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Visit below restaurant in Omaha for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Omaha for healthy meals suggestion.

  • JP R.

    I hate their obnoxious radio ads. "Pudgy" sounds like a jerk. So I was primed for a crappy experience. My expectations were blown away. The woman at the register was an older woman with dark hair who was super friendly and caring. This started the evening off right. Our cheese bread came out well in advance before our pizza. The pizza came out and OMG... who cares that people are saying that it's not authentic Chicago style pizza. Does it taste good? Hell yeah! The nice woman even came over and checked on us and filled up my son's drink (it's not a traditional wait-staff style restaurant). Ignore their radio ads and give it a shot!

  • Taylor W.

    This is by far my favorite pizza in Omaha. If it wasn't so expensive, I'd go a lot more often. You can thank places like Little Caesar's for that. But if you're really looking for the best Chicago style pizza around, Pudgy's is the best!

  • Chad K.

    I ordered a thin crust pepperoni pizza. When I order a thin crust pizza I sort of expect there to be a little crispiness to the crust. This was soft and limp thin crust pizza. Sauce was okay and toppings were good, but crust was a bit of a turn off. Overall, their pizza is just pretty average. I'm not sure what people are so obsessed with. Is it that you can order deep dish here? When we ate here the previous September I remember it being better. The place is obviously popular and there is a steady stream of carry-out customers. I never know how to rate a place when it's mostly just okay. Considering this place is four stars I am going to have to label it as "over-rated" and so give it two stars. I guess I am more of a NY style pizza guy and so I'll stick with Don Carmelo's and Zio's. Then again, I also like what I call "homemade style" and Big Fred's, Bernie's, or Mama's are good for that.

  • Jason G.

    Never really having had deep dish pizza before, I was pleasantly surprised with Pudgy's. It appears to be a family owned joint, and their specialty is Chicago style deep dish. The dough was great, and I really enjoyed the sauce. But for me the kicker was the excellent Italian sausage. Too often places never really get the flavor right. Well Pudgy's is not one of those places. I'd come back again, and I'm someone who still prefers thin crust lol. The lady who seemed to run the joint was extraordinarily friendly and always going back and forth to make sure the customers were ok and enjoying their food.

  • Brian B.

    This is our go to pizza place. Iv had there food dozens of time and it has never let us down. I think we order cheese bread sticks once and it came out regular breadsticks lol so if that's the worse thing that happens after eating there 30 times then I'd say that's pretty awesome. everyone is so nice and the pizza is always on time.

  • Ramon B.

    For Omaha, this place is the definative deep dish pizza...but probably for anywhere else where deep dish is the norm it may not be. So we will take this from an Omaha point of view. Its good pizza, filling, pizza...hence the name. Not really the origin of the name, I know, but if they will add some girth to you. I did a pick up here one night and took them up on their Meat Treat pizza...just a deep,meaty, saucey thing of a pizza that may have to be fork and knived( I still refused to...it got messy). And I can go on and on that it was a good pizza I would start to sound redundant. So its worth the trip on that merit. But its a bit pricey. A deep dish pizza that is 12" across is almost $20. I don't know what that seems a bit much for me especially to take part in what this place is suppose to specialize in. To their credit they do give you this lil pizza magnet thingies and if you collect 10 you get $15 off...still won't get you a 12" Meat Treat for free but that would mean you'd have to get 10 12" Meat Treats (about $200) to get almost a free 12" Meat Treat. At least they say you can use each lil magnet on its own for a $1.50 off your order. So to summarize: Good pizza but I'll take a star off because to engage in what their big pull is it is a bit steep. Eat up Minions!

  • Jason B.

    Bought a 3 topping large pizza. Had next to NO toppings on it. I talked to the owner and she assured me that the pizza was supposed to be covered in toppings and that what I got was not correct. I went back about 45 days later to redeem the credit she gave me, got the same pizza I got the first time. $20 for the pizza I received was a waste of time and money. At least what was there tasted good? Never again.

  • David Y.

