Taylor Grocery & Restaurant

4 County Rd 338
Taylor, 38673
Tried the grilled catfish this time, with grill seasoning (other option was bbq seasoning). Was pretty good, although I think I would've gone with a tad less seasoning. Hush puppies were better this time (not so hard). Fried okra good but seemed a little oilier than last time. Got baked potato this time (came with two pats of butter on side) since I found out that the brown rice is made with beef consomme. Also tried the "chocolate cobbler", which was really a bowl of gooey, fudginess topped with a crunchy brownie layer and vanilla ice cream. Kind of a molten chocolate cake at the extreme end of molten-ness. I would vote for less gooey-ness and more cakey brownie.
What can you say about a place that fries the catfish and gives you fries with Ro-tel? Very nice....big wait but having a BYOB where I can bring a really nice beer (Saison and Catfish FTW) is a nice plus. Great atmosphere, and I thought the catfish was excellent. Be aware the sides are on the small side, but that's ok with me because it leaves room for peach cobbler and ice cream.
A must stop for a North Mississippi visit. Great place for catfish, hush puppies, sweet tea, music, and personality.

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