Tiwa Kitchen Restaurant

328 Hwy to Town of Taos
Taos Pueblo, 87557
Honestly, this is one of the best restaurants I've been to in a while. It was so good for lunch that I came back the next day for breakfast. The menu was totally different but they delivered completely on both meals. For lunch, I ate grilled buffalo meat. It was excellent, full of juiciness, succulent. I had some of my mom's Phien-tye, a frybread stuffed with ground buffalo meat. It was also excellent! The blue corn frybread was deliciously prepared as well and was surprisingly un-oily, a major bonus for me. For breakfast, I had the blue corn pancakes. They were absolutely delicious! The chokecherry syrup was also great, and I enjoyed the pancakes both with and without it. I ordered buffalo sausage, and I have to say that it was some of the best sausage patty I've ever had. The buffalo meat has so much flavor in it! I also had a chance to try the stew, which was so flavorful! I only wish that my stomach were larger so that I could eat another meal of theirs immediately after. Also, you need to try their tea. Just do it. It's amazing! As a side note, my parents and I couldn't help admiring the red willow baskets on display in the restaurant. We asked Debbie Sandoval, the chef, and she told us that she had made them. They're really beautiful! Honestly, I can't wait to go back to Taos just to eat at Tiwa Kitchen again! Kudos to the owners for creating something truly wonderful to experience.
I would love to Yelp the food, but we have been down twice, an hour drive, and they have been closed both times despite website and Yelp saying they were open. Won't be making this mistake again.
If you are interested in having a tasty, authentic Pueblo Indian meal, this is the place to go. The food is simple, but done very nicely, and the ingredients appear to be grown and prepared locally. The breads are delicious, and come in a couple of varieties - fried and baked. I enjoyed a small loaf stuffed with ground buffalo meat, accompanied by cooked vegetables, and an appetizer of fried bread dipped in their chokecherry sauce. My friends enjoyed their dishes as well, and we are in agreement that this was the best meal we had during our vacation.

(575) 751-1020

Ethnic Food, American (Traditional)

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