Pizza Man

409 3rd St
Farmington, 55024
The best is we found Pizza Man and it said all you can eat fish. We laughed because we were looking for pizza. So we gave it a shot. We met ED the owner. My gal has really bad gluten issues. ED said his daughter has the same problem and guaranteed there was no cross contamination. Want to say out loud ED it was fantastic and my gal did not get sick. Her dad had the all you can eat fish and it was A+!!!!!! We are fore sure coming back......
This place has a good selection of food to include, burgers, sandwiches, chicken. New dining area and outdoor patio. Great pizza and good prices. They also serve beer.
As far as pizza, it's your standard local pizza joint. As part of the community, pizza man is excellent. They're always supporting every school fundraiser that comes along. The owner is very nice. Thanks for being part of Farmington!

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Farmington Steak House

329 3rd St
Farmington, 55024
I don't know about you, but I'm not much of a steak kind of girl UNTIL I came here. The baked potato, the toast, the salad, the MUH-EAT....all so, so, so delicious. All 5 of my cousins who are 14 years and younger enjoyed it as well. I mean if you got fussy kids who are picky about food, I'm telling you this place will change them.
First timers but made the trip based on Yelp. This is a very well run business that minimizes waste by charging for freebies expected else where. Takeout box? 30 cents. Sour cream? 28 cents. Credit card? Cash only. That translates into excellent food prepared fast, fresh and dirt cheap. I ordered the Farmington Special which I thought was a t-bone with soup and potato for like 13 bucks. That's what it was with two other steaks along with it totaling 3 steaks of beefy goodness. And the Texas toast. Dear sweet deity of your choice is it good. The butter must be breaded ;) My wife had the fish burger. She enjoyed it but being from Singapore it's not her favorite style of food. Being Asian and a mother, she appreciated the value. 7 year old son devoured his soup, burger steak, baked tater and bread. Cost me 2.50 11 year old daughter had the shrimp dinner with salad, tater and bread. Everything was great and fresh and cost about 5 bucks. Overall you can't go wrong. Don't expect anything fancy with presentation. Expect great food, good service and food cheaper than McCrap but quality like grandma used to make. Family of 4 dinner with steak, soup, fish, salad and drinks for less then $35. Heck yea! Only regret..not trying the great looking desserts. Only annoyance is lack of drinks. Put out some ice and a water faucet.
This place is RIDICULOUSLY inexpensive. Seriously. It's cheaper than going to the grocery store and cooking the stuff yourself. We always go on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, when you can get a huge portion of ribeye, plus texas toast, potato, and soup or salad for less than $7. It's a true neighborhood place, family-owned, so the ambience reflects that. This isn't Downtown Minneapolis, and frankly, if it was, you could multiply your bill by 10 and still have to pay for parking. The only downside for me is that the beverage portions are teeny-tiny. And they charge for refills. (Yes, I know that's usually not enforced, but it's a pain in the ass to walk up there and refill my tiny cup every five minutes.) The food can be a little sodium heavy, so the drink issue can be a problem, but I usually just get a large beverage at the nearby Kwik Trip for my drive home, and I'm good.

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American (Traditional), Steakhouses

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Mei Wei

18500 Pilot Knob Rd
Farmington, 55024
I have been a customer for over 10 years. Their food is always great and ready for you very quickly. The only thing that could possibly be missing is delivery but it's not a necessity.
Decent Chinese food... But nothing spectacular. They have several "top 100" type awards hanging throughout the restaurant... Not sure I would place them this high. I like their sweet & sour chicken and their Lomein is good too. Service really slows down when they are busy... Seems that they have trouble keeping up.
Simple food, average at best. Not very flavorful, but ok overall. Seems pretty popular though! Had the sweet and sour chicken combo meal.

