Adobo Mexican Grill

3001 White Bear Ave
Maplewood, 55109
I had the chicken tacos the first time I visited Adobo, and the beef burrito the second. Both were amazing! The marinades and flavor with both of the meats really blew me away. The portions were also very generous, and I really liked the wide selection of salsas and vegetables to add. The chips and guac were also great. I'll definitely be back!

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Charminar Biryani House

27 Century Ave N
Maplewood, 55119
I eat a lot of Indian food, and this place is my new favorite place. Amazing food! Great service and staff. Lots of parking. Easy to find.
We went to have their buffet today and it was pretty decent, unlike a lot of desi buffets in the twin cities where everything tastes exactly the same or has the same exact spices or has been sitting out too long. They had veggie & chicken biryani (both of which were good - not amazing, but good). And I am from a Hyderabadi family so I know my Hydro biryanis- this wasn't bad tasting at all but the spices (ie garam masala) could be turned down a notch. Their naan, gobi Manchurian, sambar, uthappam, vada, chicken 65, channa (although a bit too spicy) were yummy. The butter chicken & goat Chettinadu were mediocre - the goat was very goaty/gamey tasting and chicken had a very chickeny taste. We didn't bother trying the custard dessert and another milk/vermicelli dessert. Their lassi was delicious though and totally hit the spot at the end of the meal (with some delicious naan). Also - to the owners - please clean your carpets.. They were sticky like fly traps!
My wife and I went to this place hoping for a decent biryani as they claimed it as best biryani in the town. As we got our biryani, we found that they have cooked rice and meat separate and just assembled. It was tasteless and bad to say the least. The prawn curry dish we ordered was as baad as you can get. Only good thing was that they dint spoil the naan.

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McCarron’s Pub & Grill

1986 Rice St
Maplewood, 55113
Stopped in on a Saturday after some errands. Was really craving cheese curds and the menu on the website said they had Ellsworth cheese curds. The place was pretty busy for 12:45pm on a Saturday...turns out they had a meet raffle. We grabbed a seat in the bar area. Our server came over right away. We ordered beers and a basket of cheese curds. We asked to see the menus (breakfast and lunch/dinner). Our server chatted us up, asked if we had ever stopped in before. We hadn't been there since it was Dean's. She told,is she had been a patron but was so hooked on the sliders that she became an employee. Pretty cool and a great recommendation. The cheese curds arrived. They were great. The batter was almost closer to tempura than normal beer batter. It was great. And the Sriracha sauce was a great accompaniment. Played a couple of rounds in the meat raffle. No luck. No worries. We'll be back. Great service and decent food.
My husband and I stopped here this evening for date night, drawn in by the $10 bucket of beer special advertised outside the building. When we first walked in, we had the same experience as other reviewers where we weren't sure whether to seat ourselves or wait to be seated. We didn't see anyone coming towards us to seat us, so we chose a table and sat waiting for a server. We waited for over 10 minutes before anyone acknowledged us, although I saw at least 4 people working and it wasn't a busy night. I finally made eye contact with the girl who eventually brought us menus, and she came over to take our drink order. My husband asked if there were any drink specials that evening, and our server said no, not until happy hour starts again. I asked her about the $10 bucket of beer special, and she said "well yeah, there's that". So, that's what we ordered. She said it was domestic beer only, and we asked what domestics beers they had since there was no list anywhere. She said "all the normal domestic beers you'd find anywhere...". Ok then. We ordered Coors Light, not knowing what all our options were. The whole reason we chose this place was because their website advertised these awesome looking loaded hot dogs. When our server came back with our beer, I asked her about them because I didn't see them listed on the menu. She said they got rid of them a month ago, and "the website technology hadn't caught up with the menu change yet". I was disappointed, but things like this happen. I told her we'd need another minute to look at the menu, and she left us to make our decision. Next thing we know, we have another server come to take our order. She says the other server is done for the night, and she'd be taking over for us. That's fine, I know things like that happen. Except the other server WASNT done for the night, since I saw her take other tables. To me it seems like she didn't want to deal with us, and pawned us off to someone else. We weren't rude to her at all, we just wanted the drink special we saw advertised that she didn't tell us about. It worked out better in the end, because our second server was so awesome and nice, and the food we ordered was so good! I highly recommend the nachos, which are so fresh and delicious! Ultimately, I'm sure we'll be back since this place is within walking distance of our house. We will go out of our way to avoid our first server, however. If we hadn't had such a good experience with the second server, we wouldn't come back.
My first impressions of this place were not good. We walked in and stood there awkwardly for a minute trying to determine if we should seat ourselves or be seated by a waiter. Don't make people figure this out for themselves. We ended up sitting in the wide open area that was cold and dark. And dirty. The lights were off for the first ten minutes, so I ended up walking around the room trying to find a light switch. They had a patio door wide open as well that let in a really cold breeze. So, I walked over myself and closed the door. I would've asked our waiter, but after seating ourselves we saw no sign of him for at least ten minutes. When he showed, we ordered drinks then waited another 10-15 min for the waiter to return to order our food. After ordering our food (4 burger and fry combos, and a plate of mac and cheese), we waited a ridiculously long time for our food. 45 minutes we waited. All of this waiting, and I do not understand why. I could count the number of people inside this place on two hands: 4 people at the bar, and us. But hey, if the food is spectacular who cares? Only, it wasn't. The food was just fine. Passable. Nothing interesting. I can't even say good. Just ok. And I'm not generally picky about my burgers. The buns were a bit drenched in grease, and too small for the burger patties. The fries were fine. All in all, if you've got a hankering for burgers, go somewhere else. In fact, just go somewhere else. Unless you're looking for a cold, dark, dirty and uninviting atmosphere. And average food. This place has work to do. The two stars are for the nice waiter. And that's all.

