Blue Moon Bakery

120 Big Pine Dr
Big Sky, 59716
Very casual so not five star dining experience, but we really loved our food. A great draught beer. A delicious spinach salad. And the best of all item on the menu the pizza! We asked for a veggi and it was great. We came here after rafting all afternoon on the Gallatin River.
Excellent selection with quality ingredients and talented folks. Not to mention nice and quick with service. A surprise gem of a place indeed.
I've ordered cake from here twice and both times it was extremely good. I have to admit I was unadventurous and went for the same kind both times (chocolate with cream cheese frosting) but both were delicious. You also get a lot of cake for a very reasonable price. I ordered the in advance both times and the staff was extremely friendly and professional. Last winter we also ordered pizza from here once. Unlike the cake the pizza is not cheap but as far as I know they're the only place in Big Sky that delivers. The good news is that you get what you pay for and the pizza is both substantial and very tasty.

(406) 995-2305

Bakeries, Pizza, Delis

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Milkie’s Pizza & Pub

2815 Gallaton Rd,Ste 2
Big Sky, 59716
Great spot for cold beer and solid Big Sky flavor! Good: chicken pita wrap. Better: pizza. (Scandonavian sauce) Best: the boneless chicken wings! (Only available on Sunday during football season)
Good food and nice wait staff. Seemed more concerned about the bar patrons though. But it was slow and we were the only ones eating. Would recommend the food. We had wings and a pizza and they were very good.
Great pizza and some of the best boneless wings anywhere with cold beer. Enough said.

(406) 995-2900


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Yeti Dogs

44 Low Dog Rd
Big Sky, 59716
Yes, yes, Yeti Dog! Ono dog for sure--who would have thought that barbecue and pineapple would make such a delicious hot dog? It works! The Texicana--chili, cheese, onions and jalapeno--good as well. The hot cocoa with Irish cream is the perfect mid-day treat to warm you up. Solid lunch, great value. $5 per dog $7.50 for dog, chips and soda.
Great specials, delicious dogs, super friendly staff! Can't say enough about this place!
As a hot dog lover, I mentally visited here before I physically did, so really glad I was able to check it out at least once during my week in Big Sky! Typically, yes I'm usually a pretty boring hot dog eater with ketchup and nothing else which yeti dogs frowns upon, so when I was at the counter on a Friday post skiing, I stepped up my game and expanded my horizons. I opted for the Lifty dog, I mean bacon and cheddar with Yeti sauce... What's not to like?! My brother for the Texican dog with chili and jalapenos. Both were good. They made an excellent pre-dinner snack with our beers in the sunshine. A well deserved treat after a long day of shredding the mountain! The interior itself had a lot of character and the employees working were also in a good mood and super quick!

(406) 995-3971

Hot Dogs

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Bugaboo Cafe

47995 Gallatin Rd
Big Sky, 59716
Yummy place for breakfast or lunch. I was there on a Sunday AM and the place was packed. We were quickly greeted by a friendly waitstaff and seated within 10 minutes. Our server was fantastic, accommodating several parties that had joined our large table. Coffee was decent and flowing frequently. Nice mimosas. The menu is quite diverse and offers a great variety for breakfast and lunch items. I decided to go the sweet and savory route. The buttermilk pancake was generous and fluffy. The blue crab omelette was tasty. I'll be sure to visit the Bugaboo next time I'm in this neck of the woods.
Service is as others mentioned. Items were for the most part around $8-14. I arrived during brunch, so I chose the bacon and brie sandwich. I absolutely devoured it though I was not hungry at all. Maybe for others, the two slices of bacon might not be enough, but for me the sandwich was the right balance of savoriness and textures. I'd skip the avocado if you're counting cals, since the brie imparted enough creaminess. My husband's old faithful was very generous, but lacked creativity and much flavor. The food and check came out very promptly. I might return for another one of my sandwiches, but Blue Moon Bakery still remains my standby for great service and food.
My family stopped here while driving through Big Sky to get lunch. We walked in not sure whether we needed to waiti to be seated or just seat ourselves, and after a waitress walked by just saying "hi" we had to ask if it was ok to just sit anywhere - just seat yourself I guess... A waitress was with us shortly, and we ordered, waiting about 20 minutes for our food. The food was pretty good; I had the Brie & Bacon sandwich, my hubby had the gyro, and our kiddos had pancakes, eggs and chicken strips with fries. Our lunch was pretty good. Large portions and fresh ingredients. They also serve breakfast all day apparently. The have a small area for kids to be entertained as well with coloring books, blocks, toys, etc. Our server was sweet and seemed to be on her game. Things that could make it better: - Clarity when you walk in where the bathrooms are located and whether you seat yourself so you're not standing awkwardly at the door forever. - Better table placement. We found ourselves weaving in and out of closely placed tables getting in and out of the place. No real defined pathways... - The interior was pretty homey and could use an updated look to bring it out of the 90's.

