The Buckhorn Saloon and Opera House

32 Main St.
Pinos Altos, 88061
The drive to get here by itself is a treat. You can feel the air get cooler and the landscape become more thick with trees. Then you arrive to a scene that to the average mind will appear just as it must have a hundred and some years ago when there was surely at least one gunfight outside of the saloon. The place just reeks of history and as you sit inside, looking above at the box seats, you might feel like this was as much a brothel as an opera house. And then you might lament that brothels no longer exist. And then you might make that comment to someone who reacts rather uncomfortably. So then you head back to the bar area which has a few good craft beers, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Mendocino Brewing are the ones I recall and you are tempted to shoot some moonshine if only they had it. You sit down for a private dinner while a band plays classic songs and receive a healthy looking slab of prime rib with some inviting mashed potatoes on the side. You're sure plenty of cowboys and miners and other rough-edged characters had this same meal in their day. It all comes off as a big history lesson. Or like reading a book about the Old West. But this is the 3-D movie and it's dope. Food's perfect, drinks are plentiful. Don't ask me about price, cuz this cowboy didn't pay. Overall, an awesome site.
After a nice hike at the Gila Cliff Dwellings, treat yourself to a meal at the historic Buckhorn. Step back into time and sidle up to the massive bar and take in all the old memorabilia from the early 1800s. Great tasting steaks, salads, and an assortment of other choices seal the deal!
After a afternoon at the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, we stopped at the Buckhorn Saloon and Opera House for dinner. We had reservations. The atmosphere is outstanding if you like historic buildings (1865). There was a fire in the fireplace. Three of us had delicious ribeye steaks with different sides, such as baked potatoes, French fries, or mashed potatoes, and saluted spinach. My wife had Asian glazed salmon with similar sides. Also, very good. I forgot to mention that the meals came with soup or salads. I had the Italian soup which was delicious. We ended our outstanding dining experience by sharing a piece of scrumptious peanut butter chocolate cake. Service was very good. Would definitely return!

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