Axel’s Restaurants

1318 Sibley Memorial Hwy
Mendota, 55150
Very good food. Not too kid friendly but the staff was helpful. I love the poop-overs and honey maple butter they give you to go with your main dish. We had the French dip, I don't usually eat much meat and I thought it was great. i also had the chicken dumpling soup it was fab. The desert is some of the best I have ever seen. Most of it is made in house. the carrot cake is a full pound in one slice, HUGE. Its not cheap but not overly pricey. One old-school thing they do is serve chips and hard boiled eggs at the bar. This is something my grandpa always told me about. I talked to the manager about it and she thought they were one of they only places left in MN that serves hardboiled eggs at the bar the same way most serve pretzels. The atmosphere was great, very nice staff and the food was interesting and good . I will go there again. MAybe not with the the kiddos =)
Axel's in Mendota is top notch. Great steak, great wine, and impeccable service. This is a place I would take someone if I wanted to impress them.
I have to agree with Jode D. We don't go here anymore either. And, I feel bad because our whole family used to love this place and started dining there over fifteen years ago. It was our go-to place for lunches, dinners and special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. And, we liked it so much that we went there several times even after the food became sub-par. During our last and final visit, we gave it one more try and ordered the onion ring appetizer. The waitress assured us they would be delicious, but the gigantic greasy rings were so coated with a salty breading that you could barely find the onion. We each had an onion ring (one ring was a meal in itself) and left the rest on the plate. The waitress asked if there was something wrong and when we told her that we didn't care for the dish, she argued with us and told us that it was one of their signature appetizers. Our experience with this particular waitress is an exception though, because the service in the past has always been very good. I believe there was a change of management over the years and that may have had something to do with the decline of the quality of the food. I would also encourage "the restaurant to live up to the standards they once had." I'd love to be a regular again.

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