(406) 995-3350

American (New)

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By Word of Mouth Restaurant & Catering

77 Aspen Leaf Dr,Ste 3
Big Sky, 59716
Food prepared with care with delicious results. With the onslaught of "family" places to eat in Big Sky, By Word of Mouth has been forgotten. For years this place has created great food with fun drinks and a good selection of wines. Return to By Word of Mouth if you have not been for a while and come experience a restaurant that knew and knows good food.
The food and service at BYWOM is always great! They use local ingredients whenever possible, which is a major plus. I have had the trout entree several times and it is always perfection. The bywom burger is hands down the best burger in Big Sky. It is kind of like their take on a "big mac"...except they use local fresh ingredients. Plus they have great happy hour deals! BYWOM is a "must" if you are in Big Sky!
Delicious. Everything served here is local food. I had the trout and considered going back the next night to order it again.

(406) 995-2992

Restaurants, Caterers

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1 Lone Mountain Trl
Big Sky, 59730
Henry was the Host and he was super friendly especially under the circumstances of hundreds of people converging on the Big Sky Resort for The Rut race 3-day weekend. Heather is the greatest waitress. Our friends were running a little late after spending time fishing on the Madison and she completely understood they would be exhausted and not needing anything but TLC. You should definitely call for reservations. The Bartender was awesome. We got a few questions answered which resulted in awesome margaritas and An Old Fashion that was very good. The bread was warm and yummy. They had a bean hummus which was deeeelish. We got salads dry and shared. Plenty for both of us. Also got spaghetti and meatballs. That was very flavorful. Could have used more red sauce because it was very good. If you go, ask to be in Heather's section because she was an amazing Waitress!
This was a wonderful dining experience. I had a delicious Caprése salad for lunch. Bob had "the best sandwich ever" - Tuscan ham with a terrific zest of aioli, Cajun style on Focciacia bread. Marcie really enjoyed her Sauvignon Blanc that paired wonderfully with her calamari. We will come back to test out their dinner menu. It was fun to meet Mike, the executive chef. He really knows what he's doing! Come join us!!
I had a nice dinner here the other night. The service was very good and my server was very friendly. My football team had just beaten his soundly and he still gave me good service. I started with a green salad. It was alright, but nothing special. It did not have too much dressing. My main course was a scallop and shrimp piccata. I like this dish a lot and it came out nice and warm. It had good flavor and I would order it again. I finished with Tiramisu. This one was moist and had the right blend of chocolate and marscarpone. I would also order this again. I like their wine list. Since i was by myself, I was looking at wines by the glass. They had a good selection for a fair price. Over all, my dinner was very satisfying and I would come again. Since they have this conference here every other year, I am looking forward to a return visit.


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Cabin Bar & Grill

PO Box 160309
Big Sky, 59716
My husband and I just had a wonderful meal at the cabin. (7-29-2015). He had a very fresh garden salad with Huckleberry vinaigrette dressing which was delicious. I have the warm Brie which was excellent. For the main course I have the trout. I thought it was wonderful. My husband asked the waiter for the recommendation and he suggested the elk Rib chops. They were fantastic! The sauce complemented the meat in an unusual but fantastic way. I also enjoyed the Hogue cab which was their house Cabernet. This was one of the best meals we have had on this trip out west!
At the Cabin, I had one of the best meals I have had in awhile. We arrived early for the reservation, and were told we would have to wait for our reserved time due to a large dinner party that was there. We decided to get a beer next door at Scissorbills. When we arrived back at the Cabin, we saw the large dinner party and were told it was for the Junior US senator of Montana. He was only a few tables from us, but we were able to continue our dinner as planned. We started with the venison appetizer. The small pieces of deer meat were delicious. For the main course, I asked advice from the waitress to help me choose between the pheasant breast or the pan-seared rainbow trout. She recommended the trout. The trout and walleye are imported from South Dakota (the state where I grew-up) so that helped in my decision. The trout was delicious. The fish was coated with Roasted Pecan Butter and came with Crimini Mushroom Polenta Cakes and carrots. For dessert, I ordered ice cream drizzled with a Jack Daniel's sauce. Very tasty. The trout was my favorite meal in Big Sky. I would have given 5 stars in this review, except that another member of my party ordered the walleye and had a stomach bug for the next day or so. Service was excellent. Prices were reasonable for the area. The Cabin is located in the Arrowhead mall on the second floor.
We LOVED this place. We walked over to it from our lodging - and sooo glad we did. It is not large, so make sure you have reservations! They had a very interesting and fun variety of appetizers, salads, and entrees. We had the white bean with sage soup and it was outstanding. I love to cook and wanted that recipe! The bread was whole grain (loved that - rare to find whole grain, which we always try to eat!) with a garlic herb butter that was excellent. The Cabin salad was served with a huckleberry vinaigrette. We had the vegetable ragout over organic polenta. It was again excellent!!! (we not only try to do whole grain, we also do organic!) After such a meal, we did have dessert, not because we were in the least bit hungry. We had the flourless chocolate cake with Jack Daniels drizzle - again wonderful. We did have to wait for water and coffee to be refilled; they seemed short staffed. Maybe someone called in sick?? It was worth the wait.

