Wuollet Bakery

771 Lake St E
Wayzata, 55391
We ordered rolls for breakfast on Christmas. We had cinnamon rolls and sticky buns. I only had the sticky buns and they are delicious. They keep well a day or too as well. Especially if you like them warm as I do. The cinnamon rolls are huge in size and flavorful as well. I'd recommend the bakery and will gladly have their offerings again when I am in the area again.
Wuollet (all locations) are pleasant, safe, traditional bakeries that aren't particularly exceptional but do everything the way that would please everyone's aging grandmother and make her feel at home. The service is good--the folks who work there will help you get the right cake. Are there better bakeries? Oh yes (Rustica, Patisserie 46, Salty Tart, etc), but when you're out west it's a heck of a schlep to get to them. This Wayzata location also has an espresso machine (don't expect much) and an updated, pleasant (if smallish) seating area with outside seating in warm weather. If you need to take your traditional grandparents somewhere they'd feel comfortable, this is the place.
I got a few cakes here for my wife's surprise party. Not only did they help to pick out the right number and variety for our number of guests, but they were fresh and delicious when I came to pick them up. They gave great thorough directions on how to take care of the desserts before they were served. Specials shout out to the decorated there who was happy to fill the entire cake with a hand written inside joke as part of the festivities. Its the highlight of our walks along the lake to stop in for a quick treat at Wuollet's!

(952) 473-8621

Bakeries, Coffee & Tea

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Jade Fountain

838 Lake St E
Wayzata, 55391
Are you KIDDING ME? If I see another review saying that f'$&@ing RAINBOW is the best Chinese restaurant I'm going to hurl. Jade Fountain is the best. It is BY FAR the best. It's an unassuming little storefront in Wayzata and I almost don't want to write about it because I don't want to have to wait for the unwashed masses when I want to go eat there but it is head and shoulders above ANY other Chinese place in the Twin Cities area. Best Bets: Tangerine Beef (HOLY MOTHER OF GOD is this delicious). Garlic Chicken (Spicy - This is NOT your average garlic chicken). Special Spiced Pork (Tender, delicious). Tiger Pork (Nothing like it in Minneapolis). Enjoy.
We thought the food was great. The service was fast and the location is great too. The Kung pao chicken was the best. Everything was fresh and quite tasty. We are picky about how food smells and were very happy that all the food had no 'eggy' smell. We will definitely go back!
I think this is the best Chinese take-out in the Twin Cities. I actually live in California now and really miss Jade Fountain. My favorites are the vegetarian egg rolls, sesame tofu and vegetable lo mein (I'm a vegetarian). My wife loves the lemon chicken and wonton soup.

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McCormick’s Pub & Restaurant

331 Broadway Ave S
Wayzata, 55391
I don't normally write reviews online but this restaurant really deserves it. What a great place!!! You can feel it just by walking in the door that there was a lot of love put in to this space, the decor is beautiful and it has lots of character. The service was fantastic and the food was so delicious, I had the steak tartar and my husband had the burger, only in NY I had such a great dish! The owner is very friendly and is always present making sure everything is going well. I have been in the business I know how hard it takes to run a restaurant, but they are doing so great to be open only a month!!! Great job McCormick's, we can't wait to be back!
The EXCELLENT "chef" prepared food was a wonderfully pleasant surprise in this lively Irish pub atmosphere. A tiny jewel in Wayzata. It was a little loud for us, but the food more than compensated. Friendly waitstaff. For sure, we'll be back.
It seems like the latest food trend around Minneapolis is the Irish pub. Used to be the only place to experience pub food was to head downtown to the longtime stalwart, Brits Pub (still iconic-in fact I was just there for lunch a few days ago). Now pubs are popping up all over the area like dandelions in the spring. I find this odd as most of these pubs are striving to be as authentic as possible and England is NOT known for its great food! Like all the others, McCormick's menu features all the tradition English pub food including fish & chips and shepherds pie along with an assortment of burgers, chops and appetizers. I dined here on a midweek evening with a pal. Clearly they were benefiting from the location in affluent Wayzata and the limited dining options nearby as the place was packed with families, couples and business people. It felt a bit hectic the night we dined and the very small and close tables reinforce the intimacy of the place. While the food was good, my meal was not memorable.

