First Watch

1022 Westport Road
Westport, 64111
GREAT GREAT GREAT... Great food Great location Great service I met two others for a networking brunch and the service was perfect. I enjoyed my oatmeal and fresh squeezed orange juice. One of my brunch buddies was thrilled with the crabcake egg benedict. While I dont recall what the other individual ordered, he was no less pleased! Our coffee and water remained full and our server was discreetly attentive as we discussed business. Excellent place for healthier brunch options.
The food was good. The service was just okay. I wonder why the hostess questioned my table needs? Customer: "Hi, I need a table for 4 and another table for 2." Hostess: "Uhhh, You just want a table for 6?" Customer: "No actually, I'd like a table for 4, and then a table for 2. There will be 4 teens at one table and then another table for just 2 of us." Hostess: (completely dumbfounded look, says nothing, and walks to two tables right next to each other) After that it seemed like doing it this way was so foreign and strange to them that it affected the rest of the meal. Lackluster service, and kind of unresponsive. The good thing was, the food was tasty!
Awful, bland, same ol' same ol' that you find at any First Watch in the city. Difference is this one is in an area of town that serves actual good food. And they also are demanding an iconic music venue close because there's *gasp* alcohol served there. Even though they've had a spotless record for a decade. Hey bland chain First Watch: You're in Westport!!! We like booze here!! Hell, we were BUILT on booze. If you don't like it, why are you here? I can't imagine anyone in the Midtown area dining on such beige fare, given all of the amazing options nearby, but I hope no one does anymore after recordBar moves.

(816) 931-1054

Breakfast & Brunch, Cafes, American (Traditional)

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