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American (Traditional), Pubs

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South China Island Inn

1851 N Saint Paul Rd
Maplewood, 55109
This is a little hole-in-the-wall Chinese place in what used to be some sort of diner. There isn't any real "ambiance" to speak of, but the food is quite tasty. They use very high-quality chicken, and their sauces each have a distinct flavor, which isn't something most Chinese buffets can say. Very inexpensive for what you get, and quite filling.
The only thing that sucks about South China is that after you have it everywhere else will disappoint you. Best lo mein by far. And don't be alarmed by the lack of a "traditional" style buffet. It is presented on a menu and they make whatever you want FRESH and fast!
Great food and really good prices. I only have one small complaint and that would be that they closed about 5 minutes early one time, even after wet called ahead. Other than that, the potions are big and everything I'd support delicious.

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Bakers Square

3088 White Bear Ave N
Maplewood, 55109
I come here usually once a week to eat with my parents. The staff knows us as regulars. Very open place with lots of lighting. The food is simple and relatively inexpensive. The waitresses are usually nice and attentive. The pie is the reason to come. It's not the best pie ever, but it hits the spot. I really dig the pies of the month. It's just a quiet place where you can grab a solid meal.
Not the cleanest joint on the planet - but who cares? Pie! Note that cleanliness may not be that much in question, things are more... worn. Then again, that is testament to the thousands of people rolling through each year getting some of the best pie on the planet, and some pretty good non-pie eats as well. Definitely worth a stop once in awhile.
Good food, good service. Cant complain. BUT, my vehicle was broken into in their parking lot, mid day. They stole my backpack with all my school work in it. Meaningless to them, everything for me.

