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  • Joua X.

    Seriously beautiful and tasty coffee/drinks. The place is stylish and suitable for large gatherings or a place to study. Good area with a nice view and the food is tasty. Would definitely recommend.

  • Kou C.

    Good food! Never heard of a Bulgogi Wrap so I got that for breakfast! Took my first bite into it and my goodness, it's compacted with flavor! Right when my buck tooth beaver teeth stab the meat, a flood of juice came flooding and it make proves you right for ordering the dish from the start. The meat is almighty and it also has a fried egg in it! How does it get better than that? Upon ordering, they do cut the wrap in half in which I find is very convenient so you can take the other half home or share it with someone else. It's so fulfilling that you don't really need to order any sides with it. Speaking of aides, the Bulgogi Wrap does come with a few slices of bananas, grapes, oranges, and grape fruits. They used the ripest fruits they can and you know that when the fruits on your plate are firm and has that POP of juice when you chew it. Let's not forget that this place is more of a tea/expresson shop so I ordered a white mocha green freddo! Love in this place means small and passion means large. Easily distinguish by price. When my drink came out, it was in a huge cup! Took a few sips and I wasn't impressed. A couple of sips and that was that. No I don't take big sips but majority of it is just ice. You'll get your money's worth wondering a iced and hot beverage but probably not a freddo. Gave this place a 4 stars because they're creative, super comfortable seats, awesome view when you're sitting, and because the food is good. The drink wasn't good enough for me to give it a 5.

  • Alicia C.

    I must say that this is the best lil casual place in downtown Tulsa. The atmosphere is chic and stylish. The tea & coffee selection is plentiful. The variety of teas & coffees are less intimidating to try due to the photos that they provide you. There is also a bound book with more photos, drink descriptions, types of teas & their history with more detail than you may need, but still useful to read. I will be back for breakfast tomorrow and on my next visit to Tulsa.

  • Tia M.

    Went here just this evening for a bite and something to wash it down with. We had the tuna sushi roll and the eel, both were very good and came with miso soup. The rolls were very filling and went perfectly with the jasmine tea that I ordered. The tea stole the show, it was incredibly fragrant and I had drank the entire pot before I knew it. The location and the spacious building really impressed me most. There was also a very friendly and knowledgeable young man working the counter who added to the good evening we had here tonight. I'm already planning to return for the tasty food, yummy drinks, fast wifi and spacious interior with the tall windows (many comfy cushy chairs) I think I even saw a patio being readied for the warmer months. I think I found my new favorite place to visit and recommend.

  • Irena T.

    I have been waiting for MONTHS for this location to finally open!! I had been to the location in Oklahoma City and loved it's ambiance and menu. I came here for lunch on opening day (yesterday) with my sister. We got: - the bulgogi wrap with fruit: Tasted good. Reminded us of lettuce cups, but the saucy nature of bulgogi left the wrap kind of damp. The fruit was fresh and sweet. - Edelweiss strip: I'm not a fan of ladyfingers, but lucky for me, I couldn't taste them in here. - (Forgot the actual name) Chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse with a vanilla creme center: Delicious. - White chocolate green tea latte: My jam! As good as I remember it. Creamy green tea with the sweetness of the white chocolate to offset the bitterness of the tea. The green tea here is supposedly their special blend available only to All About Cha locations. - Green tea latte: Only had a sip, but it tasted good! Creamy green tea - only with the typical (slight) bitterness. Total for everything was around $30. Kind of expensive, in my opinion, but prices are comparable to Starbucks...and food quality here is WAY better. Only bad thing was that they didn't have the waffle maker yet, so we didn't get a dessert waffle. I was really disappointed (-1 star for that), but I will be back to get my waffle!!!

  • Sarah B.

    If you want good quality sushi then don't come here just "for the sushi" ... It's tasty because they add a lot of yummy sauce but it's mostly filled with imitation crab and barely anything.... But I would come here for their drinks which they have a large selection of , and salads and large selection of desserts which are delicious but not sushi... And sushi is pretty pricy for such small rolls.. Also last time I was here again the service isn't that great, the guys that work here need to smile more and be more friendly ... Would be much better .

  • Katlin S.

    All About Cha is by far my favorite after-work spot to meet people before going out. They have a huge drink menu (the Korea blend and green lattes are the bessst), great food menu (Bibimbap with pineapple is like the greatest idea ever), and delicious desserts! Plus the staff are great! The building is new and clean and conveniently located. Parking is never an issue - as long as there are no concerts at the BOK. I cannot recommend All About Cha enough! Check it out and you will not be disappointed.

