The Feed Meal

106 Walnut St N
Meadville, 39653
There are few restaurants around Meadville, MS. This is the only standalone restaurant in town. Thankfully, it's actually good. It used to be an old country feed store, thus the name "The Feed Meal". A different lunch special is posted daily. Low carb dieters need not look to the special. However, there is also a good stock menu of po-boys, sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, wings, and other sides. Speaking of salads, they have a great salad bar for such a small place. The lettuce is chopped fine, the cucumbers are peeled & seeded, and the rest of the toppings are cut fine. As a salad fan, I was impressed. Another impressive point: They have full Coke and full Pepsi fountain drink machines. Two different machines, side by side. You don't see that often. I had the fried chicken, pinto beans, side salad, and cornbread, with iced tea. Would I go out of my way to eat here? Not sure. If I was craving some homestyle food and was driving up US 84 or US 98, I'd detour. If you're working in Meadville or Bude, though, then this is one of your few options that's not in a gas station, and I definitely recommend it.

(601) 384-3663


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