Pizza World

7504 Murdoch Ave
Shrewsbury, 63119
For lunch today, I ordered a personal Buffalo Chicken pizza and a salad from the Pizza World located in Maplewood, MO (or Shrewsbury, technically). While I hadn't eaten at or ordered from a Pizza World in probably 4 or 5 years, I thought I'd give it another shot. I was told delivery would be about 45 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised to see an excellent delivery guy named Bob arrive with my order in less than 25 minutes, and he was one of the most friendly delivery guys around. He displayed genuine old-school customer service qualities as he made sure everything was delivered as ordered, and then talked through a few of the options on the menu that I might check out next time I order (i.e. cheese choices, Wheat crust, etc.). Overall, he did a great job of making me want to order again from Pizza World by showing his passion for the job. It didn't hurt that the Buffalo Chicken pizza was excellent, and for a personal sized specialty pizza and salad lunch special, price was definitely reasonable. Anyway, it has been quite some time since I had ordered from a Pizza World, and thanks to a great lunch special and a phenomenal delivery guy, Bob, I'd say they've gained back an old customer, and I've giving 5 stars in hopes that some other folks will find this spot, give them a call, or give them a second shot at impressing you.

(314) 781-2433


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