Montana City Grill & Saloon

4 State Hwy 518
Montana City, 59634
This Restaurant is located in a Casino. Food is not bad, decent portions, expensive for the area, and service is good. I was not impressed with the cooking of my rib-Eye, though it was technically rare the fat came out rubbery - which in my opinion shouldn't happen. The seafood on the side salad was impressive however and the ribs were good. Under $80 for 2.
Once again the Montana City Grill failed to meet our expectations for a special dinner. The food is mediocre at best, one would expect a lot more for a $30+ entree! I ordered the prime rib to be cooked medium, it came out a bloody mess that I couldn't eat. The accompanying mashed potatoes portion was a 1/4 cup in size, not what one would expect in Montana! The gravy taste like it was made from a store-purchased package! Our other entree was the "sea bass special". There was nothing special about the 30 dollar piece of fish! It tasted like it was something left in the freezer that they were trying to move quickly! The salsa topping tried to mask this fact, but the salsa was rather bland, not adding in any way to the dish. The bake potato was your average baked potato, hard to mess it up! The service was terrible to match the food. Our waitress was not seen again once the meal was served, leaving our drinks to run empty, and my rare prime rib sitting intact on my plate. When she did return she didn't offer refills, not did she inquire as to why my meal was untouched. When I did speak up to complain all she could do was show me where she noted "medium" on her order pad. I'm glad she did think, but this proves she did not follow through to make sure the meal was prepared as requested. Then she was off, returning with the bill for the full amount, doing nothing to rectify the situation. I left the restaurant hungry and very disappointed by the experience. We will not be returning to the Montana City Grill anytime soon if this is their standard for food preparation and customer service!
I've ate here several times. It's hit and miss for food quality. The staff has always been friendly, attentive and overall great. The noise level can be unbearable at times so if that is a problem you need to go before the dinner crowd. The food at times is good but never great. I've had several bad meals. The last one in particular, I had the huckleberry BBQ chicken. It had an extra side of hair. I don't make a big deal about that because that kind of thing happens. I just want a new plate of food which they were very good at getting. The chicken however was very bland and tasted like bottled BBQ with no hint of huckleberry. In my opinion, it is very over priced for the quality of food. Keep the wait staff and dump the food supplier and/or find a new chef.

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