The Lyceum

228 Main St
Brownville, 68321
Stopped in for lunch after hitting the Steamboat Trace for 20+ miles. Snagged a picnic table out front and split some dishes with the fam. Bacon cheeseburger on ciabatta? Delicious. The bread was just...GREAT. Soft and slightly chewy and full of flavor -- I think I liked it more than a traditional bun. Club sandwich piled high with turkey/ham? Killer. And great, great toasted bread. If the bread here is this good, think of the rest of the ingredients. Top notch, in my opinion. And then a slice of peach pie? WOW. They don't make the pie in-house, but they do get it locally, and it's homemade and boy do you know it when you take a bite. It was very, very good. Prices were fine -- maybe a touch more than what I expected, but then the quality of the food, preparation and the friendliness of the staff made the value hard to beat. Everyone was friendly, hospitable and conversational. This made for a really great lunch, and we will definitely be going back.
It's fair to say that Brownville is starved for restaurant options (pun unintended). Lyceum was our sole food option on a late Saturday morning biking on the Steamboat Trace. My party and I enjoyed our meal outdoors on the sole picnic table just outside the front door. I'm unsure if it was intended for outdoor dining, but it was too beautiful of a day to eat inside. I ordered a club sandwich ($7.99 or $8.99) that came with a side salad or chips; I opted for the side salad. Less than 10 minutes after submitting our order, our server produced our orders. The club sandwich was very good. Lyceum does tout serving "fine food," but I had a hard time getting over the higher prices on the menu. The service was great. Our server was attentive, the food was delivered quickly, and the staff inside had a good sense of humor. She highly recommended their desserts: cakes that are made in-house, and pies that are supplied locally. If we find ourselves in Brownville again for lunch, I won't hesitate to revisit. The real cool part about this place is that it doubles as a book store. If you're traveling on I-29, I recommend taking the 5 mile detour into Brownville to check out this small downtown area with an impressive strip of mom-and-pop businesses.
We had high hopes but sadly, were disappointed. This restaurant is steeped in Brownville history, and is certainly worth a stop for a slice of pie and a chat with the proprietor. Unfortunately, the food was not good. We had their "Old Fashion Potato Soup", which was just north of awful...watery, tasteless, blah. Grilled cheese sandwiches were, I hate to say, pathetic. I sent the coffee back because, honest to God, it smelled like poop. This is so sad because this place could really be a gem if the food was better.

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