Jan’s Cafe

108 Bailey St
Lima, 59739
Ok so I understand the small cafe thing, but 1 hr for grilled cheese and a peice of pie they kept us hoping ours would be next ummm yea add another cook and waitress might help oh, got the food...can't really mess up the grilled. Cheese
We saw all the good reviews, so we decided to give this place a shot. One of my daughters ordered the bacon burger. It was okay. Just okay. My other daughter ordered the chef salad. It looked like they used a bag of mixed salad from Walmart and tossed some cheese and ham on top, and then slapped a $11 price tag on it. The dressing was warm, like it had been sitting out all day. As far as service goes, our waitress seemed like she was doing all the work in the cafe, which made us feel rushed, and she wasn't very friendly. Don't stop unless you're starving. We were starving, and we wouldn't stop again.
On a section of the interstate woefully short of eating options we found ourselves in Lima. We decided to try Jan's - and it was fine. Service was quick and friendly. The restaurant was simple and funky, as it would be in any small town. We had the lunch special - a patty melt - which was good. The burger was enormous and tasty. The rest of the melt was nice as well. The patty melt came with fries that were a touch overcooked.

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