definitely go back!

  • Keith J.

    This is an excellent Indian restaurant. The dishes are authentic and delicious. The service is great. I have tried every Indian restaurant in Tulsa. I strongly recommend this one above all of them.

  • Matt W.

    I came for the lunch buffet and was extremely satisfied with the quality and variety of Indian dishes. I came on a whim - but I'll definitely plan to return. The service proved bright, friendly and extraordinarily helpful. I found the atmosphere simple, but very pleasant overall. Down to small touches - like the fennel seeds to freshen breath at the door - this restaurant left a genuinely thoughtful and warm impression. And of course, there's the best Indian cuisine I've found in Tulsa. Again, I'm totally coming back the next time I'm in town.

  • Shradha A.

    Maybe they should name it Garlic instead of Cumin. We ordered three dishes all extremely disappointing.

  • Heather H.

    The lunch buffet was exceptional. The variety was good but they only offered 2 dishes for vegetarians. I loved the flavor of the saag paneer and all of the dishes. The basmati rice was cooked to perfection and very fresh. It was kind of pricey but it was a worthy treat for anybody who loves good Indian food.

  • Kevin J.

    I was in Tulsa on business, and stopped here for dinner one weeknight. The food was just okay, the garlic naan was delicious! That is about all the good I can say about this place. The restaurant was way understaffed, we got a table right a way but waited almost 15 minutes for a drink order. I ordered iced tea, and it was really foamy....I believe it was instant. I was okay with that, because I don't go to an Indian restaurant for good iced tea. After drinks we probably waited another 10 minutes for our order taken, and probably waited a solid half hour before the appetizers were brought out. The server asked us specifically if we wanted naan with our meal and we said yes. When our meal came, you guessed naan. We asked for it not once, not twice, but three times before we finally got it. Our server asked us if we wanted to go boxes, and we told him we were waiting on our naan to eat the rest of the food. We were there for an hour and 45 minutes for two people to eat dinner.

  • Adam B.

    I was introduced to Indian food via a good friend who haled from Madras. His family, although vegetarian, can throw down some seriously amazing food and I know my way around the tandoori a bit. So, here's the scoop: Atmosphere-wise, it's on par with India Palace in that it's a sit-down semi-formal kind of place while somehow conveying that it's a family-run establishment. It would be a good place for a date at night. But I'm an old married guy, so we hit the lunch buffet. It's about 10 bucks, not including drink or tip (and for crying out loud, leave a tip. Those dishes don't bus themselves and your server will keep fresh naan coming to your table until you simply can't eat any more). The buffet is great for a newcomer to Indian cuisine: Grab some veggie tempura, throw on some meatballs, add some rice for a foundation, and then spoon on the remainders. You'll find a couple of chicken dishes, some veggie dishes, lentils.... all ready to be delicately laid across fluffy white rice. Indian food can be tricky to prepare (not to mention labor-intensive), but this place gets it right. These folks (as one might expect) know how it's supposed to be. And that's the thing about Indian food... it's different than most of the other cuisines you might find, but it's not weird or off-putting in the slightest. There are some dishes that are on the spicy side, but that's the beauty of the buffet: Find out what works for you. And, of course, if you're ordering off the menu, you can ask them to adjust the heat level. And last but not least, the staff is super-friendly and efficient. I can't remember the last time I went to a restaurant and felt so welcomed. The staff is as amazing as the food, and that's saying something. The only negative is that I ate too much. Pace yourself. :-)

  • Galilee H.

    Oh, how I wanted to like this restaurant! Let me start by saying-- the staff was very friendly, which was maybe the only good part about our experience. I have noticed others really liked this place, and I'm glad. Perhaps I went on an off-night. First, our party (of 4) waited 10 minutes after being seated before anyone took our drink order. I really think this was more due to the fact that there wasn't enough staff working than that the servers weren't doing a good job. Over an hour passed from the time we placed our order to the time it arrived on our table. We still weren't all that annoyed because it gave us extra time to visit. The restaurant was very cold-- we wore our coats during dinner. More than anything else though, the food just wasn't great, it was "ok". If you want good Indian food in Tulsa, I highly recommend India Palace.

  • Shantanu B.

    Great Food! We were a bit anxious about the food since this is a brand new restaurant, opened just a week or so ago. We were truly amazed by the decor and of course the FOOD. If you like Indian cuisine then you are in for a real treat. By far the best Indian restaurant in Tulsa (I'm from India and know my taste very well). Try their 'Shahi Paneer' and 'Paneer Pasanda'. The decor has a fresh and modern, yet classic Indian look. Restaurant was clean and tidy. Our server was friendly and made overall dining experience enjoyable.

  • Ben B.

    I came here during their lunch buffet and found it to be fantastic. Fresh and constantly replenished. The naan is made to order and is brought to you as often as you would like. I left full and happy. They offer a full menu for dinner. Can't wait to come back.