  • Sara J.

    This place is really nice. If you have time to enjoy it (and wait for your food) you should come out here. A lot of care is put into the meals. Good choices for all diets. I had the omelet with veggies and the herbal mint tea. My friend had the crepes and a croissant with egg (later...because we sat here so long enjoying the atmosphere). A must try!! All the pictures on here are great. I didn't need to post any.

  • Casey M.

    I was so excited about the huge coffee and tea menu I saw on the other reviews but it was a disappointment in the end. I ordered the green tea with white chocolate (I don't remember the exact name). It was gross. I think they make it with a green tea powder and it has a gritty texture. It also had a fishy smell and taste. Yuck! I couldn't even drink half so I ordered a small Royal Milk tea to go when we left. I love black tea with honey and milk and drink several a day but this was just an okay drink. Very expensive considering its teeny tiny size though. The food did not seem fresh made at all. Pre-shaped sausage and hash browns. The decor was nice and the restaurant was clean. That's about the only compliments I can give them.

  • Kody M.

    The best coffee in Tulsa great for study and has lots of light and a nice atmosphere!

  • Robert M.

    First impression, nice place. Our first visit was for latte and cappuccino. Only complaint was the ambient temperature. We had to keep our winter coats on. Brr. Second visit, still freezing cold. I'd guess mid 60's. They delivered coffee to our table. We asked for sugar. No go at the table. We had to get up after being served to get it. Not good.

  • Gary M.

    Wow. Probably the most interesting place I've ever eaten at thus far. The choices are endless. Especially with tea & coffee. They serve everything from sushi to fruit parfait to breakfast. I when for breakfast (or brunch due to timing) & for the breakfast wrap. Jalapeño cheddar wrap with eggs, bacon, red bell pepper & cheese. I don't even like bell pepper but they made it to where I liked it. I don't even know what caused me to add that onto it. It was good. I asked for salsa but I didn't use it. The fruit was good too. Banana, grapefruit & orange. Then, I got the Goguma (Sweet Potato) Green Latte & thanks to a tip on Yelp, I wouldn't have known about it. REALLY good! I highly recommend it! It's the perfect sweetness & it's very creamy. The employees were nice. Located in a perfect spot, right across from BOK Center. So I know they get tons of business day & night.

  • Ben W.

    Wow. This place really exceeded my expectations. The menu is quite cool to look at. I found myself perusing through the pages of different teas and beverages. The staff was incredibly helpful and genuinely concerned about the service in a way that put a smile on my face. The sushi I ordered rivaled many other places here in Tulsa. Delicious. The layout has tons of comfy chairs and natural lighting. Close to downtown, I'm sure it's going to get plenty of business.

  • Vivian T.

    All About Cha is a cute place for a nice chat over a cup of tea or a yummy dessert! 1. There are a lot of chairs. Some are big and comfortable. The others looked okay. The huge plate windows let in a lot of nice lighting for Instagramming your latte. 2. There is a very lovely showcase of desserts. I would have liked to try them all, but they run $5-$7 a piece, so I stuck with one Edelweiss. It had a nice balance of textures; there was a little crispness from the ladyfingers, and creaminess from whatever was in the white layer. The plate had sauce hearts! 3. The green tea latte was a little too strong for me. The first sips were gritty because there was unmixed powder, and the drink was a little on the cloyingly sweet side. I later added some hot water to it, and it was perfect for my tastes. Also, even though I got my cup to go, they still took the time to draw a latte leaf on it. Awwww. Prices are a little high for me to visit every day, but on days when I want to treat myself, I can come here and eat a fancy dessert with a cup of hot tea!

  • Kristi P.

    Best iced coffee drinks EVER. I recommend the cafe latte freddo. The atmosphere is awesome and there is plenty of room inside or on the covered patio. Close to the BOK center so it's great to visit before or after a concert too!

  • Kathy V.

    First time visiting this place with my sister for a quick lunch today. The place is super cute and clean. The service was great and our food came out quickly. The cashier didn't mind explaining to me what all of their pretty and yummy desserts were. The owner also gave my sister and I a free sample of their Sweet potato latte. It was a lot tastier than it sounded. :) I would definitely recommend this place to family and friends. I can't wait to return to try some of their coffee and teas!

  • Brooke R.