    One of my favorite places for deep dish pizza in Omaha. The meat lovers is my favorite. I've only had the Chicago style (thick crust/sauce on top) and it's great stuff.

  • Mark M.

    Stopped in here on a visit to Omaha as I had heard it was the best pizza in town. It didn't disappoint. I'm a deep dish connoisseur and this ranks among the best I've had. Sauce was just right and the toppings were fresh and crisp. I don't know what anyone would go to a chain place when they had this as an alternative.

  • Chris N.

    Have never been disappointed here. Deep dish is authentic takes a while to cook but it's well worth it.

  • Jim L.

    Let's start by talking about the big stuff. Chicago style deep dish, right? No. No no no no no. No way, no how. Not even close. I ordered the stuffed pizza. First thing I notice is the edge rolled like a calzone. Not traditional, but not a big deal. So I start by tasting the crust. Chicago style pizza starts with the crust. There's some minor variation among Uno, Due, Giordano's, Malnati's, Gino's, and that little place I can't remember the name of over in Hyde Park by Medici's, but they're all pretty much the same. Low-protein flour, a high oil (olive) content, blended just until mixed well, not long enough for gluten development, yielding a soft, almost biscuit-like crust with a slightly crispy exterior and a light (some would complain "bland") flavor. Gino's puts yellow food coloring in theirs, but otherwise just the same. You see, a Chicago deep dish pizza is actually a fairly delicate thing, flavor-wise. It's not especially spicy on its own; the flavor is all in the toppings you choose. Pudgy's is something else entirely. It's a very developed dough, lots of texture, chewy, and dense. It starts out with the cheese first, and the sauce goes on top, which is all classic Chicago, but the crust kills any resemblance. A Chicago deep dish should look like the picture I have on my profile. Made that in my own kitchen. Best Chicago pizza I've had in Omaha. But you know what? Forget about Chicago style. I'm still giving this place a bunch of stars, because that thick gooey chewy pizza tastes awfully good. Doesn't taste like a Chicago deep dish at all (if you're curious, get one of the frozen Uno pizzas from Super Target; it's not precisely right, but way closer than anything else in this town)(except my kitchen), but it's darned good. The cheese is top quality, the sauce has a nice balance of savory with a slight hint of tomatoey (I swear that's a word) sweetness, and the sausage is full of fennel and very flavorful. As far from real Chicago as Old Chicago is, but a far superior product to the mediocre Old Chicago. I just wish it wasn't halfway to Lincoln from where I live. I know I've had pizza like this before. Somewhere in central Illinois, though I can't remember where. Urbana, most likely. Yeah (leaning back, opening a beer) I remember when...oh, sorry, where was I? Right. Pudgy's. Give these guys your business. The pizza's darned good, and unique in Omaha. Just ignore the Chicago thing. Pretend you never saw it. Everything'll be all right.

  • Luke R.

    I should first say that I grew up in Chicago and I have had deep dish Chicago pizza probably more then 200 times. That being said, unless I want to go to Chicago this is the best I am going to get in Omaha. The stuffed pepperoni is my favorite and it is pretty good. Is it giordanos, no, Leona's, no. But for a local joint it does the trick. Pudgy is an old school restaurant owner and shows this every time I go, he puts the customer first. They even have old style most times I go.

  • Derek M.

    Pudgys has great pizza, deep dish, sauce on top, cheesy, garlic crusted deliciousness. The food is great and perfect to take to the near by park and stuff yourself with. The workers are friendly and helpful and there is a magnet bonus that lets you get $15 off if you collect 10 magnets As for the location, it's a bit cramped. The place is always packed and it's not the kind of place that you'd feel comfortable sitting in. The pizza doesn't do too well on long rides home, I live over 45 minutes away from Pudgys. However, the pizza is wonderful and completely worth it.

  • Lee S.

