Henderson Roadhaus

510 Main St
Henderson, 56044
Stopped in while riding thru didn't know what to expect. Love the old bar dive atmosphere but it was clean and the staff was super friendly and helpful! Drinks were good had a bloody with a guinness chaser :) and a blackened chicken sandwich which was fresh and yummy and their fresh cut french fries were awesome!!! Will be back for sure! !!!! :)
Precooked wings, really! They taste like shit and have Discolored meat and bones. Some of the worst wings I have ever eaten. Avoid them and order something else
Really underwhelmed. Had a great night out with another couple, but that was despite the restaurant itself. Our waitress seemed bothered by questions like "do you have any Moscato?" and "what beers do you have on tap?". The salad bar was pretty good, with some homemade noodle salads and such. The ladies ordered the prime rib for $16.95, and that was excellent. My friend ordered the bison burger and thought it was ok. I ordered the marinated sirloin for $15.95, medium rare. I usually order medium, but restaurants almost always overcook it. It was legitimately well done. I politely sent it back. When they brought a new one out they said the other one only looked well done because it was marinated. I felt condescended to and treated like I've never ordered a steak before. Second one was rare, cold in the middle. When they dropped it off, they suggested that the cooks would be upset if it got sent back. The server dropped the check on the fly, and we didn't see much of anyone at our table after we initially ordered. We were friendly, polite adults trying to share a good time together, but the service all evening was as if the staff couldn't be bothered with customers.. I wouldn't return.

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