Casey’s Carry-Out Pizza

609 Magnolia Ave
Papillion, 68046
I love Casey's pizza! Cheese is my fav...but a lot of people love the taco. I also recommend the ham...

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Smallcakes - A Cupcakery

120 Olson Dr
Papillion, 68046
I can't even. In general I feel like cupcakes are overrated. However, these cupcakes could not possibly be overrated. Smallcakes has great flavors that change regularly. Every single one is good. For real. Super moist and delicious. I will drive out of my way for one of these babies.
I know there are a lot of cupcake places in the Omaha area, but you should at least check this place out once, at least! It's really cute inside and the person behind the counter was super nice and helpful. They have a large selection of daily cupcakes and ones they have all the time. I'm sure you'll find something you like! I got three cupcakes, but I think our overall favorite was the carrot cake! I was really delicious! The price is about the same as the other cupcake places in town, but for those of you who live in the Papillion area, its way closer than some of the others.
We have gone 4 times in the past month during business hours and they have never been open. Would love to try their cupcakes but I'm tired of wasting my time.

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Cupcakes, Desserts

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Which Wich

8650 S 71st Plz,Ste F
Papillion, 68046
Which Wich is my all time favorite sub shop in town. I was afraid that the other place that opened a few doors down would hurt business but it does not seem that way as of now. I always got for the Wicked that is their signature sandwich. Much Love !! Piled high with a bunch of different meats and 3 kinds of cheese ( you pick your own ) . I love the brown bag concept.. you can take your time selecting your ingredients so you don't feel so rushed standing in line barking your toppings to the person behind the counter. Saves so much time. they are really good at looking it over and making sure you filled it our correctly " Hot or not " .. they have great toppings including Olive Salad, house chips, crispy onions and a bunch of other stuff you don't see at those other places. They do have a stamp card and the stamps add up quickly so you can get a free sub. Go on Tuesdays when its double stamp day ( was anyway don't know if it still is ) . My only grip is the kids meals. my son chooses the grilled cheese without crust and its very small ( even with the crust its small ) they just use regular bread and its only half a sandwich,, my son likes it but always still ends up hungry afterwards. The staff is fantastic,, the gentlemen who appears to be the owner always seems to be there and he is very kind. The staff makes me always want to come back and not go to those other nasty places in town. Tip,, sign up for the newsletter and they will send you a coupon for a free sub on your Birthday, nice little perk :)
I certainly will not be a regular because $13.50 for a medium-sized sandwich, a small bag of chips, and a drink is excessively outrageous. But, the sandwich was very good and since you have corned beef I am sure I will come back eventually. The corned beef itself was very tender and juicy, sliced thin just how I like it. The bread was decent, I went with the wheat variety this time and it had a good amount of chew to it. The "house chips" were actually a bag full of crumbs, but the seasoning was good. I know this is being picky, but is that ice machine supposed to double as a sno cone maker? The ice came out in really tiny chunks that just melted too fast and watered down my root beer. The ordering process is sort of strange your first time in, you have to fill out what you want on a brown bag and hand it to the cashier. I must say that I did enjoy hearing them say "corned beef ready for Josh" when they were done making the sandwich (which took about ten minutes, by the way).
More like 4.5 stars. The sandwiches are great. They offer a great variety and some of the sandwiches are kind of unique. The bread is awesome. I like how you write on a paper bag, so less likely for them to screw up your order. They don't take too long either, even when they are busy. The place is really clean. This is a big deal for me. I always see someone cleaning something. The only reason I give 4.5 instead of 5 is the price is a little steep for sandwiches(when you can get a foot long at subway for $5).... But not horrible enough to keep me from eating there

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Panera Bread

8650 S 71st Plaza
Papillion, 68133
My wife and I's experience here has been excellent. There were some employees working here at times that thought it was okay to treat this location like a high school classroom. Seating is great here with many locations that make you feel comfortable. Panera has a new menu that has a lot of customers in an uproar! The tomato mozzarella panini has been turned into a watery flatbread sandwich! That was a sad day knowing I can't get my favorite panini.
This place is a good place for people who enjoy their meals with partners, families or friends. Yes, I mean everybody. I stopped by for a tea, pastry or meals and chatted or studied with my husband and friends many times. It's the place I want everywhere I go to be there.haha
Great location! It's always very clean and cozy. Some of the staff seems to be a little out of it, but it's never been a problem for me. I love coming in in the morning and getting a soufflé! They are the bomb! I just wish they served them all day.....or delivered a constant supply directly into my mouth :] (Yes folks, they're THAT good!!!)

