Log Cabin Cafe

106 US Hwy 212 W
Silver Gate, 59081
This place was wonderful. The food was generous and savory and fresh and delicious. I loved it. I had the trout wrap and it was incredible. I like sauce and the sauce was generously applied. If you don't like sauces or condiments like mayo or sour cream, tell them to go easy. It was perfect for me. It was just fabulous. Love it. Would go back any time. Best food of my trip, from Texas up to the Dakotas, through Glacier and down to Yellowstone and across the Bear Tooth Bypass. Got lucky and found this place. Do yourself a favor and try it. Sort of slow paced and the neighborhood lab gave me sweet eyes so if you are uptight, you might try to let go for a bit. Everyone else, you are in for a treat.
I had no idea what I was getting into when I walked in. We just needed a lunch after a long morning in Yellowstone and I wasn't sure there was anything else. Turns out there were other choices up the road, but this was the right one for me! Real organic food! I had the local trout and my husband had the bison burger. They were both delicious dishes!
We have been eating here since about 2008. Great food and service. The trout is particularly good and the atmosphere Rustic and delightful , almost romantic if it's just the 2 of you. It is part of our trip every year.

(800) 863-0807

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