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Buttercream Collection

18172 Minnetonka Blvd
Wayzata, 55391
We wanted cupcakes for our wedding, and only needed to try the cupcakes from Buttercream! They were HUGE cupcakes and we were able to have 5 flavors at our wedding. We got so many compliments on them! Can't wait for the cake we get on our anniversary :)
We recently visited the Minnetonka/Wayzata location of Buttercream for a wedding cake testing. The cake and frosting were tasty, but we found the high pressure sales approach of the consultant assigned to us to be off-putting. In fact, we removed Buttercream from further consideration for just that reason. Hopefully customer service at Buttercream can be improved to match the quality of the product.
Big yummy cupcakes!

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Sushi Fix

862 E Lake St
Wayzata, 55391
Awesome! Just tell Billy to make something great and you are in terrific hands. Rock solid!
A little pricey but the sushi is DELICIOUS!
Upon Walking in to This lovely wide open Tokyo meets Wayzata Restaurant, we were greeted with phenomenal service! All the Food is very fresh & tasted wonderful. We had the Lobster Rolls as well as the 2-14 Rolls, which were Amazing! Then The owner Billy made us a Special roll. Also we enjoyed the Beef udon Soup. Then it was time for Dessert, which of course was the most Delicious Ice-cream we have ever had. The "Green Tea Ice-cream". This place is new to Wayzata but you would never know it. They are Pros at what they do & you can tell from the moment you walk in. I would Highly suggest this place, especially for a nice Date spot!

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Sushi Bars, Japanese, Live/Raw Food

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740 Lake St E
Wayzata, 55391
I have a certain guilt about writing a review for a Starbuck's the first being that I try to avoid chains. When I'm traveling for work, I have a rule to try to avoid chains when eating; if I can't avoid chains, I at least try to find a non-local chain. The one exception to that rule? Starbucks. I like coffee from other places but when I need familiarity and a morning kick or a place to synch my laptop, Starbucks is my first choice.
Recently updated nicely but the sole reason I avoid this location at ALL costs is the horrible parking lot. Way too small and difficult to maneuver in when crowded. The few times I have gone, I have NOT found the staff to be friendly at all.
Leave it to a Starbucks in Wayzata, MN, to have the urban myth of coffee menus. Good milk lovers, take note: at this Starbucks, LATTES are CHEAPER than COFFEE. Hallelujah. After seeing this, I expect the Second Coming any day now.

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Coffee & Tea

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The Narrows Saloon

3380 Shoreline Dr
Wayzata, 55391
Solid place. Everybody liked the starters of beef tips, Szechwan green beans and house seasoned dry rub wings. My full rack of ribs was (shamefully) too much for me after the appetizers and it was delicious. No complaints about the food or service and the band didn't disappoint either. Solid night.
The Narrows is a neighborhood gem. Scotty the bartender is great, and his fiancée (wife?) is wonderful as well. Food is always delicious! It gets really loud when they have live music but it's perfect if that's what you're looking for.
Looks can be deceiving. Do yourself a favor, grab a bite at Narrows sometime. Let me tell you why. My parents began building a house on Lake Minnetonka this year, so they'd been exploring good places to eat when they stumbled across the Narrows Saloon earlier this year. With construction currently happening on one entrance, and a hard-to-miss entrance on the other side, this place is the best kept secret of the locals. The environment is rich, music plays in the evenings, people are friendly, it's just very down-to-earth. There's a great craft beer selection on tap, I usually find myself getting a local IPA or double IPA, or a beer from the famous Fort Collins Odell's. Speaking to the food, we usually get the nachos with chicken as an appetizer. What more can I say, it's loaded with cheese, jalapeños, chicken, and other amenities, etc. I've gotten a variety of sandwiches and entrees that I love. Something along the lines of a Cajun chicken sandwich had a nice spicy zest to it. Similarly, I am a huge fan of blackened fish, and their Mahi Mahi is unreal. Both the sandwich and the fish tacos have blown me away on separate occasions. Plus, you can't beat the prices. The fish tacos had this amazing mango salsa on top with a nice spicy kick. Any spicy eaters out there will love it. Honestly, do yourself a favor. Stop by today.

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Bukhara Indian Bistro

15718 Wayzata Blvd E
Wayzata, 55391
We really love to write good reviews and honestly, prefer not to write negative ones at all. We simply don't return to that restaurant. We used to love this place when it first opened and probably ate there twice a month. It's near our home, clean and comfortable. Typically, we order a tandoori meal plus some sort of curry and share. But, the last two times we ate here, we are positive the tandoori chicken came straight from leftovers from the luncheon buffet. There was nothing to indicate that it was fresh out of the tandoor - not even a "sizzle" on the serving platter. I'm only writing this because we miss going there, and truth be told, do not want to embarrass the waitstaff telling them of our dilemma. HELP!
We showed up for their lunch buffet following all the good, and it turns out well earned, reviews on Yelp. They had a nice selection of both vegetarian and meat entrees. I stuck with the veggies. I thought the samosas were better than average especially with their green cilantro chutney. I had a nice plate of dal, potatoes with eggplant, chick peas, veg biryani, naan and finished off with some really good mango pudding. This was a really solid Indian meal.
Very good Indian lunch buffet, with a nice range of choices and fresh, tasty food. I especially enjoyed the veggie biryani, dal and chick peas today. Service is super friendly and efficient, and the surroundings are comfortable and welcoming.