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Sandwiches, Salad, Soup

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1202 N Washington St
Papillion, 68046
The service is better at other Applebee's I've been to but it was not horrible. The ribs i ordered were a little burnt but cooks change out all the time or get better as they go. No hard feelings and I'm sure I'll stop again.
Great experience. Our server was really on point. Drinks stayed full, food was hot and fresh, and the atmosphere was extremely comfortable. The manager on duty was very food, drinks, stopping by tables to see if everything was up to par. This manager was not something you see often nowadays. He definitely cared about his store. Made for a great night.
Great food and good servers. Wednesday night Karaoke is a lot of fun. The Black and Bleu hamburger is one of my favs.

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Bars, American (Traditional), Steakhouses

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202 N Washington St
Papillion, 68046
I am not native to Nebraska but absolutely love Runza. They make really good double cheese burgers (my favorite) and their krinkle cut french fries one of the best in the Omaha area. Especially right out of the fryer. Recently, I ordered 200 of their mini original and cheese Runza's for my son's graduation party. They agreed to have them ready by a certain time and when I arrived they were ready, boxed, hot and ready to go! Needless to say they were a big hit among those whom attended the party. They were wrapped and the guests just loved the idea. Wish I can say it was my idea but no one needs to know. I must say I had one or two and they were absolutely delicious. I appreciate their timeliness and willingness to ensure everything was ready to go. I hear that Runza's are an acquired taste however what's not to love! Good thing I do not own a Runza store as I would lose profit an dgain weight, if you know what I mean. It's good, try it!
This chain needs to go national. Or at least open a store Arizona. Everything is good from the Runza sandwiches (go to their website to read exactly what they are), to their burgers, chicken sanwiches, fries, onion rings, you name it. Great, friendly staff (especially from 2000-2002!)
This is my favorite fast food restaurant. My wife and I always have to make a stop at one when we go back to Nebraska. I'd love to see them expand, in fact.

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Burgers, Fast Food

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Hunan Palace Chinese Restaurant

1401 E Gold Coast Rd Ste 200
Papillion, 68046
Great place!! Some of the best food I've ever had. And the emoloyees are always great. They have a cheat sheet to explain what each thing is and whats in it. They will happily make any adjustments for you as well, like mild or spicy or extra meat, no veggies... etc... Typical American Chinese food with great prices you just cant beat. Place is a little dated and hasn't been updated since they opened, but we get take out most of the time anyways. A must try!
Vegans beware!!! 36% price increase in last few weeks! I visit Hunan about every 6 weeks and was just here about 3 weeks ago. Normally I dine in with a friend but today just wanted an inexpensive lunch to go. 3 weeks ago the Mixed Veggies was $5.55. Today, $7.55!! While I think the food quality is worth $6.55, I think there are better values, better decor, better take away prices elsewhere. Think I will be testing out other Chinese restaurants that offer animal product free meals (which I always find in Chinese restaurants without difficulty OTHER than buffets).
After reading the reviews on here and a couple other sites this morning my husband and I had to try out this little gem. We moved here from a Boston suburb 5 months ago and have yet to find a good Chinese place... until today! The service was great (very quick), the food was delicious and the price was pretty comparable with what we are use to back home. We had the cashew chicken with white rice, General Tso's chicken with lo mein, and the fried dumplings. All of which were delicious and there is still plenty left over for a second meal for us. So it averages out at right around $6 a meal! GREAT VALUE & GREAT TASTE :-)

