Bangkok Cuisine

432 University Ave W
St Paul, 55103
I live in Frogtown, and I can't get ENOUGH of this place. The curry pad thai is the most deliciously spicy noodle dish I've ever had. The only thing that would make this place a one-stop shop for a night of takeout is if they had fresh spring rolls...but I can forgive them for that. :D I've brought many people with me to try the curry pad thai, and every one has loved it!
They were good, quick, friendly, a little run down. And now they're gone. The end.
Outstanding! The Curry Pad Thai is the absolute best you will find in the city. Nothing I have ever had beats it! All of their curry dishes are splendid and their crispy fried spring rolls are delicious! I've also had their Yellow Curry (with chicken) it is extremely good. Order Mild if you can't handle too much spice. I order mine Medium and it's actually quite hot! Be warned. This is real true Thai food. The Thai Iced Tea, pre-sweetened, is the best thing to calm down your mouth on fire. Love that the owner/chef Jai came out to meet and greet us. What a special treat! Bangkok Cuisine is my number one place for Thai food!

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Checker Board Pizza

511 Snelling Ave N
St Paul, 55104
Large pizza as big as a checkerboard - no scrimping on ingredients. Could be a bit more spicy, but then you can always add your own peppercorns, right? All in all a GREAT pizza.
Very good pizza and if they make a mistake they readily fix it for you my family orders there all the time and we're never disappointed
I didn't know what to expect from them as the store front doesn't look like the place with the best Pizza but it was amazing. Their delivery is very quick and ingredients must be fresh because the Pizza was top notch. I order from them a few times a month and happy every time in order. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for great classic pizza.

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Trieu Chau

500 University Ave W
St Paul, 55103
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Vietnamese, Chinese

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Sakana Sushi

740 Cleveland Ave S
St Paul, 55116
I've been looking for a place with tuna/salmon sushi plate so I won't have to order by the piece. Enter Sakana and its Tuna or Sushi Love platter. Ohhhh yes, I have found my new favorite thing. It's 8 pieces of tuna or salmon sushi and one spicy tuna or spicy salmon roll. On one platter! All for me! Now, listen, I don't plan to ever have anything else at this restaurant, so my five stars is literally just for that platter, the edamame (it's hard to mess up edamame, lbr), and the super-cute bottle of orange soda imported from Japan. By the way, if you've never had a Japanese orange soda, do yourself a favor and get one. Even the Fanta in Japan is amazing, because they actually bother to balance the flavoring and ingredients so it's nowhere near as cloying and heavy as orange soda is here. Japanese soda is light and refreshing, and I highly recommend it as a general positive life choice. Plus, y'all, the bottle has a marble in it you can annoy the other patrons with, and yes, I'm five, shut up. My friend had some rolls. I honestly forgot to ask what he thought of his order because I was so happy. He ate it all and didn't mention any complaints, so they were probably good. The parking lot signage is weird and confusing, though. Why are the spaces split up between businesses with confusing arrows and signs? Because Highland Park, I guess. Good luck figuring it out. Or just park on the street.
I am writing this in-restaurant right now. I absolutely love this place. It's the highest-quality sushi in the Twin Cities save Fuji-Ya in Uptown. I've been here three times and each time it was delicious. The service can be slow based on number of patrons, but I think this is true of all sushi restaurants. I've gotten the Godzilla and King Kong rolls each time and they are expensive but to die for. The ingredients are fresh and high quality and the presentation is amazing. My fried shrimp, eel, and lobster were freshly prepared, which that cannot be said for many other sushi places. One warning I will leave you with is that sometimes they close early if the customer traffic is slow. It's best to call ahead if going late. A caveat about calling ahead is that I had to call four times tonight before I actually got a human to answer. Also, they apparently don't have their voice mail box set up, so you'll get a message that makes you question the validity of the number. Do not despair, just keep calling.
Came in here for a light lunch and wanted some kind of tuna salad. I asked my server a few questions about the menu but he was new and unable to answer many of my questions. He didn't offer to get anyone who could help me or find out for me, so I just selected something and went with it. The salad was good, but pretty small for the price. After I finished, I waited, and waited, and waited, and finally gave my credit card to someone else, as I had to get back to work and my server had disappeared. I'll give it another shot, because it was entirely a service issue and he was new.

