Hinkle’s Pub

730 Main St
Rising City, 68658
Hinkle's Pub operates as both the town's restaurant and the town bar. It's a family run business and when we arrived to order beer we were actually greeted by children working behind the counter. Don't worry, they called their mom in to pour the beer. :) The only beer on tap was Keystone Light, and they mustn't sell much because she had to look up the price (an unusual $1.35 a glass). A couple of other customers at the bar were being obnoxious, so it wasn't long before the bartender (aka Mom) joined us to vent about them and get some distraction from them. What makes Hinkle's Pub stand out most in my mind, though, is the gigantic photo murals of young pretty white people drinking beer. (See pictures.)

(402) 542-2400

Nightlife, Restaurants

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