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Ground Round Grill and Bar

20700 Chippendale Ave W,Ste 15
Farmington, 55024
Good food. Order to go and it is always ready when I arrive. Their turkey on a pretzel bun is fantastic!
Although I really enjoy this place the over all experiences I've had here are not up to par. I am a bit of a critic though and am always harder on places than most individuals are. My hubby loves this place, as I'm sure most men do because it's a burger joint. The lighter "healthier" meals they offer are not good. I try to make better choices when going out to dinner and this place has little to offer if you are looking for this option. I ordered a Cajun chicken was awful. The chicken was dry, the rice was bland, and the veggies were WAY over cooked. When I have decided to eat off the regular menu I have been very satisfied. They have a sandwich called the hot cicilian and it is AMAZING! I would also recommended the pretzels, the club burger and of course the deep fried oreos...they are so tasty! Sometimes the service can be just okay but I will continue to go here for burgers and brews.
I have been here several times since they opened. I am glad to see the Ground round come to Farmington. The owners are well respected and nice guys that started by owning Dunn Brothers on the other end of the same strip mall. These guys are known for going above and beyond trying to make the customer happy. This is not the old Ground round as you remember it. There is an updated decor and nice new TVs and a clean environment. There are no peanuts. That is a thing of the past with all restaurants now because of some silly health code. (Those fun-stopping health code enforcers :P ) They have some great friendly staff there. 2 Waiters that I ask for when I go in is Lucas "Luke" and James T (not James T Kirk for you Star Trek fans) they are friendly, helpful, funny and on their game. I made sure to grab Kirk, one of the owners, to tell him how great Luke was. I try to "razz" them but they are just fun and play along. I have a picture of the specials.… I was in last night for the 50 cent Buffalo Wings and the $3.50 Long Island teas. It was a good night. They also employ a lot of the younger kids to bus tables. They hire the kids that want to work and want to be there. they are quick to remove empty plates and help where they can. There is no shortage of staff like you see many other places. As far as the food goes, there are some very good menu items. Please forgive me, I haven't gotten through them all. I will add as I get through more of the menu items. The tasty Trio dessert is great.… The Italian Nachos and Tower O rings are great too!… I can't figure out why some people rated this place poorly. I just don't see it. I am happy they are here. much better than the place that used to be in that spot. See you there!!

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American (Traditional)

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Farmington Bakery

212 Oak St
Farmington, 55024
Vintage old town bakery. I enjoyed everything I tried. Nothing spectacular. Great place to go for classic bakery favorites.
Stopped in on my way out of town for work. Being indecisive, I got a couple things, a chocolate frosted cream filled donut, and a caramel bar. The filled donut was just ok. I didn't finish it. The caramel bar was good, but not spectacular. The service was fine. Super old school joint. Great cheap prices. I would come back.
Absolutely love the donuts at this place. They have great fritters (apple and raspberry) which are my favorite. I've also had their banana bread and an assortment of bars which also are all very good. One thing I do not like is their cookies and I'm a cookie lover. But it's not enough to knock a star to me. Be sure to bring cash unless you plan on spending $5 or more.

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Domino’s Pizza

18350 Pilot Knob Rd,Ste C
Farmington, 55024
Just got home from vacation, hungry! We wanted something hot and fast and our Dominos never fails to deliver hot,fresh yummy pizza and parm bites!
There was a time when dominos really sucked.... and then they learned to make good pizza. And now they suck again.... can't stay on track... Its back to all about cranking out half cooked pizza. Just threw away my last nasty ass half cooked Dominos pizza.
Best pizza ever? No. But it's a pretty dang good pizza for the price. Better than the other chains of equivalent pricing. Their Philly Cheesesteak Pizza is one of the better ones I have had however.

