Vesta Community Cafe

139 Broadway St
Vesta, 56292
Work once again had me traveling though rural Minnesota, so I stopped in for lunch at the Vesta Cafe. Where is Vesta you ask? On MN 19 halfway between Marshall and Redwood Falls. Located in the heart of the mostly abandoned downtown, and one block east of Vesta Liquor (on and off sale of course), you can't miss it. I'm pretty sure most of the population of 319 were in the cafe today. It was the usual farmers BSing with the old retired guys, a couple local construction workers, and two tables of 6 ladies each. One group was playing cards and gossiping, and the other group didn't bother with the cards. They were just gossiping. As is typical in these small town cafes, the special of the day was a beef commercial. The menu is pretty much limited to hamburgers and sandwiches ranging from plain to the exotic mushroom and Swiss burger. I didn't feel like a commercial so I opted for a chicken sandwich with tater tots. Sandwich was good and the tater tots were the kind you warm up in the oven. Decent comfort food. Service was nice and friendly. Total for lunch came to just south of six bucks. Bring cash though - no plastic accepted! I might look for something different in Marshall or Redwood Falls if I'm this way again, but I don't regret the experience. Love these small town cafes!

(507) 762-3600


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