Ron’s Diner

2984 State Highway Kk
Oak Ridge, 63769
We were on our way to New Orleans from St. Louis and had only been on the road for a short time and well, one of the kids needed a pit stop. Initially we went in with the idea of just making a quick in and out but decided we'd grab lunch. What a great surprise! They had a rather benign looking steam-table buffet set up for lunch. Was not expecting much, but ended up feasting on some of the best catfish I can remember, anywhere. They make their own breading mix and also have a source for fresh catfish. It was prepared exceptionally and they only put enough out to keep it warm for who's in there. They don't prepare it way ahead and let it sit under a light. We followed the lunch buffet with their home made pies. The banana cream pie was out of this world. Nothing about this place is flashy, but don't be scared away by that. This is one of those classic places that you stumble upon and won't be able to wait until you get by it next time so you can stop and enjoy. The service was exceptional and they were genuinely happy to see you and wanted to make sure that you had a great experience. Would highly recommend if you are ever in the area around Perryville, make the stop here. You won't be disappointed...unless you are looking for one of those plastic, themed places that lack any authenticity.

(573) 788-2700

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