Denton Daily Double Steakhouse

7230 Lancaster Ave
Denton, 68339
Jalapeño cheeseburger was delicious. Very thick and cooked to perfection. I tried the hash browns per the recommendation of our server. They were OK. Kind of soft.
Best prime rib I've had in quite some time! Haven't been here in 30-plus years. Server was very inattentive so the lower rating. They were busy at first but later not so much. Basic bar burger place (burgers, keno, sports TVs) that serves steaks, and prime rib on Thursday and Saturday. Anyway, going for the prime rib is worth the trip.
Two times in the last few months I have been to Denton Daily Double. The ambience is noisy. Service was slow. Most recently I had the low carb steak and salad. The steak was perfect medium rare. It was a great quality steak too, a partial redemption for the slow service. Unfortunately there is no redeeming the racket and I won't be heading back any time soon!

(402) 797-2000


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