Fort Totten Trail Historic Inn

PO Box 224
Fort Totten, 58335
This was my home for 3 weeks while in North Dakota. It is located on the Indian Reservation but it is owned by the State. It is considered a historic military site and Custer once stayed here. It was a military fort, then an Indian boarding school. And the rumor is...the place is haunted. FIne by me. There is a beautiful porch and you can just hang out there, rock yourself in a rocking chair, and curl up with a nice book. It felt extremely Zen and calm. I felt centered just sitting there. I stayed in the Webster Room for most of my stay and it was pleasant enough. It has many relics and antiques and the room has an Abe Lincoln theme to it. And although the histroy and antiques were nice, I found it quite gaudy and tacky. And at times, I wasn't sure what things I could actually use in the room. I was confused most of the time... It is a great place to stay though. I felt like I was living in a museum for 3 weeks! I felt like a nerdy rock star! LOL. They have a nice courtyard that is 1/4 mile and I was able to run every morning. It was peaceful and serene. We were able to use the kitchen and boy did we cook up a storm. We made falafels, pasta bake, pasta with red tomato sauce, tacos, quesadillas, grilled cheese, and smores! We also grilled a lot. I felt like I was in Forrest Gump with all the house guests around. Met some interesting and nice people. I'll never forget the spandex dude constantly trying to speak Chinese to me. Or the pastor who kept talking about Confederate money and ate all of my homemade cookies. And the innkeeper, Joyce. Oh, she cracked us up! I will forever remember this place. Memories made with newfound friends and a lifetime of emotions that has forever changed me.

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