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Sushi Bars, Japanese

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Culver’s of St. Paul

1489 University Ave W
St Paul, 55104
Skip the golden arches and get a butter burger. Always tasty and the crinkle fries? Yes, please! And of course, there's frozen custard, a delightful treat. It's what soft serve ice cream should taste like... The service is usually friendly and the dining area clean. Never had a problem finding parking. Last time I went through the drive-thru it was a bit slow, but probably just a minor hiccup.
We stopped by the new Culvers in part just because we enjoy having a Culvers near our house now! Yay! As we walked up to the door, a young lady came flying out a back door with a take-out order for someone waiting in their car. She gave us a friendly smile and said, "Welcome to Culver's!" I was kind of surprised given experiences at other fast food places in the area, but pleasantly so. That pretty much set the tone as far as service... everyone we dealt with was super friendly, very helpful, extremely positive, etc. The food was great because it's Culver's... I will say my turtle sundae did not have as much fudge, caramel and pecans as it usually does at other Culver's, but I will chalk that up to people still learning the menu... We liked the booths, which were (as Rhonda said) very cool and tall offering privacy but also facing big windows, which made it very pleasant. I will say it seemed like the staff was having a bit of trouble keeping the place clean. Our table was dirty when we sat down and the floor was pretty dirty when we walked in. Then again, we live in Minnesota and it was November and a busy Saturday, so I'll cut them some slack. Sure we'll be back.
I heard the rumors, then I went to Rainbow the other day and at a glance saw the blue sign. Whoopie, no more having to go off 94 for my favorite fast food burger and custard in the Twin Cities. Another strange thing, I tend to skip the fries, because I've had them all over, and they're the worst. Not here, they're great. Darker in color, crisper, and have a great flavor. I got the burger deluxe, my favorite. They serve coffee in actual mugs. The layout isn't the same as some others. Not as huge, but big enough for this location. The seating is cool too. Some private booths or a nice sunny window area facing University Ave. The other one may be nice for scenery in the summer, but to get your grab on, this is it. Unlike other fast food joints, there's always an unspoken civility here. I guess people will act like humans if you feed them like humans.

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Fast Food

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Los Ocampo Restaurant & Bar

1751 Suburban Ave
St Paul, 55106
This isn't the best Mexican food you can find. So why do I give it 5 stars? Because it offers a unique combination of the following: - Tasty - Great selection for both vegetarian and meat-eaters - Affordable - Great house-made hot sauce - Full bar and cheap beer (not a huge selection but they have Summit) - Free parking - Great service (waitress knew her stuff and made great recommendations) - Restaurant ambiance great for lingering Could I go to a taqueria around town for better food, yes. But would there be parking? Could I order a 24 oz beer (for 6 bucks)? Will I want to hang around for a couple hours to visit with friends? The list goes on. Now, there are times when a truly great taco is more important to me than parking, beer, expense, or ambiance. I will, of course, still be frequenting my local taquerias. But for a comfortable, long, full-service happy hour/dinner with friends in the neighborhood, Los Ocampo was an A+ experience. Also, the guacamole was great.
After sitting in the car for 15 minutes debating amongst my sister & friend what should we eat for dinner we went back & forth between "Chinese? No, something different! Famous Dave's?!"...silence. I mentioned I wanted to eat outside since it was so nice so the debate continued with places with patios. Shout out after shout out. "Mexican?!" "Sounds bomb!" My sister said. Ok, fast forward to MY decision to dine at Los Ocampos because I already knew how much I love Chile rellenos. The host greets us immediately & without knowing they have a patio! Yippee! sat outside. The sun just beaming (& burning). You won't see many if any of my reviews with alcoholic drinks or beers. I'm not a drinker, but my sister & friend were wanting a margarita. I'm not a big fan of tequila so I decided for a daiquiri (rum). As adorable and endearing as our waitress was we didn't receive any of the correct drink orders. Instead 3 strawberry blended regular margaritas with tequila. Bah! I've been a waitress for 10 years and my sister is a bartender so nah we aren't really into complaining much. Food. We ordered ALOT. Sampler platter, tostadas, green enchiladas, spicy tacos & my favorite Chile rellenos. The flautas were way over cooked & ultra thin rolls. The chicken in the enchiladas were stick to the back of your throat dry. I didn't receive my rellenos so I had to reorder them & I wish I hadnt. I'm guessing because my waitress felt bad for forgetting; it was rushed because it was extremely greasy & nearly inedible. I was more disappointed that I decided to choose this restaurant for my ladies than the experience with the grub. I really love the smaller version of this place on on Arcade in St Paul. I might stick to my hole-in-walls. All in all no gain no loss except for 80 bucks we spent!
Food is bland. I hear they have great drink specials but honestly there are many better Mexican food joints in the area.

