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  • Larry G.

    Had a great breakfast here in Red Lodge that I would say is a must stop if you are here. cafe Regis was reasonably priced, had great fresh selections of items for breakfast and very good service for a small cafe. We you see the menu you will understand.

  • Dana B.

    One of my family's favorites. Food is fresh, flavorful, and well presented. Great backyard area and gardens.

  • Nicole R.

    Love, love, love this place!!!! Great food, great staff. I would live here if I could!!!!

  • Trish P.

    Cute place with outdoor seating, an herb garden, fresh food, and friendly service. Tip: you can eat here for free on your birthday! Gouda cheese omelette, nom nom!

  • Stephen L.

    We are really pushing the envelope here at Cafe Regis, what with arriving with a 90lb golden retriever and all. Being out back in the lawn chairs with a cup of coffee and a freshly made pastry is not a bad way to start the morning while waiting for a dog friendly table. Ahh, the things we do for Huck! In the meantime, we are discussing how many orders of the strawberry rhubarb French toast will be made, and watching the mamma bird try to coax her fledgling to follow her across the lawn to the food gardens with wild flowers and a lovely pair of greenhouses off to the side. In fact, at least one of the daily specials contains produce from the early spring garden, and I'm betting more than that: the chives, strawberries, rhubarb. There are no livestock pens nearby, so those looking for that fare will settle for outsourced foods. Also, after a brief consultation with the waiter, I have learned that the tropical fruits are not grown locally. However, the breads are local or made in-house. I chose the banana bread to get the best combination of the two. Huck the Wonder Dog is thus far rating the Regis at two and a half paws, because he loves the lawn but has heard no one place an order of bacon for him. The humans are loving the environment. The Cafe Regis is located in what was the Regis Grocery, a neighborhood store in a classic Art Deco building. The period aura is intact in the interior, which is still run as a store by the restaurant with packaged food products, toiletries, cold beverages, and coffee tea and chai products. There is even a rotating 6' tall rack of garden seeds! The early reviews are coming in. The banana bread has been rated, "That's good!" by unanimous acclaim. The latkes have disappeared , as has the rhubarb French toast. That's a good sign. The meatless sausage in the omelette is being snagged by the skeptics, so that is also a plus. Service: 5. Flexibility in adjusting to the arrival of Huck the Wonder Dog, after initial shock passed: 5. Ambiance and environment: 5. Huck, however, is still sulking over the overlooked order of bacon.

  • Christopher B.

    I had to come back this restaurant after 7 years after my wedding. I do have to add my two cents to my order of wonder. I got the most traditional breakfast: bacon and eggs. I was not at all let down. The egg that I ate had such a buttery, dark orange color. Forgot that's really what it's supposed to look like. Bacon was very well done to my taste buds. The owner and wait staff are very kind and courteous. Please come

  • Buzzie B.

    Drove 7 hours to have breakfast here on a Tuesday morning. Not. Sign on door says Wed-Sun

  • Britt G.

    What an amazing atmosphere, healthful and delicious food, and I extra loved that they allowed our relatively well behaved dog to join us on their idyllic patio outside. I could not have been happier with our experience.

  • Krissy S.

    Wow! The food here was amazing and the staff was great. I highly recommend anyone passing through to check this place out, especially the outdoor garden area.

  • Eric B.

    Went for breakfast and everything was fresh and tasted great. The scramble, French Toast and omelet was good, I had a sampling from everyone's plate. Portions could be slightly larger, but overall a good visit.

  • D C.

    I am from Chicago, live in Portland, and have lived in Boulder and Bozeman; all amazing food destinations. I consider this to be one of the best breakfast spots anywhere. Cafe Regis uses local and organic ingredients whenever possible; they have a small organic garden from which they gather eggs, fruits and vegetables. The food is fantastic, the coffee is good, the service is extremely friendly, and you feel like you are at home here. Worth Finding (as their website says).

  • Madeline R.

