Davey Tavern

17740 N 2nd St
Davey, 68336
This is your classic small-town bar. It's an old brick building and the old (certainly original) wooden bar is cluttered with all sorts of dusty souvenirs and memorabilia. The service is always very friendly and fast, even if you're not a local, and the beer is as cheap as you'd expect. The surprise? They serve some of the best pizza in the Lincoln area. They even make their own dough, despite the tiny kitchen that is smaller than my bedroom closet. As a pizza connoisseur I can attest that these pies are at least as good as some that other people rave about (the Isles, Piezano's, etc). What's more, it's CHEAP -- $12.99 for a large veggie that's so big it will feed us for three days? Um okay. Awesome. One caveat -- bring a family here during big sporting events (i.e. Nascar or Husker football) at your own risk. It can get rowdy.

(402) 785-3835


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