    Reading the previous reviews, I gotta say I'm really surprised., because I don't find this the BEST deep dish pizza at all. Now I love the owner, Pudgy, he is a very nice guy and ALWAYS does the right thing. However, as much as I hate to admit this, we have NEVER received an order from here that was either cooked properly (usually under cooked) and/or the order was simply incorrect. Now, Pudgy has always rectified our issues, but that usually means that we have to wait an hour plus for a replacement or simply cook it ourselves, which never tastes the same. As far as the taste of the product, it's ok and certainly a treat in the pizza vaccum that is Omaha; however, it seems as time has gone on that the quality of the product seems to becoming less fresh and tasty. Like I said, its not a bad choice, but Zio's and Don Carmelo's is a much better pie.

  • Suzy W.

    I was excited to try Pudgy's because is all the good reviews on Yelp. I even drive across town to pick it up. It was solid pizza, but I was a little disappointed considering all the hype. I heard that the owner is very ill, so maybe that affected the quality. I ordered the Chicago style pizza in Cheeseburger. It reminded me of eating a sloppy joe pie. It was topped with mustard and pickles. I actually would've like more pickles. My sister ordered a gluten free pizza, and I tried a slice. I have to applaud them for making a homemade gluten free crust, but it was a little dry. She ordered supreme pizza, and I thought the sauce was lacking flavor. Maybe that happens with gluten free? In conclusion, I would get Pudgy's if I was in the area or a friend wanted to go, but I would not make a special trip for carry out.

  • Ada H.

    The best gluten-free pizza I've ever had by far. I've been to Pudgy's several time with friends and none of them have ever known that I'd ordered the pizza with their gluten-free crust. They are also very accommodating and can make anything on their menu gluten-free, including the chicken wings, which are more like nuggets but are very tasty. In all the times I've eaten here, I've never had any celiac reaction, and it seems like they take proper precautions to prevent contamination. As far as the decor goes, it's a pizza shop, and a small one at that, not a high class restaurant. I quite enjoy the miss-matched decor.

  • Lia S.

    Between people's recommendations and the recent story in the local paper, I really wanted to like this place. However, I was sadly disappointed. I've eaten Chicago style *in* Chicago. Lou Malnati's is one of my favorites. We went in on a Sunday evening and the place was empty. I doubt any wait staff other than the owner was over 17. We placed our order for a simple Chicago style with cheese bread and two salads. Our appetizer was basically large hotdog buns, flattened, with garlic butter and topped in cheese? Then, after our pizza arrived we realized we had not seen our salads. As for the pizza, the crust portion the toppings rested on was very very thin. However the edges were super thick and flopped over. The edges were almost burnt as well. The toppings were so spare and the vegetables chopped so small it was like looking at a Totino's pizza. We promptly received a refund on the salads and overall were bummed this place didn't live up to our expectations. The owner is super sweet and I wish her the best. We won't be going back.

  • Jason G.

    Great pizza. Great staff that you won't find at a large chain. the guy working the register was very kind. I want to go back.

  • Jake O.

    I won't bore you with details you can read elsewhere; Jim L has it right. This isn't Chicago style pizza. That being said, it's also not terrible pizza. Mediocre is a good word for it. It's better than delivery, worse than take and bake. Overall, worth it if you're nearby and want to eat out. Traditionally I'd give this sort of C-Student establishment a long, wordy review and 3 stars, but a) Jim already covered the details excellently and b) Pudgy's commercials and radio appearances just make me want to punch him. So I gave him 2 stars. Be less of a tool, and I'll up you to the 3 stars your food earned buddy.

  • J. T.

    I'm not sure how this place remains a secret. Pudgy does it right. Not totally authentic Chicago pies, but the closest I can find in Omaha. I've explored some of the other pies though and they are awesome too. I think its in the sauce. I love it. Extremely casual dining area and expect to wait a while but it will be worth it. I usually order for carry out. Pudgy and his wife are usually in here working hard and have a great attitude. I wish them much success with this place because they deserve it. Easily in my top 5 favorite pizza joints ever.

  • Toby A.

