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  • Elizabeth L.

    Nothing better than a dive bar meets Korean restaurant with food served until 4am! Service is genuinely friendly. The decor is fabulously 1970s dive bar with comfy seats and tables, a small bar, a jukebox, and 2 pool tables. The location is tucked away off Cache Road. I loved the delicious meal. I had hot bulgogi, the spice was perfect and it was topped with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. The sides were cool and vinegary and complemented the spicy bulgogi well. My favorites were the broccoli and what tasted like scrambled eggs squares. Bonus points for being one of the few places in Lawton that serve their tea unsweetened! I'm delighted to have found this hidden gem. I'll be back!

  • Michael DF L.

    The food here is to die for!! Very delicious and spot on for flavor. I try to go to a Korean restaurant in every town I visit and with that I use the Junction as the base for comparison. I drive 45 miles one-way from Texas almost every weekend to eat here, it's that good. If it's your first visit, of course the Bulgogi is the first recommendation. If you've never had Bulgogi, think Teriyaki Beef Jerky but fresh and moist. Get some Yakimandu as well (Korean Egg Rolls). Don't forget the Kimchi! Prices on the menu are affordable and inline with local competition. Every item on the menu will delight your taste buds, guaranteed!! All meals come with a standard mix of Banchan. If you've never had Korean and don't know what's in the items listed on the menu, just ask the server, as I know they'll be more than happy to tell you about it. One of the best things about The Junction ... it's open til 4am on weekends, 3am on weeknights. Perfect for that midnight craving!

  • Kyle C.

    1 am and still serving. The parking lot was empty and dark but they were open. The staff were extremely polite for the middle of the night. I get the "family" owned vibe which is nice. I ordered the bul go gi and yaki man do. Not even 30 seconds and I had 7 bowls of; broccili, cucumbers, turnips, kimchi, fish cake, bean sprouts and rice. Not 60 seconds after that my food came out. Hot and ready!. I am very impressed with this place. I thought everything about it was great.

  • Tshaun J.

    I heard a lot about this place after living in Korea for 2yrs and I must say it is Authenthic Korean food at its best!!! Enjoyed it..

  • Lele R.

    My initial reaction upon entering this establishment was a let down. It's cold as dark with an old timey feel to it. The tables and chairs are clean but their prices are a bit high for Korean food. No prices on the menu for drinks so pretty much you either have to ask the cost or be surprised upon receiving the bill. The sodas come in a can so there are no 'fountain drinks' per say. There are no descriptions of what the dishes consist of nor if there were sides that would come with the meal. I asked the lady if she had chicken and cheese ramen (a favorite while I was in Korea) and she gave me an attitude and it took a while for her to say yes. It seems as if she was either offended or amazed that I didn't know that she had that. When my food came, the chicken and cheese ramen had four extremely small pieces of chicken. I mean it was as if you took two chicken nuggets and cut them in halves and threw them in a bowl. I am very unsatisfied with this meal. If you've been to Korea before, you would honestly have a sense of withdrawal while eating this food. I won't be back here.

  • Sarah S.

    Pulled up to this restaurant and briefly considered immediately leaving. It has limited parking with a dark vibe that made me feel like I was going to be mugged. But, I gave it a shot and went in. The inside wasn't much better. Very dank atmosphere. But, again i thought maybe it was one of those hole in the wall places with surprisingly good food. Luckily the servers were pleasant and funny, so kudos to them. Ordered the bulgogi, kalbi and "kim bob". The Korean bbq was very salty. Presentation and quality was equivalent to eating a frozen, pre-packaged meal that was microwaved. Not impressed.

  • Karen S.

    The food was just OK. It was way too salty. Also-while we were there, a chick comes rushing in the door and we hear a gunshot! She asked to stay indoors because"they were shooting outside." Cops were called and they came pretty quick, Needless to say, we will not be back. Nice people who took care of our order,though.

  • Kat E.

    Love this place!! It really is kind of a dive and hard to find if you don't what you are looking for, which means its way less crowded and the food is fast and yummy. Best place in town to get your Korean fix at 245 in the morning!

  • Nancy S.