(952) 476-7997


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Culver’s Family Restaurant

3340 Shoreline Dr
Wayzata, 55391
You can't spell Culver's without a C, which is also the first letter in culinary perfection. Coincidence? I think not. Stopped in here on my way home from work one day and I kid you not, you have not had a burger until you've had a Culver's butter burger. Slapped a few extra bucks on for some curds and walked into the connected holiday station store to grab a baja blast to wash it all down with. Convenience and taste bud heaven. I've been back every day since!!!
Culver's 3340 Shoreline Dr, Navarre, MN 55392 Phone: (952) 471-7500 Waited about 10 min in one line, waiting a big group of kids with coupons getting custard. Got to front of line with many behind me. Girl walked away and started filling orders. It was busy. Another 5+ min went by with no one at the counter. The other line was now getting smaller and I asked the girl (Madeline?) Is this line still open? She snapped back "I TOLD YOU TO MOVE TO THIS LINE!!" Which, of course, she never did. I said "I do not need this BS, think I'll eat at Mac Donald's "; which I eventually did. Left walkin store, and got in the drive-up line, since only drive-up get good service (from previous visits). Order just one item (so I could get a visit review form) and asked for a senior discount. Service was good, but they did not give me the senior discount, so I asked for an adjustment. After a while a girl (said manager Melissa ) came to the window and told that would not be possible because Culver's systems had no way to enter adjustments. I gave the food back and asked for a refund. Melissa took the food, ran the credit card again, and said I would get a refund. (Currently I see a pending charge but no refund). She then gave me back the food for my trouble (its in the fridge). I stopped at Mac Donald's on my way back to Eden Prairie. I have eaten at the Navarre, MN many times, the food is consistently good, the service can be slow and inconsistent. I have eaten at the Eden Prairie, MN many times, the food is inconsistent (often greasy) , the service is usually good. I have eaten at the Chanhassen, MN many times, the food and service is usually good. I avoid the Eden Prairie, MN Culver's when possible, because the food is greasy (even if I order no butter, buns are buttered and greasy). They must cook the meat with the buns on top (like White Castle) . Deep fried food like fish is even worse, will not order at EP store. I have often avoid the Navarre, MN, because of the service. Environment is chaotic and Service is often slow. Need time and patience at this Culver's. Food good by Culver's standards.
4 starts for you, Wayzata Culver's! Your service is impeccable! I thought teenagers were supposed to be angsty and begrudgingly "helpful"...the guy who took our order was extremely patient and even greeted us on our way out. (I've been working in various forms of customer service for years and I'm not even sure if I would have done that!)

(952) 471-7500

American (Traditional)

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Maggies Restaurant

844 Lake St E
Wayzata, 55391
Food is super mediocre. Love that it's always delivered soggy and that when you ask for them to poke holes in it they poke it so that the holes are still covered, and that they only poked them in the top container. Also super love not receiving a straw when ordering a shake. I think for the price maybe you guys could take better care of your customers. We order it because it's convenient that they deliver but we won't be be ordering again.
No frills, but very good place to go for breakfast. Fast, friendly, efficient service. Our server, Nancy, got our order exactly right, with a bunch of specifications. Slice of ham with our eggs was tasty and moist. In and out in a half hour.
I'm afraid Maggie's has past her prime. On a recent evening visit we were struck by how dirty the place was, and how weak the service was. It wasn't a busy night, but the floors and tables were not clean, our food took forever to arrive, and when it did orders had been messed up. One dining companion had ordered a Rachel and received a Rueben. When she sent it back, they just took off the corned beef and replaced it with turkey - same bread, same cheese, same corned beef juice dripping on the plate. For a family restaurant, we were also surprised that they did not have the appropriate facilities for a family restroom, i.e., a changing table. We had a terrible time trying to change a messy diaper in the restroom without it. Needless to say, it will be a long time before we give Maggie's another visit.

(952) 476-0840

Pizza, American (Traditional), Italian

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