Mink’s Family Pizzeria

110 Center St
Crocker, 65452
This place, and by that I mean Crocker, MO, is a little out of the way for us, but I had received a coupon for this pizza place and so wanted to do a little exploring to check it out. I had directions but drove right past it as the streets were not well marked. It is actually on the corner of Center and 10th if that helps, and 10th is just one block off the main drag. The place, and the parking lot are very small but we easily found a space to park on the street. There are three booths and two six-person tables inside .(you might be able to squeeze 7 or 8). No outdoor seating. Went on a Saturday night about 6 pm and it was busy with both eat in and carry out clientele, but there was always either a booth or table open. I only saw one waitress/cashier and one gentleman doing the cooking, so there was a little bit of a wait for things, no drink refills offered, but we were in no hurry and they seemed to stay on top of things. They have a menu of the standard appetizers: mozzarella sticks, fried okra, etc., pizza - thin crust and a few sizes in deep dish, sub sandwiches and desserts. The serve Pepsi products to drink. According to their FB page, they also serve breakfast and lunch. We ordered a couple of soft drinks, a deep garlic crust pepperoni pizza, and some mozzarella sticks. A little while after our drinks arrived, our waitress apologized and said she forgot to tell the cook we wanted deep dish so he made a standard thin crust. She offered to make us a new pizza, but we weren't too concerned and said we would stick with the thin crust. The pizza arrived shortly thereafter and looked good - the edges a little more brown than I usually care for, but I think that is how most people like it. What matters is that it tasted great. Not sure what they use in their sauce, but it's good. The mozzarella sticks arrived shortly thereafter, served with marinara sauce. They were the typical cheese sticks, nothing to rave about, however they were hot and perfectly cooked which means the difference between good and not good so I would order them again. We also decided to have a piece of cheesecake. We chose the plain as opposed to the Turtle, and I think we made a mistake there - the Turtle looked really good. However, the plain was fine and a nice treat. When it was time to pay the bill, the waitress informed us the meal was 'on the house'. I guess she felt really bad about messing up the crust on the pizza order. We assured her that wasn't necessary but she insisted and said she had already taken care of it. While we don't get to Crocker that often, the food was good, the staff friendly, and the place was very clean and still looks new (I think they opened Fall of 2013, but I could be wrong). The next time we are in that area, I'm sure we'll stop in.

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