Amsterdam Cafe

349 Main St
Amsterdam, 64723
This review is about the other side of Amsterdam Cafe, the dive bar side... Amsterdam Cafe was the only business in town open on this Saturday. (I actually wondered if it's the only business open in this town, period.) When entering the building, the diner is on the right and the bar is on the left. Naturally, we opted for the bar. It's a very small room. There's a pool table in the front and about four tables for seating. The bar counter is very small with a handful of very short diner-style bar stools. The bartender was very nice and attentive, he checked on us several times. He was the only person who interacted with us here. There's a CD jukebox, an older MegaTouch machine, and Silver Strike. However these were all unplugged. In fact, almost every electronic item except for the window air conditioner -- even every beer sign in the window -- was unplugged. It wasn't until after we left that we discovered the bar is quite a bit bigger than we thought. There's another room next door with another pool table, darts, and at least one more arcade game. It doesn't look like the back room gets much use.

(660) 267-3300

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