Legends of Clatonia

210 Washington St
Clatonia, 68328
Decent food and good prices on beer. Thanks for doing offsale as we jave mo has station in Clatonia.Steaks are salt and pepper and cooked to order and good cuts. Pie is excellent. Recommend this place for dinner if you live around the area. Went for Easter buffet once and the buffet is what you expect eggs ham and such but the dessert bar was over the top excellent. Thank you Ron
I give 3 stars for the atmosphere and town. I also give 3 stars for the apple pie. Otherwise this place was forgettable.
If you know the area, you may have done a double-take when you heard Clatonia had a new restaurant. It's a nice town, but Clatonia is small enough to not have traffic lights, a gas station, or...gasp...a bar. This place is a welcome addition. Legends made me a little nostalgic. I grew up going to restaurants like the Long Branch in Plymouth, the Eagle's club in Beatrice, and the American Legion in Wymore. Central to each of these restaurants was the salad bar, an experience I'd almost forgotten about. Well, Legends has one, and it's good. Crab salad, broccoli salad, pea salad, etc. All made fresh daily according to the owner. I'd heard the fried chicken was a popular menu item, so went with that. It was fresh out of the frier, piping hot and juicy. Hard to beat. Service and ambience were also great. Looks like they'll have a patio and sand volleyball in the summer. Definitely worth a trip from Lincoln or Omaha.

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