Sal’s Angus Grill

12010 Keystone Ave
Withrow, 55083
With my Mom & Dad in town for a few days, they let us have a date night on Friday. We first stopped by Flat Earth Brewery to fill up a couple of Growlers and grab a sample of fresh brewed beer. One time that we were there, I saw a menu for Yarusso Brother's. Looking into it, under the daily specials, Friday had an All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry! Seeming that it's just around the corner from Flat Earth, we made a plan to do the two some day in the future. This ended up being that day! After ordering a couple drinks at Yarusso's, our server told us that the menu was wrong. They don't serve a Fish Fry on Friday. Only during Lent. Boo. So, with our hearts set on one, I pull out the trusty Yelp app to look over my bookmarks. One place we had marked was Sal's. I was told about this place from a long time friend who lives up in Hugo. We called him up to see if he had dinner plans & if he would like to join us. He did have plans, but said he lives right around the corner from Sal's & we should give him a call when we were done so we could try out his own fresh brewed beer. It's a little hobby he has. It sounded like a nice way to finish up the night! We plugged the address into the GPS & made our way up to Sal's Angus Grill. This place is smack dab in the middle of nowhere. The parking lot is a little tight to navigate & is hard to pass a car if they are on their way in/out. We squeezed into a spot. I snapped a couple photos of the place right away. It has a log cabin feel, but on a much larger scale. A patio outside had several tables occupied with one empty as we walked in. Being the gorgeous weekend weather we had, we asked the host station if we could sit outside. They gladly gave us the empty table. Menu's were already on the table outside & are presented as a newspaper. The back page had the drinks listed. Alyssa got a H2O while I indulged in a Flat Earth Porter on tap. After getting our drinks & browsing the menu, we set our minds up on our order. Alyssa went with one of the two Friday Night specials they offer. Prime Rib. I, of course, went with the other special. AYCE Fish Fry. Alyssa got a choice of sides & went with Garlic Baby Red Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans. Mine came automatically with French Fries & Coleslaw. After the server left, the mosquitoes started bothering us. Plus, the darn music was really loud outside. So much so, we were getting annoyed by it. I found our server and asked if we could move inside. It was such a non-issue for her. She grabbed up all our things & sat us right by a window. She was a delight. Inside the restaurant, it completes the Log Cabin feel. Taxidermy abound. Deer Antler Chandelier. Exposed wood logs. The whole 9 yards. We got a couple of warm rolls to start our meals off. It came with a sweet whipped butter & soft butter pats. The rolls with the sweet butter didn't work too well. But the soft butter pats made for an enjoyable bite. The roll were slightly garlicky. The sweet butter contrasted the flavors. Before we were done munching on our rolls, our suppers came. My supper came in a basket with a lot of thin cut French Fries, a large ramekin of colorful Coleslaw, & two pieces of Beer Batter Cod topped with more of the Coleslaw. I also got lemon & Tartar Sauce. I was confused by the Coleslaw on my Cod. I thought it to be a mistake or that some spilled out on them. This proved to be not true. It's the way they are served. Every re-order came the same way. Can't say I liked that too much. The Coleslaw was very one note. It has Bell Peppers mixed in & overpowers the flavor. I ended up scraping it off each piece. Lemon is all this Cod needs. The Tartar is the sweet pickle kind. I like mine with Dill mixed in. The shell is crispy & the batter just thick enough to where you could pick these pieces up with your hands. The Cod inside was moist & flakey. It's good Cod. The French Fries were hot, crispy, & seasoned with salt & pepper. What could be wrong with that? Nothing, I say. Alyssa's plate was massive. Large mound of Mashed. Huge pile of Green Beans. A slab of thick cut Prime Rib. She got a ramekin of Au Jus, too. Alyssa inquired about Horseradish & was asked if she would like raw or creamy. The Green Beans were done Szechwan style. Crisp & good flavor. The Mashed sound better than what they are. The star of the show was the Prime Rib. Woo Wee! Ten Derrrrr, baby. Mucho flavor. I wasn't joking when I said THICK cut. Over an Inch. Real nice bark crust. We got checked up on often & was asked about reorders each time. I got two pieces two times. Each piece was brought on it's own plate. Silly. Just put em on the same plate. Each reorder has it's own Tartar & lemon, too. Overkill. When I order two pieces, that doesn't mean I need two sauces & two plates. But what I would like is this dinner to be served on a plate rather than in a basket. When Sal's is charging $14.95 for this Fish Fry. Plate, please. The prices here are high. Across the board. Average price is $13.
Food is good. Service is wonderful! Kimberly is not only cute as a bug, very competent and very sweet. She made the dinner very pleasurable. The owner must treat the employees well as everyone working was happy and helpful. Koodos to them. It's nice to see that. First time here. We will be back
Been here many times with spotty service. Tonite takes the cake. We were there at 6pm and were seated right away. Plenty of staff, they all walked by our table multiple times while never asking us if we needed anything. Owner watched us walk in and held the door for us as we walked out and didn't say a thing. We sat there with my 4. Year old daughter for 15 minutes before we just left. Really too bad as there is very limited options around Hugo, but we will not be back.

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