    The gluten-free pizza is amazing! Phil (Pudgy) is very friendly and accommodating. My wife, who has is gluten-sensitive wanted to give Phil a hug but he strictly forbids hugs and kisses. There are a few video games for the kids to play while you wait for your pizza(s) to bake. Good for small groups. We had a group of six. The restaurant only seats about 30. Only open for dinner (evening).

  • Steve T.

    Pizza is great, service is a little slow so I do recommend calling ahead and taking it home.

  • Marcus R.

    Best pizza in town without question. I have lived in Omaha for 14 years this place opened right by my house and brought the only true Chicago style deep dish pizza to town.

  • KL E.

    The best deep dish pizza in Omaha. The first time we had it, we were in love. The magnets with each pizza are a great way to keep you coming back. 8-10 of them and your pizza is pretty much free (depending what you order). The only downfall is, if they get busy, they put the phone off the hook. We have experienced this several times. We will drive there and it's just sitting on the counter. Trust me, it's worth the wait.

  • Heidi W.

    Some friends introduced my husband and I to this place and I have to say it is one of the best deep dish pizza's I have ever had. Their sauce is great, they season their ground beef and their ingredients are fresh. We live kinda far away from this joint but it is worth the drive for their yummy pizza!

  • P.J. H.

    Phil (the owner) is always at the counter when we visit, which is often. The Chicago style deep dish pizza is a family favorite, and it never disappoints. I'd also recommend the Austrian D'Lite on the hand-tossed crust, it's delicious. A wonderful family-run business that will continue to receive our patronage.

  • Colin S.

    This is the only place that serves Chicago style pizza in town (Old Chicago is a joke). I was incredibly excited when I first heard about it, but was sadly let down. It's really quite sad that we can't have one place that serves decent Chicago style pizza. The pizza here sucks. I really can't sugar coat it. It just doesn't taste right at all. Old Chicago serves better deep dish than this place. If you want real deep dish pizza you're going to have to drive 8 hours east. Sorry.

  • Carrie H.

    I had to try out Pudgys. Anytime someone says true Chicago style deep dish pizza - I have to check it out! Located in the very southwest corner of Omaha is quite the jaunt for most, but it was well worth our time. (If you know what you want, call ahead and your pie is cooked up in about 25-30 minutes.) Where do I start? The cheese ... the glorious cheese! We ordered The Works. Lots of great gooey cheese with a nice fresh simple tomato sauce, great Italian crumbly crispy sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers and onions (much to my husband's dismay we left off the olives - sorry - not a fan!). All cooked up in a deep dish crisped edge crust. The only downside of our pie - the garlic that they sprinkled on the edge of the crust. After that long baking in the oven, the bits tasted burned and gave what should have been a wonderful crispy crust a bitter taste. Next time we will ask them to leave that off. Blehghk! I agree with another reviewer - while good, I do NOT believe this rivals Giordano's or Uno's. And also - agreed - there could be a bit of work done on the décor.OH - they need REAL plates and silverware ... not the styrofoam and plastic variety that we were issued ... but believe me, I will be back for the pie!

  • Cameron A.

    The ambience leaves something to be desired, but the pizza is very good. Get it to go. The deep dish, while not Chicago style, won't disappoint -- a nice thick crust with a bit of crunch and just the right amount of sauce. Give it a try.

  • Jeremy S.

    This is the best chicago style pizza in Omaha. I'd even put it up against some of the best pizzerias in chicago. They put some garlic on the crust that really gives an already great tasting crust an extra flavor. Pudgy is almost always there and it is obvious that he will do anything for his customers. He carries soy cheese, gluten free pizza dough, gluten free beer, you name it and he will try his best to accommodate. I agree with the accolades for the gluten free pizza. It is one of only two gluten free pizzas we like in town. But don't be fooled it's still gluten free. If you don't have an allergy to gluten, do yourself a favor and order a sausage deep dish pizza. It really is the best thing on the menu. The interior feels more like a Baskin Robins or Subway than a pizzeria. A lot of people eat there but it's more of a take out place for us. If we want to sit and eat our pizza we usually take it next door to the bar, On the Rocks.

  • David K.