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Jake’s City Grille

1745 Beam Ave E
Maplewood, 55119
I recently went to jakes with my two daughters. i had a walleye sandwich that my waitress recommended. I liked it! I would go back there again. my daughter had honey barbecue wings and she had said that they were great. My waitress was very friendly and the restaurant it self was very clean and nice looking. I had a great time at jakes but the food was pretty basic.
All the food I've had here has been good. My favorite however is the prime rib. It's served after 5pm and it's absolutely delicious. Especially with the mash potatoes and Au Jus dipping sauce. I also enjoy the beef filet and their Jake wings which are fantastic. The staff is great and I always get good service whenever me and my friends come. Will definitely continue to come back!
My husband and I stopped in at Jake's this past weekend on a whim before we ran errands at the mall. I was pleasantly surprised by this place. The food was Applebee's prices but much better in taste, appearance, and quality. My reuben had great meat, awesome bread, not soggy sauerkraut, and aside from being stacked a little off kilter, was practically perfect. The fries were awesome as well. Portions are pretty generous and I didn't finish everything which was not for lack of liking it. We sat in the bar so that hubby could watch the football games on the multitude of TVs scattered throughout. I'll be back if the occasion presents itself!

(651) 366-6440

American (Traditional)

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Outback Steakhouse

1770 Beam Ave
Maplewood, 55109
Quality food. Generally prompt service. Price is fair enough. Everything's good, nothing's great really. A local favorite, but a bit boring.
I don't get it. I've tried this place twice and both times I was totally underwhelmed. Doesn't even compare to the Texas Roadhouse or even the cheap steaks at Ari's Best Steak house down the road. My brother and I got the Steak and endless shrimp. Shrimp were tasty, but refills are very slow coming. So although they are endless, you'll leave before you get a refill because your butt starts aching in their awful benches they call booths. The steak was cooked med rare perfectly, but was devoid of flavor. Lame. $3 for a Coke?? Server was very good. Nice girl, very attentive. Not her fault Outback sucks.
One of those places I choose like once every three to five years but friend wanted to go. Service was very good. Steaks where both good. Sides / Salads / Bread - all good . . . So why only an OK ? . . . price to quality is only an OK here . . . I expect a $ 20+ steak dinner to be worth $ 20+ dinner - Outback is very very close to deliver that product / value IMO. However . . . that is only OK. Needs to be good or better to bring me back more frequent and / or give a better rating. There are better steak house nearby that do offer that . . . so that becomes a standard to compare the chain steak house to. There are better but this is OK

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Gangnam Korean Restaurant

2303 White Bear Ave N,Ste C
Maplewood, 55109
Arrived at 8:40 pm on a Friday night and they refused to serve us when they close at 9:00pm. Never going to come here again.
Very small portions for the price. We will not make a return visit.
Kara D and I will forever be connected by our sea squirt experience at Gangnam Korean Restaurant. (More on that later.) Are we now closer friends? Absolutely. ***** With only a handful of Korean joints in the Twin Cities, I immediately bookmarked Gangnam with hopes that it would become my top dog for favorite Korean joint. It didn't, but I think it's still solid. I. FOOD *Shrimp Tempura: I'm not sure if they're going for a whimsical take on this classic appetizer, but it just lacked both flavor and a bigger crunch. They should consider using heartier shrimps. *Pork Bulgogi: Pretty good and definitely the best part of our meal. Their house-made sauce rocks, and I'm pretty sure if I were drunk enough, I could pound several shots of it. Yes, even if it was steaming hot. *Seafood Casserole: Sure, this monstrous soup came with clams, crabs, shrimps, calamari, monkfish, cod, tofu, noodles, vegetables, and, err, sea squirts, but as a person that indulges in the monthly hot pot with my family, for $30, I expected something with more salt and spice. Maybe, they should re-work their recipe and add some kind of stock to get more umami. Or peppers. Whatever. Also, while I get the inedible and briny sea squirts were supposed to add more flavor, they didn't add very much. II. SERVICE We had a very sweet lady serve us, and the food didn't take too long to come out. That's pretty important for those with rigid lunch hours. No qualms here. III. DÉCOR/ ATMOSPHERE Inside has your traditional Korean décor with a decent amount of sunlight from the front windows. Also, I love that this place is incredibly clean. IV. OVERALL I would definitely return, because I'm very curious to try the other items on the menu. (I'm eyeing their Dolsot Bibimba and Galbitang.) But for now, I think three stars is a fair and would consider choosing other Korean restaurants over this one.

