Raymono’s Pizza Plus

5580 W Mill Rd
Raymond, 68428
Although the locals may have you think different...this is just okay at best. Their toppings, at least overall, aren't fresh. The meaty pizza has so much cheese that is chews up like rubber...perhaps that is a tell on the quality of the cheese. They're a bit over priced as well. I wouldn't discourage anyone from coming here as long as they understood it's just okay. I've lived less than a mile away for the past four years but I won't pretend it's better than it really is just because it's a local business.
This is a great little pizza place. They have a friendly staff and really good pizza. I also found a pizza place that has sauerkraut on the menu. We really enjoyed our visit. We are planning to get take-out from here as it is only a 15 minute drive.
Just tried a slice of the Reuben pizza and a slice of the Philly Cheese Steak pizza. VERY, VERY GOOD.

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Ding-A-Ling Bar

14630 N 1st St
Raymond, 68428
Ding's is a small town bar and grill so don't ask for atmosphere. With that in mind Sunday's fried chicken special was great. 4 pieces and a side for a great price. The crispy chicken wrap and fries were top notch. The other couple had the french dip with a potato salad side looked great. There were no complaints from our table. The food came out when it was ready as the chicken did take some time to cook. We all were happy and well fed.
Good local place especially lucky to have resturaunt in the area! The atmosphere leaves much to be desired but it's a small town dive bar so you don't go there for the decor ! Staff is friendly but they are usually under staffed ! Go for the prime rib special on the weekend ! Great deal!!! You won't leave hungry! The burgers are good! The fried chicken is excellent! It's worth the wait to be cooked to order! Overall most everything here is fried here. They have a decent beer selection and mixed drink selection! Good for a small town bar!
The Ding may not be much to look at, but for a small village hang out, some of their food is really quite good. Their BLT sandwich is my own personal favorite, while my husband raves about their Swiss mushroom burger. And if you are looking for a deal on prime rib on the weekend, the Ding is the place to go. The atmosphere may leave something to be desired, but for a small town, I feel very lucky there is someplace we can get a decent hot meal.

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Store is open now