Rising Sun Pizza

3141 US Hwy 89 W
St. Mary, 59417
These guys are great. We turned up less than a half-hour before closing, when the place was empty & the staff was getting ready to close. Nothing else was open in this little town & we soooo didn't want to fire up the propane stove and eat our backpacking chow. Excellent pizza, nice crust, good toppings, cooked excellently. Mmmmm. Oh, and the bread sticks are tasty, too. Saved our leftovers. Way, way better than PB&J on the trail next day. They let us hang out & eat while they did their close-up chores. Totally nice folks here.
Thanks for helping me find this one, Yelp. Rising Sun is the kind of place you'd normally cruise by without stopping. It doesn't look like much on the outside. But I can say that after doing a nearly 13-mile roundtrip hike to Grinnell Glacier, Rising Sun slayed a pretty furious hunger. I ordered the 12" Waterton Wonder pizza ($17). That's pepperoni, fajita chicken, ground beef and Montana Redneck sausage. I asked the server what Montana Redneck sausage was. She didn't know. Whatever. It was a solid pizza. The chicken would have been better grilled. Also, based on a Yelp recommendation, I ordered seven Zingy Wings ($7.50). I really liked the sauce. It was spicy and... garlicky(?). Pretty darn good wings in the middle of nowhere. Service was almost non-existent, but I chalk that up to there being just one employee in a dining room with six full tables. Rising Sun is a good place to stop once you're sick of s'mores and camp food. In any real city, I don't know that I'd return. But it's pretty good.
I'm super skeptical of pizza joints near such a tourist destination like here at Glacier park. But we were starving after 10 hours of hiking and this place had to do. I was surprised how full of people it was. We sat ourselves outside and it took a while to get water, so I was already starting to see negative. But... They were able to split the pizza, one half for my veggie self and half for my carnivorous brother. The pie arrived and was 16 inches of pizza heaven. My veggie half was a pesto sauce and it was divine. I never eat half a pizza but darn it, it was just too good, so wolfed down the whole half. When our "server" came out to clean up, it turns out she owned the place. Makes her dough and sauces by hand, all homemade. They serve alcohol and have free wifi! If you are on the east side of Glacier park, at the St. Mary's entrance, you must eat here.

(406) 732-9995

Salad, Pizza, Chicken Wings

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