3611 Sangani
D'lberville, 39540
I stopped in here for breakfast one recent morning. I never ate a Whataburger, so it was all new to me. I ordered a breakfast bun and chicken biscuit. I waited a short amount of time. Prices were reasonable in my opinion. Friendly staff members. Easy parking and finding the location. I would recommend this place.
Extremely average at best . Fries were luke warm and hamburger tasted overlooked. There are better burger options
I try not to check in or review chains bug it's Whataburger. Whataburger. That's all I really need to say. I stop when I see one because I see one. I feel like it's just one of those regional fast food places I HAVE to stop at. Not that it's amazing but it's iconic and i can hardly get it

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

3882 Promenade Pkwy
D'lberville, 39540
It's a restaurant chain....so if you've been to one it's almost like you've been to them all. Same menu, clean tables and floors. The service is good at this one, I've never had a problem.
Yes, it is a chain, but the food is good. Olive Gardens all have slightly diiferent floor plans and slightly different cooking and presentation. Today we stopped in for the universal soup, salad, and breadsticks ... and decided to order a chicken flatbread as an appetizer. It was just as good as the ones we had had elsewhere, but today's format was a rectangular presentation, versus the previously enjoyed round one. Taste? About the same. Good service, good food, three stars.
First, let me state, that Olive Garden is not fine dining. I know this and I am sure others do as well. However, the way my family and friends adore this place is sad. To hear it suggested makes me moan out lout, but I know I have no say in the matter once these two words are uttered. I groan whenever they get dressed in their finest to visit this place. Seriously, it is not that serious. This visit today was by far the worse yet. I already did not want to eat here, because I expected the food to be bland or taste like something I could have gotten out of the freezer section at walmart. The breadsticks were over salted. Seriously, I almost took my napkin to wipe the excess off. I attempted to cut the taste by dunking it into my watery Gnocchi soup, but that did not help at all, it only made my soup salty. My soup had 2 dumplings in it. Two. I counted. I ordered the ravioli carbonara with chicken in parmesan sauce. There was barely any sauce and an overabundance of ''pancetta''. I suspect these were reconstituted bacon bits. They had no pork flavor whatsoever. Isn't carbonara supposed to be a sauce with egg and cheese? There weren't any peas that I could detect, and I like that bit of sweetness with my carbonaras. I tasted none. No nutty flavor of parmesan cheese. I believe they just splashed on some alfredo sauce and called it a day. My ravioli was dry in the middle as expected. The pasta tough. I imagine that there is a huge vat of these in the kitchen that they keep in warm water until ordered. The 'sauteed' chicken was the consistency of breaded chicken tenders.No sauce. Dry. And can someone explain why my gnocchi and the ravioli tasted exactly the same? Trust me, I expect nothing authentic when I am forced to come here. At least pretend to try! I hate this place with a passion. From the decor to the slow service. It makes me sad to see my family eat this stuff up like the second coming. I spent the whole meal wishing I were at Five Guys or The Fillin' Station.

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