White Castle

7741 Zane Ave
N. Brooklyn Park, 55443
OK, if not for the high crime area and the elevated chance of a drive-by I would give this 4 stars. If the threat of a random stray round only costs you 1 star I think you're doing pretty good. Now this is my two or so time a year little treat. I expanded this into a office Christmas treat for all those others who would never normally admit that they like the Castle or even a couple that had never tried it. Now I do think the whole slider myth is a little overblown. Anything with chicken in it from Taco Bell is 10 times the villain over anything I have ever experienced from the Castle! Plus, how can you not love a place that puts 20 burgers in a cardboard box for you to take back to the office! Love the onion chips as well. Drive through, drive fast and eat somewhere else...it's all good. KT
The food tastes amazing, the staff is friendly, the building is clean. They don't have a microwave. The music is not loud.
The service of food has really gone down in this place. I will never ever visit this location again. Avoid at all cost people!

(763) 560-4240

Fast Food, Burgers

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