    Best Chicago-style deep dish in Omaha. Period. Pat (the owner) is great, the decor is so-so, but the food is wonderful.

  • Joel T.

    Pudgy's serves up deep dish style pizza that rivals longtime Chicago favorites like Giordano's and Uno's. I've spent enough time in Chicago (particularly Giordano's) to know how deepdish should be, and Pudgy's nails it. The crust, cheese, sauce, and flavor all ring true. I live downtown (think single digit streets), but finally drove all the way out to try Pudgy's and was not disappointed. The only thing that would make Pudgy's better is a more central location, but it's still well worth the trip. They get my full recommendation.

  • C B.

    Right off the bat, know that my review is simply based on the fact that I liked Pudgy's. My wife and I both thought the pizza was very good, and the service was top notch as well. Lots of cheese, sauce on top, that was decent. The toppings were pretty good that were under/within the cheese. HOWEVER, I have to disagree with the previous reviewer, I don't think that Pudgy's is comparable to actual Chicago style deep dish. I'd call it Nebraska style deep dish. The crust doesn't have the standard flaky/buttery taste, it basically seemed like a standard decent crust with a tall thin edge. Giordano's or Gino's far and away beat Pudgy's as far as original, true Chicago style goes. Lots of people I know don't really like actual Chicago style because of the taste/texture of the crust. If that's the case, Pudgy's is for you. If you love Chicago style, you'll be disappointed, but the pizza is still pretty tasty.

  • Jonathan H.

    People who live in the area near Pudgy's are very lucky. They just happen to have a unique, one off, real deal Pizzeria near their homes. Sure, there are other choices (a Godfather, a Pizza Hut, Hy-Vee (if you even want to go there) but you can get those anywhere. The restaurant: Pudgy's is located in a strip mall SW of 168th and Harrison (yeah, yeah, it is waay out there.) To be honest, when you walk in to the restaurant you are a bit underwhelmed by the decor, but once you taste the pizza you won't care. While there is room for parties of 6, 8, 10(?) I would avoid getting any bigger than that. Take it to go. The Food: To be straight, I have only had their Deep Dish Pizza (that is what they are known for anyway.) I was a little sad to see that the crust seemed to be of the frozen variety but upon tasting, my unsophisticated pallete didn't care. The deep dish pizza does take some extra time to cook (30 min of prep and cook time vs. a typical 10 min) but is worth the wait. What you get is a nice flaky crust filled with tons of toppings (in my case, Beef, Cheese, and a VERY tasty sauce.) We took ours to go. Fair warning: The deep dish pizza can be a fair bit greasy but it tastes so good. Service: Like I said before, I have not eaten in. I can tell you that the phone order taker, cash register operator, and in 90% of my visits, the owner are extremely nice, professional, and courteous. That completes the whole "experience" for me. Tips: Pudgy's has a "magnet" club. When you order a pizza for carry out, you will receive a magnet for your refrigerator. Save up enough of those and redeem for a sizable $ amount off a subsequent order. The pizza's can be greasy. Make sure and put something under the box on the way home (The owner actually followed me to the door and handed me a news paper one day to set my pizza on in the car!) Final Thoughts: If you are looking for a home grown restaurant that has some of the best pizza in Omaha, give Pudgy's a shot. End.

  • G A.

    As a pizza fanatic, I've tried most of the pizza places in Omaha. For some reason, I can't choke down Pudgy's Pizza. My friends and co-workers rave about it. But the crust tastes like playdough. Tough. Chewy. My kids won't even eat it. I didn't get Chicago style and maybe that's better. But I'd rather have a frozen Totino's than Pudgy's.

  • Mike M.

    I eat at Pudgys at least three times a month. There is a reason for that...it is awesome. Too bad Phil is a White Sox fan though. The pizza is always fresh, the prices are just right (in fact probably a little cheaper than you would expect), and the service is hilarious. Phil is not afraid to tell you to get the hell out of his restaurant if you make fun of the White Sox. :)


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :4:00 pm - 10:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : No



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Pudgy’s Pizzeria

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