(406) 995-4244

Burgers, Bars

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Whiskey Jack’s

Big Sky Resort
Big Sky, 59716
I've stopped in this place twice in the last couple days. Normally, I would probably give this place a solid 3 stars but in light of the limited options in the area, I would comparatively give this place 4 stars. If you're looking for a place for a reasonably priced (for the area) drink and eats this is your best bet. I went to M R Hummers yesterday and it was terribly mediocre. I ordered the plane Jane burger and a drink that wasn't on the menu that the bartender suggested (some kind of short apple drink that has cinnamon). Yummy. I had two. There was also a band playing both afternoons I walked in for a drink. This is a great meet up spot with friends doing different activities throughout the day.
Whiskey Jack's is a great place to come and grab a drink for lunch or after a long day of skiing. My friends and I had a great time here sharing drinks and recapping the day while enjoying above average bar foods. The nachos are a great purchase! I was impressed with Whiskey Jack's beer selection. With such quality food and a prime location how could you not go back!
Food is mediocre - Sysco sourced can only ceiling out at 3 stars. Bloody Mary was subpar. This is a good example of a resort restaurant that counts on people coming here because there is little other options- not because the food is actually good.


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Broken Spoke

120 Big Pine Dr,Ste 7
Big Sky, 59716
Food was great. Owner even came to table to ask if food was ok. Definitely check them out. Will be eating here again when we return to BS.
Great bar atmosphere! 4-7pm happy hour is BOGO drinks!! Good drink selection. Very friendly bartender and waiter. No reservation needed, no wait!
We saw the smoker outside and were positive this would be a great experience. We were positively wrong. We walked in and said we'd like to sit outside. The waitresses handed us our menus and told us she'd be right out. It became pretty obvious to use that she was high. Anyway, we ordered some pulled pork and smoked brisket along with cheesy grits. The grits tasted like someone made Cream of Wheat and put an artificial Mac N Cheese packet of cheese in it. Actually three packets. It was plain inedible. The pulled pork was pretty delicious. Especially after I submerged it in BBQ sauce. The brisket tasted more like a roast. I'm not expert on BBQ but I think brisket should taste like brisket. We were very unhappy that we wasted a date night at this place. They have one thing right about their name. Broken. They should give the smoker to someone who knows how to use it.

(406) 995-2750

Barbeque, Sports Bars, Music Venues

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Lone Peak Brewery

48 Market Pl
Big Sky, 59716
Good food, good beer, local atmosphere. Don't expect fancy, but very friendly.
9 beer flights - babam was the favorite but probably too intense for a full pint, Nordic blonde was a good summer time brew. Amber and the retro red were most drinkable Bison quesadillas are a must Good mountain folk vibe
I don't really know what to think about LPB...It's kind of a love-hate relationship. I was off on the place for a long time because of the bad service, but visited a few times in the off season (May) and had excellent food and service! They had an amazing waitress, but she appears to be gone now?? So, back to the same crappy servers. The blonde one with the nose ring is really bad. She seemed to be hung over or sick this time, and kept touching her face, mouth and hair...gross. Never friendly, generally acts like she doesn't give a hoot, and sitting down at the bar half the time. My guess is she only works there because she is friends with the owners?? It's frustrating, because LPB can be SO good...if only they would hire professional waitstaff!

(406) 995-3939


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