    This place is seriously awesome. We love the OKC locations and were thrilled when we spotted this newly opened location post Tulsa Run. We got to celebrate with yummy cappuccino, lattes, shrimp and salmon sushi rolls and we finished it off with a waffle!! You really can't go wrong here. The atmosphere is trendy and relaxed with lots of seating. Very clean and the staff is excellent. I overheard a customer with a complaint and the manager on duty bent over backwards to accommodate his wants. If you are in Tulsa you need to make the stop. So glad to know we have an awesome go to when we are in the area.

  • Charles S.

    I used to live near this joint for several years. This is where EVERYONE goes to chill after church or do home work. I know this because I would go there and study. The people who work there are incredible and most kind. The tarts and goodies are made from scratch. Your sweet tooth would thank you for trying one of the mixed berry tarts-- my wife devours these things! The coffee is drinkable but the specialty drinks are what you will want to pull towards. Check it out when in EDMOND, OK.

  • Dhara S.

    I have been waiting for All About Cha to open for months. I studied at the Nichols Hills and Edmond branches several times a week for the first 2 years of medical school, so I was thrilled to hear there was one opening in Tulsa. It did not disappoint. The atmosphere is the same as in OKC/Edmond--warm, inviting, bright, with soft upbeat music. The wall of windows is perfect for people watching or day-dreaming, and bring in so much light. I love the colorful plush seating, and how big and open the space is. The staff are so friendly and nice--when you sit down they bring you water, they are flexible with the menu, pick up you dishes when you are done. Perfect place to study for hours at a time, or meet someone for coffee/lunch/dinner. Their menu has delicious options, and as a vegetarian they are eager and willing to modify options. Yesterday, they made me vegetarian sushi, and it was probably the best sushi I have had yet in Tulsa. Their desserts are picturesque. And I of course can't not get a drink when I go there--the Black Royal Chai and Cafe Mocha Freddo are my favorites, though they have so many options--coffee, tea, hot, cold, blended, etc. One of my favorite places in Tulsa already!

  • Wilma F.

    Tea was fresh & fun. Chocolate lava cake was good inside, but the shell was generic tasting. Price seemed high for what it was & that reflected in the crowd, or lack thereof

  • Tom O.

    We stumbled into this coffee shop on a Friday afternoon and it was practically empty. We were met by a nice young man who helped us with our order and we sat in the nicely appointed lounge area and really enjoyed the good coffee and atmosphere.

  • Michelle D.

    The Tulsa location is a great spot to work, meet a group of friends or to grab a quick bite to eat. I spent a morning there the other week and enjoyed the benefits of a free coffee refill and wifi. The servers are extremely friendly and eager to please their guests. I had the breakfast wrap that came with a side of fresh fruit which was delicious and filling. The coffee and tea selection is quite extensive and I can't wait to try some of their sushi rolls at another visit. They have a lot of other food options (sandwiches, salads, etc.) as well. You definitely get plenty of food for your money. Good place to study, work or meet a group for work or fun.

  • Z. Z.

    People here are super friendly!!! The menu and beverage look great but I haven't tasted them all, yet:) Green tea latte is my fav.

  • Yin Q.

    Love this place, so many options for drinks. Great service as well. Love the ethnic influence.

  • Chris A.

    I stood there for about two minutes waiting to be acknowledged. All I wanted was a coffee refill. One lady handed my mug to another lady and neither of them knew how much to charge me. They ended up charging me $2.71 after tax and only filled my mug 3/4 of capacity! The coffee was drinkable, but not what I'd call good and certainly not worth $2.71.

  • Timothy L.

    Fun, trendy and healthy place for food and caffeine. I had the chicken bumbimbap which is surprisingly good! Apparently they got a conference room facility that can host meetings too. Will come back again.

  • Thia X.

    Beautiful place. Great for relaxing or chatting with friends. Great for studying or reading a nice book. Surrounded by glass Windows. Would be awesome for rainy days. Felt like I was in a Korean drama. Great location. Love it. Fantastic addition to Tulsa downtown area. Could not ask for anything better. People are sweet and helpful with the menu. Did anyone say 'Coffee Prince'.

  • J C.

    5/5 coffee, 4/5 sushi and breakfast, 5/5 desserts, 4.5/5 value and 4.5/5 service. Great place to hang out and talk.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :7:00 am - 10:00pm
  • Mon : 7:00 am - 10:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Brunch, Dessert
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : Yes

All About Cha Stylish Coffee & Tea

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