Mama Deluca’s Pizzeria

19735 Iguana St NW,Ste 101
Nowthen, 55330
One of the best pizzas I've ever had! Such great ingredients and great service! I love supporting local and this is definitely a great place for a awesome pizza! You can tell from the first taste they offer REAL cheese and fresh toppings! Never had any issues and we have probably ordered from here 10-15 times! They always get it right, all the way down to the parmesan cheese cups and red pepper flakes! Highly recommend!
Cheesy, Saucey, Sassy, Yum!! I am a tough critic and this Sausage pizza is just Awesome!!
Wow! This pizza is by far the best pizza I've had in MN. Possibly in the top 5 in US. It's just that good. We had the "hot mama" with pepperoni instead of the spicy sausage. It was yummO! And the cinna buns are out of this world. Bread sticks and marinara were perfection. Authentic. legit. Now I'm gonna go workout.

(763) 274-2555


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