Mcloone’s At Favorites

3 Lafayette Rd
Ford, 08863
One of the newest ventures to be opened by the popular McLoone's family of New Jersey restaurants, Favorites has a different flair and feel than the rest. Most notably not just a restaurant, most likely better known as an OTB arena for schleps and snobs alike, upon arriving for the first time I didn't expect it to be mainly a restaurant housed in a much larger sports bar hotspot. Always a fan of McLoone's even though I was a bit put off initially by walking into a bar like area with a million tv screens, high top tables, and people slugging whiskey, we were escorted by a friendly hostess to the dining area. Sporting two different dining areas, a "bistro" liek section for those who don't mind being thrown in the chaos of screaming betters and gamblers, and the more refined dining area which is situated in a room off the side of the betting area. With the interior decor much like that of other McLoone's minus the beautiful ocean views known by Long Branch and Asbury, each booth is outfitted with their own flat screen to browse through all of the horse races, as well as some normal cable channels. Nice lighting, and ambiance, very quiet considering my boyfriend and I were the only couple in there aside from another man. The menu was very McLoones-esque, offering a pretty solid drink menu, great beer choices, as well as a prix fixe menu for about $35 bucks - thank you economy for these amazing prix fixe menus you woudlnt' be able to beat out of a restaurant a couple years ago. A good selection of appetizers - sprinkled in by the obvious dips, nachos, wings type that comes with the sports bar territory - settled on calamari with a chipotle aioli and marinara. not too greasy, not too fried and the aioli had a great zing to it. also loved the plating - I'm a fool for a good presentation. Also I've been craving me some mozz and tomato salad so the stack they had was very good, the balsamic was almost mapley with a sticky consistency added a different touch to the old classic. Now anyone who knows me, or read my bio knows I always...always order mac & cheese out if its on the menu. Now I've had the mac at Long Branch before and it was baked in a casserole dish and so amazingly creamy but crisp on the outside perfect. This one was more of an amateur attempt at a McL's mac. The cheese was way too Velveeta-ey plastic tasting and the noodles borderline on tough - and i'm not talking al dente. My boyfriend's dinner of chicken iglesias, a concoction of chicken, prosciutto, and mushrooms in a cream sauce - how can you go wrong with that? On top of parmesan mashed potatos was awesome, couldn't wait to steal his leftovers for work the next day! Coming with his prix fixe deal - we settled on a choc chip cookie sundae with a freshly baked in house cookie hot off the oven with a big scoop of icecream. Excellent, gooey- chocolately goodness. Topped off with two martinis for me and two beers for him..not bad. Bill came to about 90, would have been way cheaper without my $10 dollar martinis but all in all pretty good. I happen to live right down the road and we decided we'll definitely have to hit this up frequently, the Ahi Tuna, scallops and wide range of other entrees will tempt me back! Also, being the band wagon jumper I am, I bet on a horse at the end of my meal and ended up winning back $'s that for dessert!

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