104 S Park St
Merigold, 38759
Highly recommend the steaks or grilled seafood. Crawfish (when in season) is their speciality so give that a try as well. Had the fried okra and crab cakes for an appetizer tonight. Fried okra was really good. Crab cakes were a little bready. While they do have a non-smoking section they also have a bar in the same building and the smoke can be a little annoying.
A Delta Dinner for 10. Hidden between all of the Merigold Red Light cameras, watch yourself, this is a Delta gem. We started with a handful of appetizers, from crawfish to cheese-dip they were all wonderful. Several ribeyes were ordered, a few NY strips, a catfish and my Shrimp Sultana. The waitress advised going with the Shrimp Sultana over Shrimp & Grits, because you can make that at home. The Shrimp Sultana was this taste sensation, shrimp (duh), crawfish, veggies and an amazing cream sauce. Have no fear, plenty of shrimp & crawfish. Great service as our waitress made many, many, many trips to the bar and back, and never let us get thirsty. If you find yourself in the Delta and hungry consider stopping in.
Had Mahi Mahi tonight - really great seasoned wonderfully and had grilled squash zucchini and asparagus- hubby had filet which was good!! Also had crab cakes ( some spice cumin I think that was detracting but good!!) fried okra appetizer was a special and these southerners could not turn down ( almost good as mommas) chocolate cobbler and bread pudding to finish AMAZING !! Great waitress!! Fast service!!

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