Sugar Nymphs Bistro

15046 State Rd 75
Penasco, 87553
I'm giving Sugar Nymphs Bistro 5 stars because it is an amazing accomplishment to do what they do out in the middle of nowhere. The food is incredible-- fresh and delicious, with attention to detail. I was there with two other people. One person had the green chile eggs, the other had the bleu cheese potato tart (wonderful) and I had the black bean chili soup and salad. Sounds simple, you say? Yes, but it's all in the details. The black bean chili soup was slow cooked, with beans intact, creamy and perfectly spicy. The salad consisted of just-picked lettuce, dressed and tossed to perfection (rather than just slathered with a glop of dressing). It was all so perfect on a hot summer day after driving for a few hours along the high road. We all had fresh juice drinks (divine) but I regret to say that we skipped dessert! Darn. I am still thinking about the huge chocolate cake sitting on the counter. We did try the complimentary scone-like pastries that the waitress brought, and they were wonderful. The service was friendly, though not too attentive, but we didn't mind too much. Other reviewers have mentioned the decor... well, I would say that it needs some work. It is a combination of hippie & country grandma. Not too attractive. I wish it were a sexier, more minimal, plain and simple decor. Then I could give it a 6-star rating! Really, it's a minor complaint. The fact that this place exists is nothing short of a miracle.
I wish there was a place like this in every town in the USA. Great salads with fresh mixed greens, good sandwiches with homemade bread. If you are on the high road to Taos, you better stop here. We were given the recommendation at a gallery in Truchas and were very happy with our meal. If these folks can make their own bread in an out of the way place like Penasco - why can't everybody ?? Damn I could go off on a rant but how special is a meal with fresh baked bread and how seldom do you see it anymore ?? Go here, eat and enjoy.
Sugar Nymphs is a restaurant we really want to support and to love; They have many vegetarian options, serve local greens and veggies, and are known for their great desserts. The owners were once chefs at the Greens Restaurant in San Franciso. But, the management is busy self-sabotaging. Two of the last four times we made the 20-minute drive from Dixon, the restaurant was closed even though we arrived at a time when they were scheduled to be open. This Labor Day, they announced they were open for lunch, and we took the bait and drove the twenty minutes. We had tried to make reservations, but they said "no", rezzies only for five or more. Fine. The restaurant was humming, moderately full when we walked in. We were happy. I ordered the Black Bean Chili "Special", my husband the grilled chicken and bacon sandwich. We sat and sat and sat for 55 minutes. Then we plunked down $10.00 for our coffees and left. Two tables that arrived after us ate their lunches, paid up, and left. We flagged our waitress over after 45 minutes. She apologized, said our lunches were on the way. Next flag, she said she didn't know why our food hadn't come yet, but maybe we'd like a free piece of cake before lunch. Never again, sad to say.

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