Donuts Deluxe

1640 County Rd E East
Gem Lake, 55110
I love this place. Every time I drive by there is usually someone there baking in back at any hour of the day. There is really no closing time; if someone is in the store and they have fresh doughnuts, then they will sell them to you. Cash only. The apple fritter is great as are the doughnut holes. They do a fabulous simple glazed doughnut and filled bismarks. If you are new to the store, they will probably offer you a free doughnut hole as a sample. Take it and eat it. you will love it.
Live in the area saw this place on yelp anddecided to give it a my free donut holes for checking in and my companion got the bear claw we wanted coffee and a place to sit . there are a few table out front but they were being used by the lady working there. I guess i was expecting something more from the reviews i have read. Ended up just leaving with our donuts gotcoffee somewhere else.
Amazing apple fritters, delicious glazed donut holes and all priced lower then sad gas station donuts. Well worth the stop for the hospitality alone, but you'll be back for the donuts like I will.

(651) 748-8375

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