(651) 256-2932

Mexican, Bars

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University Buffet

225 University Ave W
St Paul, 55103
We have a big family and we like to eat out a few times a month. When we want Chinese, we also want no MSG. University Buffet met that aim. It's not super impressive as far as taste goes, but kids always like ice cream, right? It isn't terrible food for a buffet. Everything has always been hot and tasty when we have been there. We are big sushi buffs, so I wouldn't recommend this place for that. The sushi bar is pretty lack lustre. The staff is friendly and the place is clean despite the heavy construction going on outside on University Avenue. Three stars because it's just a buffet and nothing to write home about, though our experiences there are overall OK.
When entering this restaraunt we're always surprised by the kind of friendly service I honestly just don't expect of a buffet anymore. We are constantly greeted enthusiastically and often by the owner, usually if it's someone else the owner will still greet us at some point. The place doesn't seem busy even when it is busy because of the huge seating area, and we have never waited too long for a beverage refill. The buffet food is vastly superior to the takeout or delivery, so I reccomend eating in or at the very least requesting food from the buffet when you call. Flavors might be a bit toned down for the midwestern palate, but some of the staples are excellent, and if you've got a fussy eater or a dissenter in your group, the "American" food is consistently pretty quality- they've got pretty incredible french fries! We love the mongolian beef and the potatoes, and everything else is so consistently good it's never hard to find an excuse to pile your plate high. If you are there primarily for sushi, you might be happier somewhere else, but I mix in a peice or two every once in awhile and never have had any complaints about freshness or quality, but it's not a sushi-focused place. Whenever we eat in, University Buffet can be counted on for a reliably delicious and friendly experience!
Pretty dead inside The selection is lacking I was not impressed Like 98 Pounds Buffet, noticed a couple of plates that had not been properly cleaned with scraps of food on them. Not a whole lot there there at the University Buffet as compared to 98 Pounds. Just one station of entrees. One station of fruit and salad and one half station with appetizers. Maybe if there were more demand here, the product would be fresher. I found the pork dumplings cold and overly crispy. The sesame chicken was kind of rubbery. The coconut chicken, the General Tso's chicken, and the chicken balls were alright. Nothing spicy that I could find and there was not much to look through. They did have a small sushi station, but I did not partake. None of it caught my eye. My Diet Pepsi seemed kind of off (maybe I am just too accustomed to Diet Coke). If you are looking for an Asian buffet nearby, I would head down to Robert Street in West Saint Paul. Much bigger selection and better food. Also, way more crowded. Crowds are usually a good sign.

(651) 366-6858

Sushi Bars, Asian Fusion, Seafood

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Buffalo Wild Wings

80 N. Snelling Avenue
St Paul, 55104
I recently ordered take out for an office potluck. Since I don't like to cook potlucks are the bane of my existence but this BWW made the last potluck a lot less painless. I ordered a large amount of boneless wings, mild buffalo and BBQ using the online ordering tool and requested an 11:20AM pick up time. Since the store opens at 11:00AM I was worried they wouldn't have them ready on time but I was pleasantly surprised that were ready upon my arrival. The wings were on point and my colleagues loved them! BWW will be my potluck go-to from now on.
I've had the distinct pleasure (?) of going to two different BW3s within about a week. Both for different reasons, but each timeI was reminded just how much I really don't like this chain. Let's start with the positive. They have a million TV screens. But... this is a sports restaurant chain. They should have a millions TVs all over the place. The beer is cold. But again, this is a bar, the beer should be cold. The thing that irked me most about my last visit here was that we were there for a specific reason: to watch the MMA fight. The shitty wings didn't bring us here, nor did the subpar service or the flaccid celery. We came here to watch a sporting event (that the restaurant paid $$$ to broadcast, mind you...) and were told that the audio for the fight would be postponed until another game was over. Oh, okay. The main event will be muted while we listen to a game with teams that aren't even in our geographical region? GOT IT. The VAST majority of the people in the bar were there for the same reason we were and yet the restaurant refused to make changes to their TV schedule. Boo. I wish this place was still a Cheapo.
This is a really good Buffalo Wild Wings, the place is big, looks new, has lots of parking and the their food preparation is way better than a lot of the other local options. Our wings were cooked perfectly and were the exact right level of saucy. We have had a few disappointing experiences lately so we decided to switch locations and give this one a try, big win!

(651) 644-2638

Chicken Wings, American (Traditional), Sports Bars

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Judicial Cafe

25 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
St Paul, 55155
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2504 Rice St
St Paul, 55113
For $10 it wasn't a bad rib dinner. My companion had a Reuben sandwich that he thoroughly enjoyed, but my food was mixed. The ribs had a fatty, fall-off-the bone quality that deserves three stars. But the salad was mediocre, and the vegetables were plain bad. The carrots had a spongy quality to them, like what you get when you accidentally freeze vegetables in your refrigerator and then defrost them. On a slow Wednesday night the ambience was okay--the music was not too loud for most of the meal. I've had worse meals, but I'm not planning to go back.
Where do you go on a Friday night when you want to feel better about the state of your life? Hoggsbreath! No, seriously. The happy hour is good. There are always specials, and the people watching is AMAZING, especially on weekends and their theme nights. Not gonna lie, I'm sometimes the object of others' people watching due to the cheapness of 2-4-1s, but hey! Indulging once an a while isn't so bad, and at Hoggsbreath, nobody judges you. The meat market atmosphere and the smell of desperation is palpable. But, the bartenders and servers are generally very friendly. If you're not into the sloppy, drunken dancing and hookups that head back to the trailer park, the basement is a nice laid-back place to play pool or just hang out. Oh, and the food is not too shabby. I hear their weekend breakfast is delish.
Great place for lunch. I work nearby and this is always our first choice when we go out to eat. Super friendly staff and awesome lunch specials to save you some cash.

(651) 484-7067

American (Traditional), Bars, Dance Clubs

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