  • Danny F.

    Just wanted to put out a good word for Cumin. I've been to the lunch buffet twice now since the opening a couple weeks ago. GREAT food! Several main dishes along with appetizers and chaat corner with tamarind and mint sauce which were all excellent! Chicken Tikka Masala is my favorite along with the naan that never stops coming! My only problem is my work schedule which doesn't allow me enough time to hit the lunch buffet often! If you haven't been yet, go! Great people and great food!

  • Man G.

    Went to the lunch buffet. It wasn't too crowded, and the wait staff were friendly and helpful. I never had to ask for any drink refills as they were attentive. They also bring fresh naan to your table. The food? Outstanding! Dishes were fresh and varied from the various regions in India. Food was not spicy - I would have preferred it to have more spice. I didn't give 5 stars because the dessert selection was very small (rice pudding and one other dish) and there was no achar on the table (pickled vegetables common in most Indian restaurants).

  • Nate B.

    We ordered a bunch of food Saturday night and tried their new delivery service. All of the dishes were surprisingly good! We asked for the food to be spicy and it was quite spicy (we love spicy food and it is hard to get food that has enough kick to it!). We have been to Cumin several times and it seems to keep getting better. Will definitely be back.

  • Cory J.

    Service was excellent - 5 stars for the staff. The food was only so-so, however. My lamb curry was certainly edible, but didn't quite hit the spot like a few other places have. Veggie samosas were quite good. The naan was too thin and crispy - I prefer it more pillowy for soaking up the sauces. My friend's coconut curry shrimp was tasty, but *extremely* coconutty. The mango custard for dessert really left something to be desired (it was made with canned fruit cocktail), but truly good Indian desserts are few and far between anyway. I would eat here again if I was in that part of town, but it won't beat India Palace if I really need to squash an Indian craving.

  • Daysi R.

    Love the malai kofta, chicken tikka masala, samosas... honestly, all dishes are so delicious! And the lunch buffet offer a lot of options! The pakoras are so rich if flavor...delicious!

  • Terry S.

    I frequently eat at the lunch buffet (I have not been there for dinner). I'm not an expert on Indian food but I love it. The food is wonderfully flavorful and there are a number of dishes to choose from. There are at least 3 vegetarian options every time I visit in addition to a salad bar. My favorite dish is the palak paneer which is a delicious spicy spinach dish. The chicken tikka masala is awesome too. I recommend to try it if you like Indian food.

  • Jetter L.

    Been there twice. Food was delightful. The lady that owns the place is an exceptional chef. A little chilly inside though.

  • Sarah W.

    Amazing! We went to the lunch buffet today and there was at least 5 types of main dishes that were all very tasty. The tikka masala, saag and chicken korma were my favorites but it all was wonderful. The naan that was included was some of the best I have had in my life. Staff was very friendly and helpful! Is in a very busy part of town but worth it!!

  • Kim A.

    LOVE LOVE Cumin!! My Husband and I moved here from Illinois, We have been looking for Good Indian Food and LUCKY for us we read about Cumin in a local paper, When we walked in our Waitress sat us and She was SO Kind and told us all about the food we where going to order and she made sure that our first time there was amazing and the Food OMGGGG THE BEST!!! So did we find good Indian food No, We found GREAT Indian Food!!!! We will be going back!!! Thanks Cumin!!!

  • Kelly K.

    service was understaffed, and the patrons and service suffer as a result. The food was fine, but I've had better, India Palace is better, and I've made better Indian food in my own home (and I'm not Indian, I'm white). It's fine. It's not great, its good Indian food, and I think the buffet sounds like a great way to introduce someone to Indian food. My dish was very mild when I asked for med-Hot, so your picky friends might like it too.

  • Saeed A.

    The place was inviting with friendly service, beautiful indian decor and the food was authentic and fresh! Good price and good quality for food makes this place an excellent indian restaurant to try out for first timers or those who want come invite your friends and family. This is a place you want to promote it is hard to find the right balance of food, quality and service. I have been to indian restaurants before and this is by far the best restaurant to dine in for Indian food. I enjoyed the food for the first time and my family is ready come back again!

  • Viqar S.

    I ordered lamb biryani the rice looked stale and a very low quality grain so was not impressed

  • Deuel R.

    As soon as I arrived, the service was the best I have ever received from a buffet restaurant. The ambiance was very mellow and tranquil. There was not a whole variety In dishes served at the buffet bar. The mango Lassi was made from mango flavoring, according to our server; it was definitely not worth $2.95. The plain yogurt tasted non-homeade and more like watered down yoplait. I personally would never come back to eat here based on ruined expectations, however since this restaurant has only been opened since September of this year I will be coming back to try once more.