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Brownie’s Watering Hole

125 E 2nd St
Papillion, 68046
My wife picked this place on a whim. I was not expecting much after I heard the name, but i was surprised. We first walked in I kind of wanted to walk back out, it is a standard local bar, noisy and kind of greasy looking. I figured what the heck, give it a try. They do not have much more than the basic big three beers. I ordered a Sierra Nevada. My wife wanted to try the calamari (I know, she is a brave woman) as an appetizer. The waitress said the steaks were the best. So I ordered the 16oz Ribeye medium rare, my wife ordered the grilled chicken breast. The calamari that came to the table was not something that I recognized as calamari. They were sticks that looked kind of like cheese sticks. They looked safe so I grabbed one and it was good, not calamari, but good. They were a surimi stick breaded and deep fried. Very good and fresh. As they brought out our very fresh chilled salads I saw the chef pull pull out a whole vac pack rib roast and I got really excited. My steak was brought out hot and perfectly cooked and seasoned. My wife's chicken was equally fresh and tasty. Our food was so good that I felt compelled to send the chef/cook a beer. Overall I am really glad that I did not let the first impression scare me away, and I would definitely go back when we are back in the area.
I am shocked there are not more reviews of this place. I guess considering this place has been around for 30 years and I just found it-I guess maybe I shouldn't be all that surprised. It was very busy with all the tables full on a Saturday night-so maybe people are keeping this little gem to themselves. I loved walking into this old building that maintains it's old town front (Building founded in 1906)-and while I found the atmosphere inside to be a bit sterile and too open (think many of the small town eatery/bars you have eaten in) I understand the need for it. It is not a bar I would come pony up to and hang out at inside. Now, I will be going to this bar and hanging out just for drinks with friends on their gorgeous and expansive fenced in beer garden. I was here in January of course-but this looks to be one of the best beer gardens I have seen in town. Looking over the menu and I kept being shocked by the reasonable prices and then looking at the food coming out of the open kitchen. I had to check again to make sure this wasn't a lunch menu with different prices. It was not. I ordered a cocktail, a normal cheeseburger (I saw some burger creations coming out of the kitchen that looked pretty good and large) and the steak fries. Drink was fine, burger was good sized and had a quality bun on it that was not dry, burger was hand patted and seemed to be quality meat. Tasted very good-especially for the price. Steak fries were excellent-just enough crisp, not seasoned, and hot and soft on the inside. Service was good and attentive enough. Nothing over the top-our waitress was casual and we got our food in good time. So-I got a cocktail, a good sized quality burger and steak fries at this sit down bar and grill for under a ten spot. That is quite the deal in my book. I will be returning here for both food and the beer garden in the future.
Went here yesterday to try the prime rib, and I was not disappointed. It was cooked to perfection. The venue was quite nice, couple of loud customers, but that can't be helped. I also got to try the pork tenderloin, and I have to say that it was pretty darn good as well. I will definitely be returning to brownies in the very near future

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American (Traditional)

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The Hop House Bar & Grill

11425 S 72nd St,Ste 101
Papillion, 68046
Nice little corner bar. The atmosphere is decent and simple. The food is always good. The drinks pretty good and the beer is exceptionally cold. A simple mom & pop bar that's perfect for a stop in after a long day.
This is our local bar but the service and food has gotten significantly better with the new ownership. Burgers, phillys and wings are their speciality with other tasty bar foods.
Bar food made with you in mind. Late night menu. Great for munchies.

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Bars, American (New)

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Qdoba Mexican Grill

8540 S 71st Plz
Papillion, 68046
I like Qdoba! The giant burritos are good, but I always get the chicken quesadilla and an order of the queso and chips. The chips come with this lime salt on them and it's amazing.
For fast food Tex-Mex you could do a LOT worse. I prefer this place to Chipotle. I usually either get crispy tacos with shredded beef or I get their chicken queso burrito. The fiery habanero salsa is really not as hot as it sounds, so give it a try. The three-cheese queso is very tasty and is pretty much good on everything. They seem to really struggle with getting the lettuce into the taco shells. I usually get to my table and find the lettuce all over the basket but not in the taco shells. I always tell them to go easy on the beans and rice when ordering a burrito. If you don't they use them as cheap filler and your burrito will be 80% beans and rice. I'm not a fan of that. I do wish they'd add refried beans and shredded cheddar cheese to the choices of things you can put on your entrée. They have one of those "Coca-Cola Freestyle" machines. The nice thing about that is the huge selection of beverages. The annoying thing about it is waiting in line behind indecisive and ignorant users. They do fresh brew their iced tea and it is good, but you have to wait in line at the Coke machine to get ice.
I got the Mango Taco salad. Tasty! Quick and easy service. Busy on a Saturday!

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