Pizza 9

6136 4th St NW
Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, 87107
I am a pizza fanatic and this is one of my favorite places on earth. I know that's quite the statement but it's true. The staff is super nice the place is clean the food couldn't be better
Finally!!!! Stuffed crust somewhere other than Pizza Hut! We decided to order a half pineapple and green chile and half green and black olives. A 14" stuffed crust for carry out. We opened it as soon as we got home and it was surprisingly small... My curiosity got the best of me so I measured it. 9 inches! A total rip off when you pay extra 2 dollars for the stuffed crust on a 14" pizza! I paid double for what we got! Also.... There were 7 slices. And it wasn't half and half. There were rogue olives everywhere and green chile as well. Which throws off the pineapple and chile. I wrote to pizza 9 about this never hearing anything back. Will not be returning. My money is best spend elsewhere
Not the best. Service: We walked in to pick up our order and notice a couple canoodling in the empty dining area. We thought nothing of it and went to the counter to pay. There was no one there, so we waited and looked around a bit, no big deal. The woman in the dining area gets up and walks to the counter where we learn she's the manager. She immediately scolds an employee coming out to help us.The gentleman she was doin' the tongue tango with is also an employee and goes in the back of the restaurant. The manager takes our money and pretends to be more professional than her employee throughout the transaction. Food: Pizza 9 advertises Chicago style pizza: nope. Could have gotten the exact same thing at Pizza Hut. The crust was very greasy and the toppings few and far between. Conclusion: Will not be back.

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