Marysville House

153 N Main St
Marysville, 59601
5 stars if for no other reason than how unique the place is. Off in the mountains in a old mining village words cannot do justice to the scenery or the highly eccentric interior with thousands of signatures etched, burned and penned onto every wall. 5 stars also for the steaks. Served on styrofoam plate there is nothing fancy about them but they are huge and delicious as are the beans and mushrooms they come with. The corn was okay which is probably fair given that it is May.
Overpriced mediocre food. Not the same as I remember. The crab legs we ordered were super dry and it appears they use some sort of fake butter for dipping your crab meat. also, I did not like that they actually cut your crab leg in half...not a good idea. Go for a drink and maybe try a steak instead.
This place is different, but certainly in a good way! Lots of names carved in the walls which are barely lit by only dim lighting. My wife and I split a 24 oz porterhouse (cooked to an amazing med-rare and awesomely tender) and got an extra side of veggies which I'm pretty sure wasn't a side at all, but instead a little more split between us. The only reason I say that is because there was no extra cost. Plenty of food for the two of us. Good service, great food, and a cool setting! Worth the drive for sure. We can't wait for a reason to go back.!.

(406) 443-6677


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