Nellies Cafe

550 US Hwy 14
Walnut Grove, 56180
I loved the food , but the cust service is something that is lacking here.The waitress just tossed the silverware on the table. Didn't bother explaining anything. And didn't smile once. But customer service aside this was delicious. I'm not really a burger person but mine was juicy and flavorful. I had the Frisco burger (Texas toast with Swiss cheese, onions, thousand island dressing, and 1/3 patty. I think I'm missing something) Onion rings (that's right you have to order separately) Ice tea (strangely it numbed my lips, maybe it was the lemon) and Rhubarb pie ( VERY good) I also tried a bite of Carmel Apple pie (DELICIOUS! i couldn't get anymore the owner of the slice was being stingy , cant blame her) a bite of Sour Cream Raisin pie (it was good, its my grandmas favorite, shes looking for the recipe, so i am looking for the recipe of course)
If You Build it, They Will Eat: Joey & Carol Johnson are the owners of a restaurant called "Nellie's Café, a.k.a. The Little Café on the Prairie." It's the kind of place you can easily pass by as the outside isn't real fancy. It's a simple, clean, plain brown building with a smaller than expected sign as compared to more gaudy attention getting eateries. In fact, it's one of my all too seldom "happy accidents" that I found it. I'm very glad I did because more than the excellent service and food, I dined in a historical landmark. I was never aware that the TV show "Little House on the Prairie" was based on a real family, in a real location. One of the staff was very patient with me as I displayed my out of town ignorance but with eager persistence to learn the story of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her childhood home of Walnut grove MN. The food is as excellent a value as its taste. For a tourist attraction, the owners of Nellie's are definitely not over-pricing as is typical with some vacation/tourist spots. When the celebrities come by for the many related Little House activities, Nellie's is their preferred stop.
This place was disappointing. My husbands BLT and onion rings were good, but the rest of the 5 meals weren't great. It's nothing special and it's not a cute and quaint restaurant-it could have such potential given the location. Skip this town, pack a lunch and head to the Ingalls homestead in DeSmet, SD!

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