  • Adrian A.

    Excellent! After a late meeting on Friday I picked up some take-away at Cumin and the food was so good that my wife and I returned for the Saturday lunch buffet. The food was delicious! The service is very cordial and the price is right. We are definitely coming back to this place.

  • Terri A.

    I rarely walk away from a meal, completely satisfied, yet thinking about when I can eat it again. The Lamb Chop Masala was one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth. Love this new place. And the service was great too. But the food....the char on the lamb, the sauce, and the naan. Excellent.

  • Joey B.

    New restaurant off to a good start. Ate here for dinner last weekend. The place was busy and the food was good. Not outstanding, but solid. Tikka Masala was good and the spinach lamb was excellent. Rice was slightly undercooked. Papdams are homemade and more doughy than traditional ones you get at Indian restaurants. Overall very promising as an alternative place to get Indian in Tulsa.

  • Vivi T.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find some pretty decent Indian food here in Tulsa. I came in for the Saturday lunch buffet, which cost about $12. There weren't too many dishes, but each dish was pretty good. I enjoyed the tandoori chicken and chicken curry the most. I appreciated that there was a salad bar with mixed greens, because one of my favorite meals is just chicken and greens, so I appreciated the ability to have all you can eat tandoori chicken with greens. Perfect low-carb meal. I love a nice protein fix! However, although the tandoori chicken was good, the platter was pretty empty but wasn't refilled my entire time there. I get that I came in at 1:30, but the buffet doesn't close until 2:30, so it should have been refilled. The naan was hot and fresh, but it was a little unevenly cooked. Some of my naan tasted like crackers. Still decent though. This isn't the best Indian food that I've had, but this is probably one of the best places that I've eaten at in Tulsa that wasn't American food.

  • A S.

    Excellent food! Very good service. I only wished they would serve the tandoori dishes sizzling hot. No other issues with this restaurant. Clean bathrooms. Plus is that they deliver. Good location by all the hotels. Kid friendly.

  • Stephen W.

    Very good buffet. Had gone in for lunch looking to try the curried lamb chops, but apparently lunch is just a buffet. It was a little confusing at first because the staff didn't tell us it was just a buffet. If you've never had Indian food before you'll really, really like this place. If you know your way around naan and chicken tikka masala, it's definitely decent. The buddy I took with me raved about the lunch buffet for a week, while I found it to be more in the B+, A- range. Still a wonderful experience and for $10 a very solid lunch.

  • James W.

    Went here the other night with a couple who had never tried Indian food before. My wife and I love Indian so we did the ordering. The 5 stars speak for themselves. The food was amazing, timely, and the service was great. Our appys were samosa (excellent), pakora (very good), and chicken 65 (perfect spice combination). Delicious start. Our entrees were butter chicken, lamb biryani, shrimp vindaloo, and chicken masala. Also garlic naan. All excellent. Specifically, the biryani. Difficult dish and they made it so authentically and moist. I'm getting hungry again thinking about it. Our friends loved their first experience. We'll be back without question, and we'll bring others as well.

  • Akhil K.

    I went for the lunch buffet on a Saturday. Naan baked fresh and bought out to the table, really really good Gajar ka Halwa, paneer dishes as a part of the lineup, amazing (albeit slightly too thin) chicken tikka masala gravy... what's not to like?


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    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
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    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


India is the birth place of Chicken Tikka Masala and Curries. Indian foods are prepared with a blend of finely mixed spices quite popular across the region. The spices develop the rich taste in Indian food enough to boggle your mind. The ever-increasing fan base of Indian food around the New York city is steadily increasing because of the large number of Indians who traveled to the land of dreams. The Indians also brought their very own vibrant, colorful, and aromatic authentic dishes for the people in the West. While most of the Indian population is Vegetarian, Indian food is great for people who are looking for vegan or vegetarian food option. If you are a Meat lover, don't get disappointed yet. Indian food also boasts of some popular non-vegetarian dishes too. Few examples are the famous Butter Chicken, Mutton Biryani and Tandoori Chicken are enough to satisfy your taste buds.

Indian food has gained reputation all over the world especially in the United States. You can find many places serving the appetizing Indian food across all major cities in the US. India is a diverse country with different food culture originated from different parts of the country. While the Northern region boasts tandoori dishes and korma offering royal taste, the Western Ghats offers sea foods that is made in naturally sweet tender coconut milk. The South Indian food servers a quality of different dishes made from rice accompanied with spicy chutneys, curries and famous sambhar. Also, the Indian sweets are a delight to relish. If you ever want to have a burst of sugar syrup in mouth, don't forget to try few Bengali Sweets. Be it spicy, tangy, or sweet flavor, you can find everything in the Indian cuisine. Be assured that the melody of spices will surely bring delight to you.

Cumin Flavor Of India

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