Nana Lil’s Cafe

51 Railroad St SE
Killdeer, 58640
This is a small restaurant, though the seating seems to go on forever through a myriad of rooms. The booths and tables are very retro - but not by design, but actually very old furnishings that is still in good shape. The food is short order, lots of baskets and cheeseburgers, nachos and fried fish platters. I have run through most of the menu and found everything to be very good. The "TACO IN A BAG" is very good and complete meal. They serve breakfast also and it seems to be very popular, but I have not tried it. The staff is really good. One problem is a young man that works there that likes to the turn the "OPEN" sign off about an hour early, and often times locks the front door so that no one can get it. This is so he doesn't have to clean up after customers because he wants to go home. I think he needs to get another job. He is also very rude to customers when he is out of earshot of the counter stuff.
Had the Sunday buffet. Fried chicken, meatloaf and cheesy potatoes. Food was dry and not very memorable. Inside was set up cafeteria style with a fast food style counter to order food. However the place is weird,unique and has interesting people. So if you like checking out cafés and diners give it a go.
Astronomical prices, dirty and slow. Service at this place is terrible. Not very good food, I would rather have eaten my shoe.

(701) 764-6346


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Buckskin Bar & Grill

64 Central Ave S
Killdeer, 58640
I'm giving this place 3 out of 5. The food has always been pretty good. I'm sure that it's not all fresh, but at least it tastes good. There aren't many places to sit down and eat in Killdeer. Especially a place to have a beer with dinner. The atmosphere is decent. I like the big TV and they are usually accommodating with sports that I'd like to watch. Now on to my review of the service... I'm sitting at the bar of the buckskin at this very moment... And in the typical fashion I've come to expect, the service is horrible. All the bartenders are chatting it up with the guys their age and completely ignoring the fact that I could use another beer. It took 10 minutes for my order to be taken. French dip was huge and tasted great. Garlic mash was on point. Beer could be colder...but it was satisfying. Not many options in Killdeer, but if you like over-priced, decent food with pretty horrible service...this is your place.
Everything I have ever ordered here has been good. One of the surprisingly good plates is the "country fried steak". It is essentially a chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. They serve most entrees with a big, fresh house salad and warm bread. I have probably had dinner here thirty times and enjoyed it every time.
Overpriced but for the oil patch the prices are normal or maybe slightly better than average. Not a ton of beer selection; you're in Killdeer, ND and should have left your expectations at home.

(701) 764-5321

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