Dancing Bear Cafe & Gifts

24509 Peacock Rd
Corder, 64021
This place was amazing, the drive is quite a trip and it feels like a joke until you see the quaintly lit house at the end of the farm road. The food was amazing. Each dish sounded delicious, i personally had the pork tenderloin and it was phenomenal. the dishes run about $20-$25 but include healthy portions wish soup and salad with bread to start. If you plan to drink a fine bottle of wine make sure to bring your own! glasses are provided for a $2 corking fee per person, which is quite reasonable. If there is one thing this place has the most of it is atmosphere, the dining area is made of an old chicken coupe and completely refitted to have a country dining room feeling. And also there was christmas music playing the entire time :D its hard not to enjoy yourself when christmas music is around. I would definitely recommend this for a special destination date, but make sure to make reservations in advance. The only con of this place is that they are only open on the weekend.

(660) 394-2334


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