    We had just driven the Beartooth Highway and were ready for lunch when we got to Red Lodge. A quick look on Yelp and this deserving 5 star restaurant was the first to pop up when searching "Nearby" on our phone. Oh man, this place is great! We sat outside at a table under an aspen tree. Aspens are my favorite tree, and the leaves were rustling in the light breeze on this gorgeous spring day. It can be hard eating healthy on a 2 week road trip. But this place made it easy. Many of their veggies are grown in their garden. Everything seemed super fresh and light. And what we had was delicious, too. I had the veggie wrap with a cup of potato leek soup. My husband had a super fresh spinach salad and we shared a peach cobbler a la mode for dessert.

  • Rick j.

    A great eatery for breakfast or lunch. They have great specials and vegetarian options. Everything is fresh and the service is good. In the yard out back there are tables and two great green houses to look through. Worth the drive from Billings.

  • Jessica Z.

    Great organic food with a park-like setting in the back. Great way to start our day!

  • Allie F.

    YUM!! If you're in town and want some delicious, interesting breakfast foods, definitely go here. The biscuits and gravy were delicious, with a little kick. The rhubarb French toast was also awesome. Be careful, only open certain days and hours. Highly recommended. And great value! Delish.

  • Ross C.

    Fun little cafe with a great ambiance and friendly staff. Oh, and the food is great too, made with vegetables from their own garden and greenhouse.

  • Han S.

    Really good food, especially their breakfast. Everything I have tried has been delicious and reasonably priced.

  • Gigi G.

    OMG this place is perfect for the health guru. Food was soooo good and healthy. Everything is organic and it won't break your wallet. Staff were all very nice!!

  • Bob M.

    It's a grocery store, no it's a dinner, ok it's both and farm good. Saw all the reviews knew when we came up I knew where we were having lunch. Sure I was to see it was more of a healthy alternative to Grady cooking and that made it better. I had the full Montana on a multi grain bread. You know healthy way isn't all that bad. And one classy thing they do when it's cold out, they give you Hoyt coffee our tea to take with you. Your a class act my friends

  • John D.

    Terrific find. Everyone in our group loved the breakfast - from those who are natural vegetarians to those who love sweet and those who love good food. The outdoor space was peaceful and the gardens a delight. This place is worth a drive.

  • Paul D.

    I am not a breakfast person at all, but this little cafe is great. The outdoor seating is great, and is like having breakfast in your own back garden. Hidden behind Regis Grocer, both are gems in the area. They do the hole organic, local farmers thing. Though they don't flaunt that in everyones face for fake praise or hype. They do if because it tastes better. The service is always great. Very personable and chatty. The omelettes are amazing. The Popeye with spinich, feta cheese, and a bunch of other stuff is one of my favorites. They also have one with baked brie. I think they have a lunch menu as well, though their breakfast can feed you for a hole day. A great little gem, that boarders on 5 stars for me. I really want to go back.

  • Mike M.

    In Red Lodge for the weekend and saw this quaint little cafe on Yelp scoring some sweet reviews. Seemed like a good place to kick start the day with some grub. You seat yourself in the rather small dining area. They have coolers and shelves stocked with your typical health remedies (didn't check them out). After seating ourselves it took a minute but the very friendly staff came over with coffee and menus. I got the biscuits and gravy and the wife got the pesto omelette food was up in 15-20 minutes (kind of long for breakfast, but no big deal). Food was quite good, both of us enjoyed our meals. The biscuits and gravy was awesome I would totally recommend- pesto omelette was good but not great.

  • cory h.

    My wife and I are from Portland, Oregon - a food mecca. I did not expect to find a place this good in Red Lodge. Boy, were we surprised and delighted to see a place that uses fresh from their own garden ingredients. We ate here twice during our stay in Red Lodge. I'd definitely recommend the corn cakes and the strawberry shortcake as a highlight, though the BLAT was pretty good as well.