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Firehouse Subs

2303 White Bear Ave.,Ste G
Maplewood, 55109
Went back for another steak and cheese. Mmm.
I had no clue it was a chain. I just thought it was a place that really had their act together, and remembered what a real sub was back in the day. This is as close as I've come.They fill them up, and it's a special kind of glutton that can eat a whole one in one sitting. The schtick is steamed, so I had Basil get one of those. It's best to be eaten right away and not reheated hours later, because of the veggies. But being old fashioned, I had to have mine cold. I got the Italian. It comes with mayo and Italian dressing. I think just oil will work next time. As good as the ham is, I wish they used capicola (Italian ham) instead. The bread is nice and soft, and they offer whole wheat also. I had a sample of the tuna, they put relish in it. I was having a chat with Charles, as he was making my sub, about subs. He wouldn't eat them til he started working there. I'm glad the younger generations appreciate this. I was just recently bitching about this very subject. Then once I finally ate it in a couple of shifts, I thought, maybe it is a good thing it's not too easy to get this, and I have to go way across town to the East side.
Got a Sammie the othe day while I was over on that side of town. The order counter is messed up with the layout so its confusing. Ordered a sandwich at 1130 am, waited a good 10 min for it and it was slow. Watched the kid take the meat out of the cooker and drain the grease and juice off of it for a few minutes. I was like wtf. Move forward, I got my sandwich and left. Ate it in the truck on my way to the next stop. It had great flavor but was smaller than a 6 inch from Subway. Left me hungry considering they advertise it as being bigger than Subway. Jimmy John's and Subway are a better value but this has a little more flavor while leaving you hungry.

(651) 731-7827

Fast Food, Sandwiches, Delis

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Pizza Ranch

1845 E County Rd D,Ste 100
Maplewood, 55109
I discovered this place in college and have eaten at multiple Pizza Ranches across Minnesota. I LOVE THEM! Not only can you get pizza at their pizza buffets but you can satisfy your hunger with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, chicken fries, French fries, soups, and a full salad bar. But let's be honest, I come here for the pizza. And they spice up their pizza offerings with many unique flavors like BBQ Chicken, Steak and Blue Cheese, Macaroni and Cheese, Bacon Cheeseburger, Taco, Buffalo, Hawaiian, etc. They also have the classics and any combination and flavor can be ordered in their "Buffet done your way." My record for most slices of pizza eaten at one time is 22. That's right, almost 3 whole pizzas. So gooooood! The shining star to this whole place though is their Cactus Bread. A better name for it would be Crack Bread, because this stuff is like multiple orgasms in your mouth good. Cinnamon, butter, and icing on a sweet crust (or you can get it in multiple fruit pie flavors). Ooey, gooey, and so, so, bad for you. Not to mention they serve ice cream with it. The buffet may seem a bit pricey, but after you have had the whole experience, you will be well fed and satisfied.
Nice people, made to order items at the buffet. Of course I always want the cinnamon dessert pizza with EXTRA icing and they do it with a smile! Love them!
We went to "Pizza Ranch" on Friday evening about 5:30pm 8/7/2015. We both ordered the buffet, $12.99 per person. If you love Dominoes Pizza, then you'll enjoy pizza at this place. Hubby chomped down 3 pieces of pizza..... he said it actually tasted worse than it looked. LOL I had mashed potatoes and gravy, a chicken breast and a small lettuce salad. It was fine. BUT, the most awful experience was the noise! OMG.......... ten times worse than "Cracker Barrel" and up to last night, that was our #1 noisiest. The music was "Christian ROCK"...... SO LOUD we couldn't even talk to one another. My husband finally said: "Hurry up and finish so we can get out of here asap!" By that time we both had a headache. We did talk to the Manager about the extreme noise. Also, the acoustics, well....... there aren't any. Won't go back. This place has a long way to go to be a pleasant dining experience. #1. Lower your prices #2. Learn how to make a decent pizza #3. Offer a few more salads, #4. Do anything to lower the sound in that place. Anyone that gives this place more than one star, never gets out to a buffet.

(651) 777-4500

Pizza, American (Traditional)

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