    I will preface this review saying I spent a year in Korea and am fond of Korean food. I am TDY in Lawton and the first week I was here I tried another Korean place in town Gangnam Style Korean BBQ, which BTW was excellent for food and service! Decided to try a different place and after reading the reviews I decided to give this place a shot. Should have stuck with a definite bet! When I got there the place was empty which wasn't a surprise since it was Monday at 5pm. When I walked in I told the lady it was just me. She says "Are you going to eat here" I was a little taken back but I said yes. She told me to sit anywhere. I asked for a diet coke she said diet pepsi? I said no i'Ill take an un-wseet tea. She brings me my tea and then just stands at the table. I asked her if she had a menu. She seemed surprised. Maybe I was already supposed to know what was on the menu! I told her yes it was my first time there. She brings me the menu and then just stands there! Doesn't give me a chance to read the menu or anything, I ordered the usual beef bulgogi sine most of the reviews that liked this place said it was good. I also wanted some fried rice because they put a fried egg on it and that is how I always had it in Korea. I figured I would try it and take the rest to go for lunch the next day. She says the bulgogi comes with steamed rice. I said fine just make the rice to go. At this pointIi was trying to be nice but this lady was not friendly at all! I ask her to please add an egg to the rice. She looks at me odd once again I point to the menu where it says you can add an egg to aything and we proceed to discuss how I want the egg cooked. after that was settled I waited for my food. My bulgogi arrived and the portion was small and the sides well I was a little taken back by the broccoli but whatever! The bulgogi was ok. Not terrible but definitely not as good as the one at Gangam which was amazing! And definitely not something I would return for. I ate and went up to pay. I left and got back to my hotel and decided to check out the rice knowing I was going to be disappointed based on the rest of my experience. Well, it has an egg like I asked. But I tried some and it has no flavor at all! Overall a crappy experience and $20 bucks lost. I should have just eaten at the hotel! This place is open until 4am which at that time and drunk I am sure the experience is much better!

  • Andrew N.

    I'm not a fan of this Korean restaurant. The service was below average. There was never any refill of water or side dishes, and not even one instance of asking how things were going with the meal. I had the sweet and sour chicken here. The portion size of the chicken was small compared to other places in the area, and there wasn't much effort made in creating the sauce, with it tasting orange juice based The only upside I found at Junction was it's open really late into the night. Still, I'm probably not coming back.

  • Sammie K.

    I absolutely love this place. I could eat here all day everyday!! The owners are super friendly and great with kids. My 3 year old daughter loves tearing into their Kim Bob and the best part is their prices are great. I definitely recommend this place to everyone.

  • Kristy B.

    Hands down my favorite Korean restaurant! Have eaten here many times after a late night of pool. Open until 4 a.m. so never too late to grab some Bulgogi. Our favorites when we go here are the Bulgogi, Yakimandu (Korean version of an egg roll), Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice and Kimbap. Moses is always entertaining and if your a regular he seems to always remember your order by heart, sometimes we like to change it up on him to give him a hard time back lol. I have tried several different Korean places in town and out of town and none of them have come close to comparing to the food here! Defintately a must try if you love Korean food! Several of my friends from out of town request that we eat here when they visit because it is their favorite as well!

  • Brandon J.

    While the atmosphere is lacking that something special, the hospitality and the food are hands down the best when it comes to authenticate korean food.

  • Ashley H.

    Best bulgogi in town! Moses is always entertaining too. If you like spicy ask for the bulgogi a little extra spicy and they are always willing to put a fried egg on anything. Open late too 4am. Love this place!

  • Laticia P.

    I love eating here. It very laid back. Come in and seat yourself. They will bring you a menu if you would like or if you are a regular like we are they already know what you want. We always order the bulgogi and yakimando, my favorite. I have tried other places and keep coming back to the Junction. Yum!

  • Tyler R.

    I have been to Korea multiple times, and this is as authentic as you will find! If you want something Americanized go somewhere else, if you want the real thing this is as real as it gets!!!

  • Ashley D.

    I don't live in Lawton, but when I visit friends, we often come here. Their food is excellent. I have tried several things, but always seem to end up with friend rice with an egg on top. The atmosphere isn't my favorite. There is a random pool table, and isn't very clean. It is also very dark. But the restaurant is family owned and run, so the service is always good and the food is authentic.

  • Charles H.

    Junction City is probably the only place in the state of Oklahoma offering late night Korean food 24 7! The friendly service had a blend of Korean and Okie hospitality referred to as Kor-e-okie in Lawton. The bulgolgi had plenty of flavor and is served with many Banchan dishes. Our rice, kimchi, and drink refills requests were responded to without hesitation. Junction City could easily get 5 stars if they prepared and cooked the BBQ in front of people at the table. Useful tip - Remember to always say Kum-sah-mee-dah (Thank You) when leaving the restaurant.

  • Sixpack Y.

    I can't believe they have Zha Jang Noodles here! Their Korean Ribs are wonderful.

  • Karyl R.

    Love, love this place! Moses and his family are the best! Plus, its open late!


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 4:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner, Late Night
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Junction Restaurant

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