  • Charles W.

    The faux eggs Benedict is not very tasty. The eggs are fried, the muffin was tough and the sauce was something that was a cross between canned mushroom soup and dog upchuck thrown together in a mess on a cracked plate. This place may serve some good food but this egg dish is not. I don't know if I will go back.

  • Anne Q.

    Great service and awesome breakfast location. It's a health food store/great eatery! Yummy specials. Warm welcome outdoor area. Suburb coffee and jam. Wonderful place to recharge while on vacation. We had sublime biscuits and gravy and pesto omelet. It appears you can order al la carte as well.

  • KB B.

    Healthy, fresh, interesting combos, and doesn't cost a million bucks. Natural market inside- everything from bulk whole grains and baked goods to kombucha and coconut water. Even some natural laundry stuff and Dr. Bronners.

  • Trina W.

    Love the Cafe Regis! Great Food, service, prices and variety. It seems to be our go to place when we meet someone in town for breakfast or coffee. I love the outdoor space, and sit out whenever I can, and on the plus side, it gives the kids room to roam when they get bored. We first used Cafe Regis as a family reunion spot and they catered the whole meal, and we had the run of the outdoor space. This is a great spot of private parties and groups. They will tailor a menu for your group. We had a Western BBq, with BBQ chicken, corn-on-the-cob, salad and watermelon. Wonderful, and reasonable priced for the amenities. Breakfast at Cafe Regis is awesome! Very hard to decide what to get. Bill had the Peaches & French Toast, I had the Potatoe Bowl. Saturday/Sunday morning breakfast is usually busy, but the food and outdoor space is perfect. Stopped by on our way home from Rock Creek Resort and a Wedding, it was the perfect place to have coffee, read the paper and decompress!

  • Fred G.

    Has to be one of the best, if not the best, places to eat in Red Lodge. Food, service, and atmosphere are all great.

  • Tim W.

    If you live in red lodge, you must already know about regis... For those passing through on their way up too or down from the beartooth Highway, this place is worth slowing down for! I had the omelette special of the day... Complete with fresh zucchini from their garden.

  • Ralna C.

    We call this place "Granola Momma" and will drive an hour just to go to breakfast. Take the time to find it--it's not on the main street and is in an old grocery store. We discovered the Regis shortly after it opened and it's our absolute favorite Red Lodge eatery hands down. I can't seem to bring myself to order anything other than the "Number One--the Works" since it has me completely captivated (yes like eggs Benedict but with a different amazing sauce). I've had delicious bites of other menu items and they have new and different specials, but I've gotta have my Number One and a great cup of coffee. There's a lovely fenced area with grass and flowers (or snow), great for the kids (or adults) to get their energies out. There's an interview with Martha on youtube.… . They are not open for dinner except for special events. The place dresses up nicely. In addition to restaurant meals they sell baked goods and a small selection of organic bulk and packaged foods, soaps, etc.

  • K C.

    We visit RL ~2x/year and love the Cafe Regis. Always good food and one of the most comfortable places to eat in the state. Works well for our vegan friends too.

  • Courtney B.

    An excellent breakfast joint - they are also a natural grocery store. Full of good people and food.

  • Megan S.

    This is an amazing place with excellent food and great people. Everything is prepared fresh and they have a great fruit bread that changes almost daily and you Know that nothing is wasted. Eco friendly, sustainable and the only place in town my vegan uncle can really get a meal! Out back is the patio and greenhouses where they source a lot of their veggies. This is the best place in RL to get a fresh and healthy meal and you won't kill your wallet! I love the heaping pile with eggs and ham, great right before a hike!

  • Christopher H.

