Old Country Store

18801 Hwy 61
Lorman, 39096
My husband's family thought I was crazy, wanting to drive more than 3 hours from their home in Ocean Springs, in torrential rain no less, and with tornado warnings, all for what Alton Brown (of Food Network fame) had said was the best fried chicken he'd ever had. When we arrived, the sun was shining, and I just knew I was in for one of the best culinary treats of my life. The Old Country Store is a 130 year old building that looks like a breeze could blow it over. Inside, the walls are lined with shelves filled with flea-market kitsch. I bought two cotton angel ornaments where the sharp, tough husk parts of the cotton plant form the wings. They were all handmade by a local woman, Mr. D said. Mr. D- what an extraordinary man he is. Even if his chicken had been average, I would have made the trip just to meet him. He's the type of person whose age you don't dare guess. You know he's been around the block a few times, but he is so energetic and full of life and positive energy that there's no way he's as old as he must be. He greeted and chatted with all of his customers, encouraging them to eat more, 'cause he'll make more. He also sang us a song about how his "Grandma was a cornbread cookin' queen..." Now, the old spirituals have always inexplicably made this plump white German immigrant choke up- and Mr. D's voice did the same. The food was served buffet style- fried chicken, chicken smothered in onion gravy, greens, black-eyes peas, green beans, mac & cheese, rice, cornbread, and salad- all for the ridiculous price of $6.95. It was indeed the best fried chicken I have ever had. My husband almost never eats fried chicken because he does not like meat on the bone, but I for the first time I actually saw him gnaw the bones clean. We somehow managed to save room for dessert, and no joke- there were actually tears in my husband's eyes as he bit into his peach cobbler a la mode. I had the blackberry and it was also outstanding. As we checked out, I asked Mr. D if he knew that Alton Brown was coming before he showed up. "No!" he said in his sweet drawl. "And that's the way I want it. I treat everybody the same who comes in here. Whether it's Oprah Winfrey, the Southern Living people, the president, you, or Alton Brown. Everybody's the same." If you are anywhere near Lorman, Mississippi, you're a fool if you don't stop at the Old Country Store. Mr. D and his staff will renew your faith in humanity and in the healing powers of comfort food.
Wonderful trip back in time. This restaurant is set in an 1800's General Store. The Owner Mr. D is amazing and personally greets and visits each table. He advertises his Fried Chicken as the best on earth and I can say if there is a better homeade crispy, crunchy fried chicken, I haven't had it yet. The price of $12.50 included a drink, salad bar and all you can eat buffet bar. Besides the great chicken, the bar included smoked ribs, fried pork chops, stewed chicken with rice, sweet potatoes, greens, purple hull peas, cornbread dressing and more. Everything was fantastic. If you visit please plan on gaining a few pounds. It's that good.
I needed a little road trip time in my old Landcruiser so I loaded up and headed south on the Natchez Trace. This place is a great destination lunch spot to combine a great Trace drive and lunch. The building is awesome. The service is awesome. The owner is awesome and of course, the fried chicken is awesome. The sides are OK but I'm fine with that. That just means more room for chicken.

(601) 437-3661

Soul Food, Barbeque, American (Traditional)

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