Get-A-Way Bar & Grill

115 Main
Manley, 68403
We had been given directions to this place by a group of strangers we met in a bar in the nearby town of Weeping Water. But we still got hopelessly lost and wound up at the wrong bar in a completely different town miles away. By the time we finally made it here, our friends from the first bar were there waiting for us. "Well it's about time!" they all said with a laugh. The ceiling is decorated by hoops of copper tubing to which anti9que beer tape handles are attached. There's a few small TVs mounted up high. The bar was completely full so we had to sit at a table. We decided to go ahead and get a little food with our beer, just some fried appetizers. The appetizers came quickly and hit the spot. Though she was very busy, the bartender was so service-minded that she wouldn't hear of it when we got up to order from the bar and she instead came around to us to take our orders.

(402) 234-9903


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