    On our way home from our vacation to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park, my fiance and I had the pleasure of spending our last night in Red Lodge, MT. We went out for dinner the evening we arrived. We had an early dinner since we had a 14 hour drive back home ahead of us. Since we were dinning early, there was only one other couple in the restaurant at the time. My always outgoing fiance asked if they were locals and if they had any recommendations for a place in Red Lodge that was open very early for breakfast, so that we might grab a quick bite before our long drive home. As it happens, the couple was local and one of them was the owner of Cafe Regis. She told us all about her establishment and mentioned their gluten free options, which, for my non-gluten eating fiance, meant this place was already sounding good. The next morning after checking out of the hotel, we made our way over to Cafe Regis. It's a charming location, in what appears to be an old grocery store. As soon as we walked in, their commitment to organic and sustainable food was obvious. They have their own solar array on the roof, an organic garden in the back and numerous organic staples for sale. The breakfast menu had many things that looked quite good and as promised, plenty of gluten free options. My fiance ended up ordering a greek egg scramble and a side of gluten free french toast. I chose the special of the day, homemade biscuits and gravy. Since I'm used to biscuits and gravy containing tiny little flecks of sausage at most establishments, I also ordered a side of sausage. Food arrived quickly and looked excellent. My fiance's greek scramble included feta, spinach, sun tried tomatoes and artichoke hearts. I didn't try it but she said it was delicious and couldn't wait to try and recreate it at home. The home fries included with her dish were tasty as well, obviously made from fresh potatoes. Her french toast received a similar glowing review. My biscuits and gravy was amazing, seriously the best biscuits and gravy I've ever had. I set a pretty high standard for biscuits and gravy as it is pretty much my favorite breakfast dish. Cafe Regis has just raised that bar. The biscuits were light, buttery and flaky, clearly right out of their oven. The gravy as rich and creamy and contained plenty of big chunks of sausage, making my side of sausage unnecessary. The sausage was very well seasoned, spicy with just the right amount of heat. If I ever find myself back in Red Lodge, I know where I'll be eating, Cafe Regis for sure!

  • Joshua Q.

    The food is excellent. I had a BBQ Tofu sandwich with potatoes on the side and it was tasty, including the soft, fresh bun. There is a long wait for the waitress to place your order, but the food arrives quickly and the bill soon after. The Regis is also a very limited Natural and Organic foods store that also offers household items. The selection is very limited, but if you are visiting, it has what you need. For a vegan, this is the place to have lunch in Red Lodge. They open at 6:00AM for a very good breakfast, though the service is extremely slow in the morning. It is really worth the wait.

  • Danger R.

    I go here every time I'm in RL (and preferably more than once). The food is beyond amazing. I've never met a person working there that I didn't like, and they are always very knowledgeable about what's going on in the area. They also have a great selection of organic goods, should you need to stock up in the sticks. This place rools.

  • Harvey Y.

    Bomb coffee. Outdoor seating. Friendly service and fresh ingredients...I mean the lady has a freakin' green house out back! The menu items are unique. A great break from the ordinary, run-of-the-mill breakfast joints.

  • Andrew R.

    Martha and her crew pull off excellent locally-sourced food at reasonable prices. They are a bit off of the main drag and aren't noticed by the typical passerby, but most locals know that this is the spot. Order whatever is in season, because some component will probably come from the greenhouse/garden out back, or from a local producer who is likely dining beside you (seasonally, out back on the garden patio). I also have to commend them for their "even-share" tip-splitting arrangement. The folks that seat you, and the folks that serve you, the folks cooking your food, and the folks clearing and washing your dishes all get an even share of the total tips. As a former professional cook, I think that this is how it should be, as we all have to work as a team to put the food out, and satiate the customers. I am truly stunned (and ashamed) that no one (including myself) has Yelped this place before.

  • Kathy R.

    Great little breakfast joynt and small health food store. Yummy food and good service! (Travel is so much better because of Yelp!)

  • Adam C.

    Great breakfast. Amazing omlet with brie cheese. Coffee was decent - not amazing but not bad. I would certainly eat here again.


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    Good For : Breakfast
    Parking : Street
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    Waiter Service : Yes
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Cafe Regis

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