Running Aces Harness Park Restaurant

15201 Zurich St NE
Columbus, 55025
We came to the Winners Circle restaurant at running aces. It was fantastic ! We had reservations for 4 at 10:30am at the champagne brunch on Sunday. We were seated immediately and offered our champagne and any juices we wanted. The buffet was very fresh and clean. Prime Rib was the real deal(not the sliced up roast beef I have had at other buffets) . The eggs benedict had soft poached eggs like it is suppose to. A wonderful wild rice potato dish. Made to order crepes,waffles, and omelets, excellent. Salads, fruits and desserts all fresh. Loved it. Consensus is 4 of us gave it 5 stars and we will all come back.
SAY IT AINT SO !!!!!!! Where is the Seafood Buffet ?????? Oh no you din't. After a 3 yr hiatus from coming here, I was so disappointed to hear the buffet was gone. Hundreds of people were here for that buffet, and it was awesome. Talk about electricity in the air and good food and good times. Now, it has been replaced with "Crabfest " for $20 you get crab legs and something else. Certainly a good deal, but hardly a "fest". Who the heck signed off on that buffet? So it is Friday night, and they still have ayce ribs , only now, it's $4 more than before. What? ayce prime rib? too? Great for some people, but not me. Apparently not many other people either, as the restaurant was only 1/4 full on a Friday night. Moving on, I sat at the bar as usual, and had a WONDERFUL bartender. I misread the menu, need to bring my glasses EVERY time, and thought it said the walleye finger were "lightly breaded" . Sheesh, Practically as much panko as walleye, and it was over cooked and FISHY to boot. The walleye entrée is only offered as panfried, and is over priced. So were the fingers. However, the LIGONBERRY SAUCE covered up the fishy taste. Ligonberry anything is good. Now, chicken wild rice soup = different in that it was really soup, not a cup of something the consistency of pudding. It was a good ratio of rice to soup, but only 2 little pieces of cubed chicken. Really? And only lukewarm. But wait, here comes superbartender to the rescue with an entire loaf of French bread. Warm. Ok, now it is better. Even if the butter is cold and hard. Despite the disappointing food, it is still fun here because of the horses. Horses are exciting, because who doesn't like something exciting between their legs ? While at the bar, I could watch both the Vikings And horse races from all over the world on one of the 22 tvs on the wall. Plus, it is still nice and clean here. Very well maintained. If I were inclined to bet on a race, I could just walk up to the window and do so. Order a cocktail here, because the wine selection is a joke. The only redeeming wine is the one called "Hot To Trot" and only because we are at a racetrack with harness racing, Considering I bet on horses based on their names, this wine seemed appropriate, but alas, it was red. So bottom line is MENU IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN BEFORE FOOD IS A LESSER QUALITY Really, who signed off on all these changes ?
This place sucks ! I thought I could get a pint and do some gambling. Wrong you have to have a PHD to place a bet. The horse races are terrible and i will never waste my time and money here.

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