(651) 463-3030

Pizza, Chicken Wings, Sandwiches

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Carbone’s Pizzeria

10 N 8th St
Farmington, 55024
If I could split the stars and give 5 to the waitress and 3 to the food I would. But I don't want want anyone to think that the pizza was worth 4 stars. Our waitress was great. She was super pleasant, helpful, and went out of her way for our kids. We ordered the house speciality pizza. It wasn't horrible. The flavors were okay, the amount of ingredients was good including a ton of cheese, where it fell short was the crust. It was somewhat undercooked and just lacked any real substance. I think if you were bringing a big group of kids and we're going to feed them it would be fine. However, for those wanting a little more out of their pizza, you may be disappointed. A bonus was the happy hour domestic draft beer. Can't beat what essentially comes down to $2 drafts on a Saturday afternoon.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say their pizza's are probably decent and worth eating. There doesn't seem like much to choose from any ways in Farmington. However, my wife and were not in the mood for pizza, instead we were in the mood for some hot sandwiches and hoagies. My wife went with a pepperoni hoagie and I decided to try their Philly. If you've ever had a hoagie from Davanni's or ANY other restaurant, you know what a delicious hoagie tastes like. Witht hat said, you can pass on their hoagies, nothing to brag about and pretty boring and bland. This is where things get very interesting and down right disgusting. What they're calling a Philly is as follows; A roast beef sandwich (dry like a desert) with some peppers and onions (that were cooked for about 10 seconds) and nacho cheese sauce (probably straight from the dispenser as well. That is NOT a Philly, but thanks for playing. If you want an insane Philly, check out these places; - T.O.P.S. Pizza in Rosemount - O'Malley's Pub - Woodbury - Hubert's - Target Center Location - Jersey's Mike's Subs - St. Anthony does the best - T.C. Fritter & Philly Food Truck - Tavern Grill (All Locations)
I like Carbone's pizza but this is the old American Legion turned Tailgaters, turned Carbone's. The bar is nice and large but some of the dining area still looks a lot like a banquet hall. They have some good staff, Joni is great!! They have a lot of things to do out back in the summer. I haven't tried it but it looks fun. They also have bands that play live there that are fun!!

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Pizza, Sports Bars

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El Charro

120 Elm St
Farmington, 55024
The food is good, tends to have a little more spice than other local Mexican restaurants... The margaritas, especially the Master Paco margarita is delicious! The service has been great, I'm excited and hopeful this is a restaurant to stay!
I finally think this Mexican restaurant may actually last here. The location, size and decor are perfect for our little town. The food was pretty good, a bit over priced on some menu items but other than that, so far so good. I like that they serve breakfast too! I'll report further after next few visits.
Exceeded our expectations. Party of 9 and everyone was happy. Great service as well.

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Dairy Queen

705 Willow St
Farmington, 55024
The staff is not very knowledgeable. We have asked for cocoa fudge to be added to our Blizzards on two separate occasions and they clearly have no idea what it is. Don't worry, they still charge you extra for it! We won't be returning to this location.
Always friendly and helpful, especially with large take-out orders!
Local hangout. Service could be better. The kids like it and it is very busy after baseball games. Food is just so-so.

(651) 463-7244

Fast Food, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Ugly Mug

18450 Pilot Knob Rd
Farmington, 55024
This place is a joke. First time out to this place and didn't stick around what an embarrassment. This guy comes over asks what we want to drink I ask for a drink menu he says in a very condescending tone and gesture they don't have one. I almost went off but instead I ask what kind of cider they carry he of course doesn't know. What kind of bar doesn't have a drink menu? Any way he goes back after a full 3 minutes we are watching him look around and he says they have one type and it's out he "thinks". So we say fine just a Pepsi and 3 Dr peppers easy enough right? WRONG! Instead I get something that tastes like piss water and the Dr peppers taste like root beer extract. One of them had grenadine in it which was warm and gross. We just up and left. There customer service is non existent there staff is incompetent and the place just looks shambles and dirty. I've worked in bars and restaurants my whole life and I was just shocked by how bad this "business" if that's What We can call it is run just God awful.
New owners so they are in transition and no longer serving espresso drinks. Got a cup of regular joe instead. Service was nice.
This is a northern Minnesota bar in twin cities suburbia. No frills, but the cheapest drinks I've seen in years. The owner is the bartender and he's friendly and efficient. Not a destination spot, but great for anyone who lives in Farmington.

(651) 463-6844

Cafes, Sandwiches

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